Friday, 29 January 2016

A Postcard a Day - Friday 29 Jan 2016 Peace doves, olive pips and Friday Smiles

Good morning! Happy Friday!
I'm sitting by the woodburner, enjoying the view, and thinking what sort of week we have had....
But first my postcard for today:
It was sent to me from Brazil, Sao Paolo. It's a black and white photo by the famous Soviet photographer Vladimir Lagrange (1939). The photo is entitled:'Peace Doves, 1962'. There had been an exhibition in Brazil by this photographer. See more of his work here.

At Virginia's blog Rocking your world Friday I usually tell about all the positive things that have happened in the week. What did I do this week? Lots of nice things....Saturday I spent mainly baking. I did orange muffins, double choc muffins and a coconut cake. (Sorry, forgot to take pictures)
There is an international group of evangelists/missionaries visiting our church. Eleven, mostly young people. On Sunday morning we went to see their performance (they did dance, mime, sketches, songs and gave testimonies) in the local cinema. Then they all had lunch at my friends' house here in the village. We arrived after lunch and brought the above mentioned cake and muffins, which went down well.

On Monday we went to buy olive pips. They are what is left over after the olives are pressed to get olive oil.

 We use it for fuel. It gets mixed with the almond shells and burnt in the stove.
It's not expensive (about 10 eurocents a kilo) so we buy it by the trailer load. More pictures this coming Tuesday.

On Wednesday my Flow magazine arrived in the post. It is my favorite magazine, wit lots of art, articles and photos as well as things to cut out or draw. 
I managed to get a telephone number for someone to teach me lacemaking. I do lacemaking but it's difficult to learn from a book. I definitely need a teacher. Watch this space.

I'm going to link up with Annie at A Stitch in Time for Friday Smiles. So here is my smiley:
I do feel sorry for the folks in parts of the world where it has been snowing heavily, but this car did make me smile.

That's it from me today.
Have a good week and a fun weekend if you can,


  1. Hi Lisca. Thanks for linking up again this week. I really do appreciate your support in trying to make the world a happier place. That car really made me smile.
    I'm glad you like my microwave dish holder. I had already saved a link to it in my Pinterest folder so will put that here to save waiting for Neet to give me permission to share her email [I'm sure she wouldn't mind but I would ask before sharing that].....
    I am just about to use mine for the first time so will let you know how it goes :-)
    Annie x

    1. Thanks Annie. Looks like something I can handle. Now to find some fabric....

  2. Hi Lisca, I really like the picture on your postcard. Thank you for the link. I enjoyed looking.

    I was really interested to read that you use olive pips and almond shells for your fuel and the snowy face on the car is really one to smile at. A really fun and interesting post Lisca. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  3. Hi Lisca, you sound like you've had a busy week this week. I love how nothing goes to waste with the olives, what an ingenious way of using the 'leftovers' as it were!

    the picture made me smile, said 15 year old is heading over to New York soon and we've been watching the pictures with a mixture of awe and trepidation!

    I hope you have a brilliant week ahead!


  4. Hi Lisca
    I bet the wood burner smells lovely when its lit. How resourceful.
    That snow picture made me laugh, I will have to try that next time it snows here.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lynn x

  5. wow Lisca how cool is that car .. someone really is clever at craving why would you not smile at that .. thanks for sharing your postcard too and bit of your world
    happy smiles day, Shaz in Oz.x

  6. Happy Friday Lisca, what a useful and inexpensive fuel source - a great idea. That really does look like a fabulous magazine - Enjoy and have a super weekend Robyn

  7. Hi Lisca, loved your post today but have to say the car was so funny, brilliantly funny! Happy Friday, Angela x

  8. Hi Lisca, a lovely and interesting post for me to read today. The postcard reminds me of my youth in the 60s - those pretty dresses are very early 60s. By the time I was earning and buying my own clothes in the mid 60s minis were all the fashion. Love the use of the olive stones and I would imagine that burning them together with almond shells must make a lovely smell. The photo of the car shows that even in adversity some folk still have a great sense of humour :) Elizabeth xx

  9. You are sitting at your woodburner for heat and we have the airconditioner on full blast because of the heat in our parts at the moment. I am not complaining.

  10. Beautiful postcard and amazing post, my friend!Love the smiling car!Adorable!

  11. Fabulous postcard and love the idea of the olive pips-never heard of that before. I bet the woodburner smells amazing.