Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mother's Day in Spain

Hello everybody,
Hope you all had a good weekend. Here is some more about my life here in Spain.

Yesterday (Sunday) it was Mother’s Day in most of continental Europe, and the men in our church said they’d cook us ladies a meal. Of course this being Spain it would be paella. I’ve blogged about this before: paella is THE party food here.

We had a laugh as I’m not sure they knew what they were doing..... They certainly had a laugh when I sneaked round with the camera!

 We were served at the table, our drinks poured (where is the wine?). Afterwards they served us coffee and cake and then together did the washing up! Isn’t that great. We could stay at the table and chat while the men did the washing up! 

They scrubbed the large paella pan clean and here it is drying in the sun next to the gas burner.

That's it for today.
God bless and..... keep scrapping!

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  1. That paella looks deleeeshus , am so pleased the men did the washing up . Ps thanks for your visit to my blog I also came here via Lizzy Hill!