Friday 24 March 2023

A Postcard a Day - Friday 24 March 2023 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely ladies,

I'm writing this on Thursday night and it's taking me ever so long because it is my birthday and I get phone calls, video calls and people popping in, so here I am late at night, and still nothing written. Of course I'm not complaining as it is lovely to have friends and family calling. This is Friday Smiles and I certainly have a lot to smile about.

My postcard today comes from Russia:

The postcard depicts Marya Morevna, a warrior queen from a Russian fairy tale. Read it here if you like. The artwork on the card is by Roman Papsuev 2015. He is a Russian  artist that turns Russian folk tales into modern fantasy. He is very popular in and out of Russia.

Here are the stamps:

The stamps are the traditional Russian ones. I never tire of them. They are really pretty.

This afternoon my friend Dian came by and brought me a bottle of bubbly (a Prosecco I think) and a tiramisu dessert. (which is not in the photo but i did enjoy it after my dinner). I ate out on the patio as the weather is lovely. What's not to smile about!

I had only come back from my travels the night before so I just got some home-made lasagna out of the freezer and that was my dinner. Very nice.
On Saturday I will celebrate with my friends . The weather is lovely so a friend is letting us use the pool house and the pool area which is ideal fo parties. (There is no water in the pool as yet as it's early in the season and the water is too cold to swim.)

Today I had to go into town to do admin things and I also needed a white t-shirt. They are difficult to find here as there are many lovely clothes shop but none of them have t-shirts.  I really need a department store but the nearest one is in Granada. Anyway, I came home with two pairs of shoes and a bag (as you do). Present to myself. (Big smile)

I had a lovely time with my mum. Here is a photo:
I think I have shared this one on Facebook so some of you might already have seen this.

On Tuesday I flew from Rotterdam to Malaga, then got a bus to Marbella, where my sister picked me up from the bus station.
I spent the night in Marbella, then in the morning caught a bus to Malaga, then a bus to Granada, then a bus to Baza, where a kind friend picked me up from the bus station to drive me home. The buses are very good and on time but the through bus gets here too late  at night so I have to do it in stages. 

I'm quite happy to travel by bus as I got a good book. Any Lucinda Riley fans out there? I'm reading her only murder mystery: The Murders At Fleat House.

I'm enjoying it. 

My new sofa, which I ordered before I left, is going to be delivered on Thursday! I'm very excited. I hope to be able to show you photos next week.

If you have had things to smile about this week, please share them with us at Annie's blog A Stitch In Time. That is where I am heading now. See you there!

That is all from me this week.
As per usual I have managed to find some funnies (not a lot this time) which will come at the end.
So I will wish you all a lovely weekend,
keep smiling,


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Another great week for you and I'm loving the funnies, very clever photographs too. Your mum looks so well, you must enjoy every moment you can be with her. I love the Russian stamps and postcards but just wish the Russian people would do something about that awful man. Have a happy weekend. Hugs, Angela xxx

mamapez5 said...

Your postcard is great, but I cannot get very excited about anything Russian right now. Though you can-t blame all the ordinary people for the actions of the man at the top!
I am glad you ahd a good week with your Mum. She is looking very well.
Some of the larger street markets around here have lots of quite good quality tee/shirts, but most of them have slogans on them. Finding a plain one, white or any colour, is not so easy.
It was nice that a friend brought you a little birthday treat. Enjoy your party on Saturday.
Clever photos and good funnies to make us smile again. Kate x

My name is Erika. said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound Lisca. You must be really excited about your new sofa. And that sounds like a good book, but I haven't read that one. Have a lovely weekend. hugs-Erika

Iris Flavia said...

Happy belated Birthday. Sounds like you really had a great time and lots of friends to take care of you. To a good new year in your life.

Annie said...

So gla dyou had a good birthday sounds if there's more celebrating yet so enjoy. Love the funnies.
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it. So glad you were able to spend time around your birthday with both your mother and your sister.

I have to agree with Kate. It's a lovely postcard, but the idea of it being Russian turns me off, even if it has nothing to do with the person who sent it and everything to do with the evil man running the country.

Nice to be surrounded by friends now that you are home. I think you certainly have a great support group, dear.

Loved the funnies, especially the cat in the bag! Sorry to be so late visiting. It's been a rather busy week for me.