Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 2 Feb 2016 - T for mugs, olive pips and coco cats

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday!

A bit later in the day today...I had a lie-in. 

I'm showing you a very comforting postcard today, especially comforting for those in the Northern hemisphere where it is cold and miserable. It is a card from my own collection that I have sent to someone. It is by a Russian artist who's name escapes me now. The card has been sent so I can't check. Sorry. 

Coffee, chocolates,cakes and a cat are all comforting things don't you think?

I'm linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard at T for Tuesday. The link is here. Please join us with anything drink related.

Last week we went to the olive processing plant to buy olive pips to burn in our stove.

When olives  get pressed after they are harvested, you get cold pressed olive oil (the best), what is left gets pressed again, and it gives normal olive oil. There is a further process that yields more oil but I think that is more  low grade stuff (I don't know what they do with that) but you end up with crumb like pips that look like this:
It's very cheap and we buy it by the trailer load.

A guy with a tractor just scoops up a load and dumps it in our little trailer.
We pay by weight so car and trailer have to be weighed on the weigh bridge before and after.
We mix the pips with the almond shells so the almond burner burns more efficiently and longer. This lot will last us through the winter and into the next. They are only for sale at this time of year (after the harvest).

I feel I almost have to apologise for the blue sky and the sunshine. I am very much aware that there is much bad weather around at the moment. Sorry folks. 

One more photo before I call it a day:
This is my kitchen in our holiday cave house (where I am at the moment). The rack and the mugs were all bought from Ikea (a few years ago). And at the moment I am enjoying a cup of chai tea with a dash of milk. Please share your drink with us. We'd love to see what you are drinking....

Happy T-day, have a good week,




  1. I LOVE that delicious chocolate cat! Great idea to use the olive 'pips', that's a great way to heat your place. Your kitchen looks so tidy, better not show mine! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. what a fun postcard! Your cave must be so beautiful- love the glimpse of your bright kitchen. Great way to use every bit of the olives!! Does it have a particular scent when you burn I wonder? Happy T day!

  3. It's still early morning here, so sleeping in didn't affect those of us across the pond (grin). It gave me time to let my two out of the bedroom so they could do their thing.

    I am in LOVE with that cat. What a beauty. Coffee, coffee beans, chocolate, and cupcakes make a wonderful breakfast. Can't think of a better way to start the day.

    There's a genuine difference in price in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (first press), Virgin Olive Oil (second press), and Olive Oil (third press) that we get in the states. The third press oil is usually as light as sunflower or corn oil, while the EVOI is often so dark you can barely see through it. I don't know about your stove, but EVOI is certainly good for your body (grin).

    Those cups are wonderful, and I'm sure I've said this before. I don't live within a thousand miles of an IKEA, or my whole house would be filled with their products!

    You asked how to make it your blog post only. I'll use this post as an example.

    1) To isolate your post, run your mouse over the name of today's post. You will see it underlined.

    2) Click on the underlined post title and your post will come up in a window by itself.

    3) Right click on the title in the address bar, highlight it and copy. OR, highlight it and use your keyboard keys CTRL and C together.

    4) Paste the copied address in the space for the URL, like I got when I did the above steps:

    Hope that helped! Any questions, please ASK.

    Thanks for sharing your teacups and your awesome cat, as well as your olive pips with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Yes, it helped and I have now linked in (or up or something).

  4. "Coffee, chocolates,cakes and a cat are all comforting things " Yes, indeed. I like your cup storage rack. So handy! Happy T Tuesday :)

  5. HI Lisca!
    Great post this week, so interesting about the olive oil. It is my preferred cooking oil. Mixing the pips with the almond husks in a great idea.....wish we could do that here.

    I'm not a big cat fan, but I do LOVE the post card!

    Happy T-day.....love all your cups hung in a row!

  6. Don´t apologize for living in the sun! I am sure you worked hard for the opportunity to spend some years under the blue sky, and I do enjoy reading about it. Interesting about the olivepips, I didn´t know it was used that way. And almonds - does it smell nice when you burn it? Happy T-Day!

  7. Gorgeous postcard...chocolate is definitely a favorite treat! and fun info about the olive pips...would never have known about that otherwise, and sounds quite economical. Happy T day!

  8. Lovely photo of your blue mugs all lined up and looking inviting. Some chai would be perfect along with your comfort kitty bearing all kinds of treats = Yum Yum!
    Chocolate is a favorite of mine.
    Interesting to learn about your heating system. It is a great repurposing project that keeps you warm in the process AND you get to enjoy the olive oil too at some point :-)
    Happy T Day
    and Happy February Lisca.
    Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest
    Now I am hungry and want chocolate BEFORE dinner ;-)

    1. No, I'm afraid we don't get the olive oil with the pips. The pips are a by-product that locals can come and buy cheaply. We do buy our (extra virgin) olive oil from a local plant but not this one.

  9. Love the post card and all of the interesting facts of the olive business. Love your blue cups ♥

  10. Great cat card but I love the info about the pips. I knew the basics about the pressing olives but who knew you could burn the left overs. Fascinating view. Happy T day!

  11. Lovely postcard and Thank you for sharing all those interesting facts about the olive oil and the pips.
    The weather is getting better here. Spring should be here soon:-)
    Thank you for your kind words on my post. I'm so happy to have received such an opportunity.
    Wishing you a great week

  12. I learned something new today! I didn't know about burning olive pips. I enjoyed seeing what they look like and how you use them.
    LOVE the postcard, too. And your row of mugs looks so pretty. Yum, chai tea. Do you have any extra to pour me a cup?? (I'm also fascinated that you have a cave house. I've always thought living underground would be great.)

  13. That is so interesting! I am learning new things from you.
    Never apologize for blue skies and beautiful weather. Enjoy!!
    Happy T-Day! :)