Wednesday, 2 November 2022

A Postcard A Day - Wednesday 2 November 2022 - Second on the 2nd

 Hello lovely ladies,

Here is an old blogpost that I posted on the same day in 2015:

Here in Spain it's a Bank Holiday, i.e. a day off. The official festival day was yesterday, the 1st of November (All Saints day) when everybody goes to the cemetery to pay respects to loved ones who have past away. Graves get spruced up, there are flowers everywhere, and the cemetery is the busiest it's been all year. This year the 1st of November fell on a Sunday, so the Spanish have their day off on Monday!

As I am in Spanish mode I want to show you a Spanish map card today. Postcrossing members often ask for map cards, so I do my best to find them. A few weeks ago I went to a Christian Women's Conference on the coast which involved travelling by bus. When I was at the Granada bus station I found a stall that sold postcards and lo and behold they sold map cards! Hurray! I immediately bought five!

This is the region I live in. I live on the far right of the green bit. I have marked it with a little black asterix. The yellow dotted areas are national parks and as you can see we live just outside a national park. It is a beautiful area. Here is another postcard:

I know it's very dry and these are what they call 'badlands' where nothing grows, but I find it stunningly beautiful!

Finally I'd like to show you a new sheet of postage stamps that I bought at the post office this week:

They are about rural architecture, and to be used for mail inside Europe.

That's me done for today.

See you again tomorrow when I link up with T for Tuesday.




  1. I am really frustrated. I left a long comment and it went POOF!

    I remember that post. I remember in part because of the beautiful badlands that are also in my country. It was great you were able to find map postcards of your country. It was nice to see it again.

    I really enjoyed the Day of the Dead symbolism at the grave sites. It is a beautiful photo of how the graves are decorated for this special occasion. This made a great second look on the 2nd. Thanks for sharing it. BTW, you and Graham are constantly in my thoughts, dear Lisca.

    Now blogger isn't letting me publish this comment.

  2. I think this is a wonderful custom. They do it in Mexico also. It has lovely meaning and plus is so interesting to see. and that Badlands postcard is beautiful. It is interesting how here in the US we have some similar rock formations, but not where I live. Those are cool stamps also. I hope you are having a great second on the second Lisca. hugs-Erika

  3. It's a really nice idea, I wish they had that here too. It looks like you live in a lovely area, I thought you were closer to the beach for some reason. I love those stamps too! Happy second on the second Elle/EOTC xx

  4. I presume most people there must be Catholic as All Saints Day is a Catholic celebration. I know they have a sinmilar day in Mexico though the two are not exactly the same and it's quite interesting reading the background to it. I know that Annie isn't around today but just wanted to pop over to see how you both are. Hope your weekend is full of more smiles. Hugs, Angela xXx

  5. It is a great custom Lisca, and of course it is celebrated in the same way in our village. It also meant that Tuesday was a Bank holiday so many folk enjoyed a long weekend. Our weather is unseasonably hot and we are enjoying not needing any heating or extra layers of clothes yet. Thinking of you both. Kate x

  6. A wonderful custom and a beautiful post of. We have the badlands here in the US as well. Blessing to you.

  7. Hi Lisca, saw your comment about the fish. Mine can stay in the pond as it's deep enough in parts for them to be okay. The Fish Farm's own pond fish stay out too but the Koi for sale have to be taken in as many of them are in shallow tanks. The ones I photographed are in a very deep tank. Hope that answers your question. Take care both of you and have a happy weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx