Saturday 17 May 2014

Visitors in Spain

Hi everybody, long time no see! I’ve had my friend Paula and her hubby from the UK staying with us and  we have been busy showing them around. I would like to show you all what we showed them.

 Such as the fiesta in a neighbouring village. It was a roman catholic festival (the Spanish are mainly roman catholic, we go to an evangelical church but we are in the minority). 
 There was a mass with flamenco type music, then they processed the statue of the virgin around the village singing and dancing in her honor. Very colourful.  After that there were free drinks and snacks. Everybody danced. My husband and I did an English folk dance to paso doble music! Great fun! Locals kept coming up to us to make sure we had drinks and food. So sweet. We all enjoyed it.

 Everything here is different to urban life in the UK so even a trip to the market is an event. This is Paula posing with the melons.

We have an excellent ice cream parlour in town that makes their own ice cream with natural ingredients. Yumm! That had to be sampled of course. (They even make ice cream cakes!)

 We visited our neighbours’ vegetable plot and came away with broad beans, fresh peas and two huge lettuces!

Thank you for stopping by and reading about our life here in Spain.

Hasta luego! God bless and.... keep scrapping!


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