Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cave house bedroom

Hi everybody!
A while ago I blogged about painting my bathroom door and about the old chest that I painted in the same colour. I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint (recommended by my daughter-in-law Filipa) and absolutely loved it! So easy to use and it goes a long way as I haven't even used half a tin! (The colour is called 'duck egg').
Here are some before and after photos:

The chest was dark burgundy red and the door bright green! Now it looks much nicer....

The paint looks uneven in the picture but I think that is the shimmer of the waxing. Perhaps I didn't do that as well as I should.... it's not that visible in real life so I'm happy with the result.
I apologise for the bad quality of the last two photos. They're off my phone and were sent across with very few pixels. Must remember that in future....

Thanks for looking, God bless and......

Keep scrapping!