Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Postcard A Day - Sunday 17 Jan 2016 - White Church

Good Morning, and Good Sunday!

We have just returned from a three week visit to first the Netherlands and then Denmark. I have been posting photos on this blog and as today is Sunday I will feature a church.

Our Danish friends took us to the Lutheran church where they got married. It is in a small town/village of Herfølge , on the large island of Sealand, south of Copenhagen.

I apologize for the bad photos. I'm not a good photographer at the best of times, but it was really cold and my hands were stiff. The cold is also the reason why I didn't take anymore outdoor photos.
So here's a Wikipedia photo to see it a bit better.

The church called Herfølge Kirke, is built around 1180 with mainly chalk stone. The tower was built in the 13th century, but originally it was smaller and had a pyramid roof, but in the 16th century it got its present height.   
I have been told that almost every Danish church has a ship in it.... This one was hanging from the ceiling.

In Wikipedia I found this information:

The ship symbolises the Church. The Gospel of Matthew (chapter 8, verses 23-27) tells the story of Jesus calming a furious storm while on a boat with his disciples. As an analogy the Church can be seen as a crew sailing on a ship called Life, towards the Kingdom of God, with Jesus as the captain.
The main part of the church building, the nave, is called skibet ("the ship") in Danish. It is sailing eastwards, which is why the chancel of the church faces east while the church tower faces west and the church porch south in old church buildings.

The tradition of hanging a model ship in the church – a tradition that is known in most of Europe – caught on in Denmark after the Reformation. Often the ship models an existing ship and carries a name, e.g.
 Håbet ("the hope") or Danmark
. Some model ships are gifts offered by seamen who have survived a shipwreck and want to show their thankfulness. Interestingly, the model ships usually have no lifeboats on board.
This is the altar. The painting depicts, I think, where baby Jesus was presented to the temple by his parents. They meet Simeon, who is the person holding the child in the painting.
This is the view down the isle, with the organ in the background.
This is the organ a bit closer up.

I'm going to link this blog with InSpired Sunday, which is an interesting meme featuring churches. Do have a look.

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  1. Great photos of the church. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and week.

  2. Lovely shots of a lovely church...cold hands and all

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  4. Wow...what a very interesting church. It is so tall!

  5. What a beautiful church, do like the ship hanging from the ceiling showing the link with the sea

  6. Beautiful Lisca - and so inspiring. What an absolutely God-given idea to have a ship in the churches. I'm going to take hold of this and introduce it to the churches I am involved in. Thanks for the info to very interesting X