Tuesday, 22 December 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 22 December 2020 - T for airports, lizards and coffee


Hello lovely ladies, better late than never!
 We have been travelling all day yesterday and today we are in the Netherlands, visiting my mother who is 96 and living on her own. She has a nice apartment with a
large guest room. We have to be in quarentine for 10 days, so we quickly popped to the supermarket and did the shopping for ten days. 

Now, let me show you my postcard for today. It is a postcard sent to me from the USA back in October. It's an image from a poster from he British Empire 1926-1933. 

On the back of the card is not much information. It just says: Unknown artist: November - Virgin Scrub.

The stamps are beautiful, aren't they. There is a Halloween ghost and the beatiful Navajo jewelry, an agricultural scene and what looks like apples.
Today is Tuesday, so I'm linking up with Bluebeard and Elizabeth at Alteredbooklover. There is a weekly T-Party, and my qualifier for this week is the following drink:
This is my coffee at the airport yesterday. There were only two places/cafes open in the whole airport. 
As you can see, the place is deserted. Eerie.

Anyway, everything went well. Our fellow passengers were considerate and everyone adhered to the Covid rules and kept their distance  in the queue and at boarding. On the aircraft there were lots of empty seats. Only families were allowed to sit together.

Rotterdam airport was closed so we had to travel to Amsterdam. We then caught a train at the airport to Rotterdam, then transfer to another train, then to a tram. We arrived at 7pm. All is well.

That is all from me. Sorry I'm late but we've had a busy day sorting out certain things for mum.
I'd like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas, even though it might be different than what you expected. 

Stay safe,




  1. What an odd postcard. "Virgin scrub would starve a lizard." Huh? The stamps are indeed lovely.

    I'm glad your trip went well, despite being extra long. You're brave to travel these days. I hope you have a lovely holiday with your mother.

    Happy T-day and Merry Christmas! Hugs, Eileen

  2. So glad you had safe travels and are at your destination with your Mom-Merry Christmas to all of you-hugs Kathy

  3. Good to hear that your long trip was uneventful and everyone behaved appropriately. Have a wonderful visit with your mother!

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. Glad you made it safely! What a strange experience to be in an almost empty airport ~ Blessings to you and your family ~

  5. That is a really unique postcard, but the stamps were lovely.

    So glad to read you made it to your mother's with little incident, except having to travel extra long to get there. I KNOW you are NOT unhappy to be quarantined there for the duration of your stay.

    Your sandwich looks good, and your coffee looks like how I drink mine. When I first saw that stirrer stick, I thought it looked like a thermometer. Yes, I have a big imagination. Thanks for sharing your trip, your postcard, and your coffee and sandwich with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca. Merry Christmas to you, Graham, and your mother, too. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay joyous, please.

    Thanks, too for the name of the tile. In response to your comment, I have glued the little pieces in the jewelry box, so they aren't going anywhere.

  6. I'm glad your travels have been safe and comfortable and now you can settle in to a nice Christmas visit :) Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Enjoy your time away with your mom! That is wonderful that you are able to visit her.
    Happy Tea Day and Merry Christmas,

  8. That photo of the airport is eerie. I don't think I've ever seen such an empty airport. It sounds like the trip went well, even if it was longer than usual. I am sure your Mother is happy to have you there for Christmas. Hope it is a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your visit and Merry Christmas. Hugs-Erika

  9. Sounds like the trip went well. The airports here in the US are full and when people are interviewed they are just carefree and not concerned. Have a nice time and be safe over there.

  10. Goad you made the trip safely. I bet your visit is the best gift you can give your mom. Stay safe and Happy T Day

  11. What an unusual postcard! Great stamps though!! Pleased to know that you arrived safely! Maybe quarantine won't be so bad with the cold damp weather that we seem to be getting! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  12. Interesting post card and fun stamps. Wow! traveling! But it looks and sounds safe. Merry Christmas!

  13. Wonderful postcard and photos. Merry Christmas and Happy belated T-Day!

  14. I really do love your qualifier!!
    Weird times, glad you did well!

  15. Oh bless you you mentioned that you'd talked about the airport in your Friday Post and I thought I'd missed it lol but it was your Tuesday post - glad you arrived safe xxxx