Thursday, 1 May 2014

Scrapbook page: Lacemaker

Case file 365-5 Lacemaker

Here is my solution to Case file 365-5. All the colours are there, even the grey which you can find in a small strip under the scalloped edge or in my grey hair....
The evidence are stripes (in the embellishments), flowers (the lace), buttons, paint, scallops (right hand border), string (the thread on the bobbin).
As testimony I could say that there is a ring (faux stitching) around my journaling which is hidden under the photo.

1 - My mother is a lacemaker, but she has Macular Degeneration and is slowly going blind. When I showed an interest in lacemaking, she promptly gave me all her stuff and books. I went on several courses to learn and I’m enjoying it very much. When we moved to Spain, a friend’s mother had also stopped lacemaking and I received another lot of cushions, pins, bobbins, cotton and lots of patterns. I do miss the  little group we had in Clevedon and of course the teacher (Merryl). 

2 – The stylised yellow lace flower was made by my mum

3 – The bobbins I’m using in the photo have a ‘fat’ bottom. These are continental European bobbins but the one that I have stuck on my page is an English bobbin which is much thinner . In fact it is so slim that it needs some weights at the bottom. That’s what the beads are for. I have beaded this one myself.

That's it for today, thanks for stopping by.
God bless and....Keep scrapping!