Friday, 9 May 2014

Scrapbook page: "No Smoking Please"

I strive to do at least one scrapbook layout per week. To get the creative juices flowing I follow the CSI challenge (Color, Stories and Inspiration). They have a new 'case file' every week and this week it was this:

Here is my solution of the case: “No Smoking Please”. I enjoyed this one immensely as the colours are beautiful.

Scheme: The Merlot of the flowers is exactly the colour of the wine in front of me. Champagne ivory is found in the lace and the book page. (No I Have no champagne in front of Of course there is black and white in my page and the icebucket grey is found in the vellum almost at the bottom of the ‘stack’.

Evidence: flowers, book page, metal, and cord.

Testimony: Four interesting things about my topic.
 I wrote:
“4 Reasons why smoking is bad for you:
1 – It is known to cause different types of cancer (not just lung cancer)
2 – Leads to formation of wrinkles and premature aging.
3 – Makes you more at risk of suffering from a heart attack and stroke.
4 – Can make you blind (age related macular degeneration)”.

On the back I wrote:
“This is a photo of myself when I was young. Probably in 1969. Smoking was fashionable back then. We knew no better.

But when I started nurses training I stopped smoking and since then I have never touched a cigarette again!”

I've used a lot of recycled stuff here. The black 

(wrinkled) background paper is the wrapper of an 

orange. I had to place my photo strategically so the 

brand name wasn't visible....The die cuts are cut from 

packaging too. ('Waste not, want not' they say.)

That's all for tonight,

God bless

and...... keep scrapping!



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