Friday, 2 May 2014

Yellow paper roses

Hi peeps,

A while ago I wrote that I started a craft workshop here in the village. Twelve ladies turn up every Monday evening at 5 pm. They wanted to learn to do paper flowers with a flat back so they could stick them on a large cross for the local festival.

I looked around the internet and found a tutorial by SreeCrafts on YouTube which I found useful and away we went. Every Monday we had fun with paper, scissors and glue until we had enough flowers.

The idea was to cover the large cross for the local festival on the 3rd of May. 
Under the direction of a lady called Paqui, we stuck the roses onto the cross

 and we made four giant roses to lay on the floor. It's difficult to describe so here are some photos.
I think the result is stunning! The shape on the floor was made by 'plucking' pine cones and cutting up herbs from the field. The bowl in the foreground has now been filled with fruit. There are antique objects all around. All in all an interesting display. The idea is that for several days (1-4 May) the public come and look at these crosses. Well, I think ours is pretty spectacular. Don't you?

Thank you for stopping by,
God bless and..... keep scrapping!


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  1. This is STUNNING.... What a FABULOUS job you guys did...super impressive:):) BTW....I found the Gadget Link so you can pop up the blogger follower button. You know how you go into layout, then click on your sidebar to add a gadget, well, on the side of that list is another the left of the gadgets you can choose, at the top, that says something like more that then scroll down til you see something like show blogger followers.....hope this helps:):))))