Friday, 18 March 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 18 March 2016 Friday Smiles

Good morning folks. It´s Friday today and as always the week has flown by. I have gathered many of the positive moments of this week and I mean to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking My World Friday .

This post is photo heavy as I have much to show you.
First my postcard of today:

It is a card by my favorite illustrator Inge Löök. The two mad old ladies always make me smile. Here they are youwling with the cats on the roof at full moon. They also seem to be sweeping gold coins from the roof. I'm not sure what that is about. There is a symbol of the Red Cross charity in the corner, so perhaps it has something to do with that. 

The caption reads Happy Easter in Finnish. It was sent to me by Anne who writes that it was -4.2 degrees Centigrade (on the first of March). She writes: "We have 2 cats and a dog. I´m always happy and positive thinking. I love my life! I wish all good for you. Terveisin, Anne". (Terveisin translates as 'regards')

The flat is coming on and DH has been putting up lamps.

These lamps I brought back from Holland a few years ago. They match the large center lamp in the living room. But that one is not hanging up yet as the chain is not long enough. I'll show it when it´s up.
These three lights are for the terrace.
And this bulkhead light too.
Here I am posing by the new lights (hardly visible against the busy back ground).
The thingamajigs in between the tiles are spacers. DH has just finished tiling the terrace. They will be removed tomorrow.

Another thing that made me smile this week is a pick-up truck load of firewood. There´s nothing more satisfying than knowing you have enough firewood to keep you warm in winter. 
Our stocks were low so we decided to get one more load. This is olive wood. We do not have central heating and every room has its stove. My craft room/living room has a wood burner and we still fire that up every day as I am a cold mortal.

 I have also treated myself to Photoshop PSCS6. It will be my 65th birthday on Wednesday and this is an early birthday present.  I´m having a go at digital scrapbooking. I´m doing a free online course with The Scrapaneers. It´s quite complicated as the course is with Photoshop Elements which is not exactly the same as PS. On top of that, my Photoshop program is in Spanish, so it´s taking me ages to figure out what to do. (Yes, I am taking notes).

Finally here are a few funny bar signs:

 Always read the small print!
And if you remember your chemistry...
That's it from me today. Sorry it has become quite along photo heavy post, so if you made it to down here I really appreciate that.

Have a good week,



  1. It was great to see how far your new place has progressed in a week. And all that wood you will burn. WOW.

    Those howling cats and old ladies made me smile. Of course, I love cats, no matter what they are doing.

    I have a very, very old version of PS. It's from 2000 and I still don't know how to use it. I hope you learn something, because I would LOVE to be able to learn this rather difficult (to me) way of making paper crafts.

    have a super Friday and great weekend.

  2. I'm so excited for you with all the progress with your new abode because I know all too well how you will be feeing right now :-) I grin every time I walk into our living room....there is soooooo much more room in there now because the three doors that were propped up against one wall are now hanging in their places and all the boxes that our new fire and surround came in that had been from one end of the living room to the other and in every available space are now folded flat and ready for the local tip later....we are getting there at last....wahooooooo
    Have a great week my friend.
    Annie x

  3. Oh those signs made me chuckle Lisca.
    I got a new solar light for the garden yesterday. It's a ball shape and gives off the impression it's made off lace. Very effective when it lights up
    Have a nice weekend xx

  4. The post card is a beauty. Thanks for the smile - those signs are fab. x Jo

  5. Greetings Lisca from southern California. I loved the postcard you shared; the characters are amazing. And, I enjoyed seeing the lights for your home. Have a wonderful birthday. My best wishes to you, Pat

  6. Oh no don't apologise I like the photos, things seem to be progressing in your flat? - it is a flat is that right? do you have a house as well or am I making that up now!

    Loving the postcards and the fun signs too!

    1. We have a cave house and on the plot next to it we have built a four story house. As it is unpractial to use all 4 floors and running up and down stairs, we have devided the building in two flats. The top floor is the bedroom, which we are already using. The floor under that is the living room/kitchen that you have seen photos of. Under that is a huge craftroom, unfinished but already in use as living room/study. The bottom floor will be a small self contained one bedroom appartment.
      We call our new kitchen/living room upstairs: the flat. It has its own entrance at street level and a car port.
      I hope that is a bit clearer now. After we fully move into 'the flat', we can hopefully start doing up the cave house.

  7. All the work is coming on a treat Lisca. I have been following the developments on Fb. I love the post card. It would really have made me smile to find that in the post too.
    I hope you get on well with your photoshop. I upgraded to PSCS6 when I changed computers last year. It is not too different from CS4 that I had before so I am getting on with it quite well. It is by far the best for digital scrapbooking, but I must confess, I prefer Corel for photo editing. It is easier to use. Adobe have a separate programme called Lightroom that is better for editing too. But I am sure you will get to grips with Photo shop and be showing your scrapbook layouts before long.I don't recognise the tutorials you are following but there are a lot of good ones around. They will certainly get you started.
    You are quite a bit higher than us. We have our fire on for a little while if we are sitting in the front room together in the evening, but we never light it during the day.
    I will send you a message this week about Easter Sunday. Looking forward to meeting up with you again. Happy Birthday for Wednesday. Kate x

    1. Looking forward to your message about Easter. We have a satnav so if you have coordinates, that might be helpful. If not, just explain where it is.

  8. It's all looking brilliant Lisca and the postcard is one of my favourites and love the singing cats. Have a great weekend, Angela x