Friday, 15 January 2016

A Postcard a Day - Friday 15 Jan 2016 Friday Smiles

  Hello friends,

We're back in Spain! What a fantastic  time we have had in Denmark! Our week has been great.
Saturday (still in Denmark) our friends took us to see the white cliffs of Denmark (Yes, they have them too). It was a lovely sunny frosty day.

There were steps down to the beach but there were so many and there was much snow, so we chickened out!
The nearby town is Stege and we had lunch in a restaurant of a well known Danish chef called David.
I had to pose with the wooden soldier in the restaurant. (The Danish royal family has guards with bearskin hats just like the British).
On Sunday we went to Copenhagen and saw the guards for real:
We also saw the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote the fairy tales.
We visited the part of Copenhagen which is an anarchistic city in a city: Christiania
We were not allowed to take pictures in the village
as they freely sell hashish, and that is still illegal.
Our last day in Denmark our friends had planned a drive along several castles and palaces in the area.  But a very thick fog descended on us and we couldn't see any of them from the road. Only this one.

This one is called Vallo castle and it used to house aristocratic virgins.
I'm sorry its so foggy and the photos have not  come out very well. There is no setting on the camera to compensate for fog, lol!
On the way back we stopped at the bakery:

We bought some bread and some of the famous Danish pastries!
It's a little out of focus...(I was so excited!)
As you can see I have had the most fantastic week! I'm linking up with Virginia at Rocking your World Friday.

That is all from me this morning. I'm trying to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time for Friday Smiles so here is my smiley photo:

Happy Friday,




  1. I have really enjoyed sharing your travels with you by seeing all your pics on Facebook Lisca but am glad to hear you're now safely back in Spain. That cake is amazing....I've just showed my hubby with a big hint as Oct 2017 I have a BIG birthday :-)
    Annie x

  2. Welcome HOME!! Glad you are back and safe. I agree those look like a LOT of steps. I suspect I would have to think twice, before I went to see a beach.

    Loved your trip to Christiania. While doing research on Denmark, I ran across the city within a city. I've read it called green, autonomous, a commune, and freetown, but never once read it was called anarchistic. I can see how some narrow minded people might feel that way, though, since the hippies that took it over were often in conflict with the Danish Govt. I'm glad you had a chance to go and enjoy the experience. You are the first person I "know" who has actually visited there.

    Laughed at the Virgin castle. I kept thinking it would be really lonely and nearly vacant in this day and age.

    Yes, I loved looking at the Danish baked offerings, but that "Cake" made me smile all over. I was really impressed with it!

    Again, welcome home and happy Friday Smiles.

    1. I love Christiania! I'm an old hippie myself. Had I been younger I would like to live there.
      Yes, I did call it anarchistic. (in my book not necessarily a bad thing) I suppose it depends on how you define 'anarchy': The word anarchy comes from the ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarchia), which combines ἀ (a), "not, without" and ἀρχή (arkhi), "ruler, leader, authority." Thus, the term refers to a person or society "without rulers" or "without leaders."
      Wikipedia says this: Anarchy is the condition of a society, entity, group of people or a single person which does not recognize authority. It originally meant leaderlessness, but in 1840, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon adopted the term in his treatise What Is Property?to refer to a new political philosophy, anarchism, which advocates stateless societies based on voluntary associations.
      It's quite funny, as you walk out of Christiania, the sign reads: 'You are now entering the EU'.
      I have many more photos if you care to see them. I will post them on my FB page (Lisca Meijer)

  3. I feel like I've had a holiday myself, following along with your trip. Marvellous .
    Oh that cake it's wonderful.
    Hope you are back in the warmth now
    Lynn x

  4. Gosh Lisca. It has been lovely following your trip in Denmark, somewhere I have always fancied going, both here and on FB.
    Love that cake. It is fab.

  5. Lovely photos.Lucky you!
    Wow, what a cake too!

  6. Hi Lisca, happy Friday....oh you have had a lovely week in Denmark, great pics and places to visit even if it was foggy. Nice to be home too I'd say. cheers Robyn, enjoy your weekend

  7. What wonderful photos of your time in Denmark. You certainly did get around a lot. What a wonderful photo of the white cliffs. That beautiful building was big enough to house a great many virgins!

    What an amazing cake. You wouldn't want to cut it would you.

    Have a lovely week Lisca. Barbxx

  8. I love seeing your beautiful photos. It must be awesome to live in Europe. I would love to travel through Europe and see where it all began.

  9. I am glad you are safely home Lisca. Your time away has been amazing. You got to see a lot of Denmark that we missed as we didn't have the use of a car while we were there. We passed Christiana on the train, but we didn't go in there. The cake is amazing, but personally the Danish pastries get my vote. Kate x

  10. I am sure you had a great time but I bet you are also pleased to be home. The cake is brilliant, I used to have a singer sewing machine. You asked where we are at the moment. We are in France in the Three Valleys (Le Trois Vallees) which is the largest interlinking ski area in the world. The snow is great and we had sun today which was even better. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  11. Fabulous trip photos....that cliff looked WAY steep! I'd be staying up the top too. Hashish, eh? Wow! And the fog...well, I guess it is winter. I've been away in 43C weather, but home now. LOVE getting home!!

  12. Hi Lisca, love all the photos, even the foggy ones :) I'm fascinated by anything Danish at the moment because I'm reading The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell and discovering all sorts of interesting facts about the country. The author loves the pastries too. That cake is fantastic - to good to cut! Elizabeth xx

    1. I read that book before going to Denmarke (in November. I enjoyed it as it is written with humor.
      Have a look at my previous blogs. there are more photos from Denmarl. Also my Facebook page has many as you can imagine.

  13. You look like you've had a fabulous time. The information about the boats in Churches is brilliant and how unusual to have a city such as the one you came across with some many rules but allowing self expression.

    Loving the statues photo you too!

    Don't worry about the photos, they are a great reminder of a lovely time you've had and I think they are all awesome!

    Hope you have had a good weekend and fabulous week ahead.