Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 19 Jan 2016 - T for Denmark

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

We're back from our travels. Actually we flew back on Tuesday so no blog from me that day.

I will show you two more photos of Denmark a little later on but now I'd like to show you what we bought at the market on Sunday morning. There is an English market in our nearby town of Baza. That is a second hand market the English call a 'car-boot sale'. The Brits introduced it to the Spaniards and now it is a popular Sunday feature. We go to church on Sunday, but we needed a few things for the new flat so we got up early and went to the market first. We got what we needed (some pokers for the fire) and then saw this:
I fell in love with it and it will find a place in my new kitchen. From L to R they read: pepper, bicarbonate, saffron, paprika, fish (stock), salt, meat (stock), olive oil, flour, sugar, rice, lentils. It will be useful as i use all these things in cooking, although I wouldn't put broth or stock in the jars.
We are in the process of getting stoves sorted out for the new flat as it is cold without any heating. This little black beauty is called a 'parlour stove'. It is made of cast iron and we have had it a few years without using it much. It got a bit rusty, so my DH cleaned it up and spray-painted it black with special heat resistant paint. It will be installed in my new craft room as soon as DH makes the chimney.
This is the dual burner we have bought this week for the living area. The bit on the left burns almond shells and/or pellets or olive pips mixed with almond shells. The part on the right is the woodburner. We can choose depending on what fuel we have at hand. Wood can be expensive, but at times we have a neighbour or a friend who sells some wood. Usually we use the almond burner. I'm pleased as punch as they say.

Now for the last Denmark photos:
This is the back of my head and our Danish friends when we had lunch at a nice restaurant. A well known Danish dish Smørrebrød, an open sandwich with all sorts of meats and fish on dark rye bread.Yummy!
This is me trying to get onto Hand Christian Andersen's lap! (in Copenhagen)
One of the old houses in Copenhagen.
And now, because I'm going to link with Elizabeth and Bluebeard at Altered booklover for T for Tuesday, I'm going to show you a postcard which I have written and I will post tomorrow. It goes to a girl in Italy who likes coffee cups.
That's it from me this, 
Happy Tuesday,
Have a great week,


  1. Your stoves look great, and I like the idea of one that burns different fuels. The new spice jars will look good in the kitchen, too. Glad ou enjoyed Denmark and their lovely food, but pity you couldn't sit on HCA's lap! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. What a lovely post ! Thank you for sharing all that with us!
    Happy T-Day!

  3. I knew about car boot sales, but I thought they were LITERALLY car parks or parking lots where people set up their merchandise and sold items out of the boot (or trunk in the US) of their cars. What you are describing, we in the states would call a flea market. Upscale ones might be called antique stores, and others might be called thrift stores. I had NO idea these were actually found inside enclosed buildings. I learn SO much when I visit.

    Your husband did a great job painting the wood stove. I have a friend who has a stove where he can use those hulls or wood. Since his parents live on a farm, getting the wood is a matter of visiting and chopping down trees (which are plentiful on their acreage), but the hulls/shells are convenient. Did I not read on Friday that you have a cat? Be careful the cat doesn't get into the shells. I read somewhere that they will poison cats. Wish I'd saved the website, so I could point you to the article, but it's been awhile since I read it.

    Not sure I would want to add fish and meat together, but I love rye bread, so that much sounded delicious. And the postcard is truly wonderful. I really like the look of all those cups stacked together. They are precious.

    Thanks for sharing your return to blogland, your new stoves, your fun outings in Denmark, and that awesome postcard with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. You are absolutely right Elizabeth. The car boot sale is literally outside. Ours is held in the big car park of a large wayside hotel. People drive up and empty their boot (or sometimes van, that is also allowed) and sell their stuff. Some have tables, most display on the ground. I'm sorry if I gave the impression it was inside. It was not.
      Interesting comment about cats and almond shells. I shall look into that. Up to now our kitty has shown no interest in them. (We have another almondhusk stove downstairs). Thanks for that.

  4. Beautiful photos...I love the old AGA stove...a lot of people in South Africa are using them to generate heat in the winters.

  5. Love the stoves....& that pile of cups. Looks fabulous. So glad you're safely home & back into your routine. Your containers find is fabulous & we have car boot sales here...out of car boots....& weekend markets too:):)

  6. That stoves will make it warm and toasty I am sure.The way my wind is whipping I could use a couple of those on top of our own right now. Looked back on your trip photos-lucky you, looks like you had a fantastic time! Happy T day.

  7. thanks for the Little Review of copenhagen... i´m looking Forward to go there in may and surely will see Christian andersen´s statue, too. i love his fairy tales.

  8. Loved getting a glimpse of your stoves-I especially love that old cast iron one! Glad you enjoyed such a wonderful holiday. What a great find to get the spice jars and rack-love it! Happy T day!

  9. I love that huge statue! I bet it's a popular spot for photos like yours. Happy T Tuesday!

  10. Lovely stack of cups and nice to "see" you in some fun photos too Lisca.
    Your holiday must have been fabulous...nice of you to share some photos with us.
    That cast iron stove is charming and I bet it will do a very fine job of heating.
    The Smørrebrød looks scrumptious and takes me back to when I got to visit Denmark many many years ago. I pretty much ate my way through a nine week trip of Europe :-)
    Happy T Day nice to have you back oxo

  11. Great stoves! What a cute kitchen rack.
    Nice to see the travel pics. Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Oh wow Lisca. I love your little Parlour Fire. I want one for my dining room. I like your dual fuel too. Ours is dual fuel....coal or wood!! It is going like mad right now as I am feeling cold. I hope it isn't anything more than the fact that it is cold here right now.
    Loving the Danish photos.
    Happy T Day.

  13. I love your new jars! I am jealous of your woodburner - we just have radiators here and I so wish I could see something with a flame in it! The Smørrebrød looks yummy - I remember having some in Sweden. Happy T Day, Chrisx

  14. I am very familiar with the pellet stoves. They have almost cut out wood burning completely around here.....and we have a wood burning stove in the living room. I LOVE the little parlor stove.....antique??
    Perfect post card for T-day.