Friday, 8 January 2016

A Postcard a Day - Friday 8 January 2016- Friday smiles from Denmark

Hello everyone, greetings from Denmark.

Today is Friday and I'm joining in with Friday Smiles and Rocking your World where we look back over the week and remember all the things that made us smile.
My husband and I have been staying with my 92 yr old mother in the Netherlands. We have had a lovely week, where we have met old friends, cooked nice things for my mum. We also bought a slow cooker and a mini oven for her and taught her to use it.
I have no photos as I have no access to a  computer. I'm writing this on a tablet without a usb port or sd slot and I don't know how to get the photos from my camera onto my tablet. (I know, I'm such a luddite)

 We are now staying in Denmark, 60 km south of Kopenhagen. The people we are staying with are our neighbours in Spain. Their house in Spain is a holiday home and here in rural Denmark is where they live the rest of the year. As you can see it has been snowing! A bit different to the climate we are used to in southern Spain! I have taken this picture through the window looking at the stables.
Here is my DH with our Danish friend. I am sharing this with you as it so good to see our friends again and we are so exited to be in Denmark for the first time.
Our friends cooked a typical Danish winter meal tonight called skipperlabskovs. It has potatoes and slow cooked beef and onions.
It tasted lovely and we had dark beer with it.
we are enjoying our holiday immensely in spite of the fact that it is not the best time of year.

I don't have a funny thing to share apart from this one. If you live with someone who snores, it might not actually be funny. (Apologies to snorers)

 I wrote a blog last Friday with lovely photos of Holland, but havent been able to link. So if you want to have a look, scroll down the side bar...

Have a good week,
and I apologise in advance that I might not be able to comment much as we will be out most of the day.


  1. Hi Lisca. Sorry I was out of action last week but I had to listen to my body and rest it to allow it to recover....thankfully I'm now feeling much better. I love seeing a little of life in other countries so thank you for sharing your trip.
    Annie x

  2. I have seen some of your lovely photos on fb and gosh you have been travelling a fair bit. That food looks lovely, but do not ask me to try and pronounce it!! Haa Haa!!

  3. My tip for stopping snoring is to give a good kick haha.
    Glad you are still enjoying your trip. Looks great fun
    Lynn xx

  4. My tip for stopping snoring is to give a good kick haha.
    Glad you are still enjoying your trip. Looks great fun
    Lynn xx

  5. Morning Lisca, It certainly looks as if you had a lovely visit with both you Mum and your friends. How lovely to stay with your Spanish neighbours in Denmark! It's wonderful that your mother is able to learn to use new gadgets at her age and also that she chooses to.

    I did scroll down to read about your travels. The photos of the village are beautiful and also the postcard of the costumes.

    As for the snoring, my hubby does it very well. I say "Stop snoring Bruce" in a stern voice and he does actually stop. It's the only time he does as he's told though .... only kidding. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  6. I am really enjoying your trip, and now being in Denmark it reminds me of what my place looks like, minus the ice, of course. Your friend has a beautiful home, but I'm surprised that Spain wouldn't be a more attractive winter home.

    Believe it or not, I've caught Bleubeard snoring a couple of times! That was fun advice, though. Happy Friday Smiles.

    1. These friends are Danish. The live and work in Denmark and o ly come to Spain when they can take time off work a few times a year.

  7. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, it may be a bit chilly but the food looks lovely!

  8. Fabulous pics - always lovely to catch up with friends. Take care Zo xx

  9. Hi Lisca, I have never been to Holland but it looks really nice. I showed my other half the snoring stopper, he didn't say much but the look on his face said it all Lol!
    Happy Friday, Angela x

  10. It has been so interesting to see your last two post of your travels in Denmark and in Holland. I love to hear about different ways of life and living.
    The traditional costume is lovely.
    Here in Liverpool our local specialty meal is "Scouse" which derives from the Scandinavian seafarers who came here when Liverpool was a big seaport. I love it! We serve it with pickled red cabbage and fresh bread and butter.
    Jo x

  11. We haven't had any snow yet thank goodness but we are threatened with some this week. Your trip sounds fabulous and I bet you enjoyed spending time with your mum. I'm always intrigued with traditional dishes from different countries i bet the meal was delicious hope you have a brilliant week ahead. Hugs

  12. Hi Lisca, and happy Weekend - I'm late with my post, how lovely for you to be visiting with your mum and friends (in a cool place, so hot here). I too have a snorer, so I can relate you your funny. Enjoy your weekend, cheers Robyn

  13. Lisca, it sounds as though you are having a lovely time. My son lives in Aarhus, but they had not had any snow last time I spoke to him. I know which climate I prefer anyway. It must have been lovely to spend some time with your mum. The slow cooker was an inspiration. It is a safer and easier way for older folk to make a hot meal. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Kate x

  14. Denmark sounds great! MY hubby snores can get quit grating on ones nerves.
    Happy T day...way late!

  15. What a magical place you are now!Love your post full of beauty!Happy T day:)!