Thursday, 10 December 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 11 December 2020 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely people, Happy Friday to you all. I hope I can get this blog on the road as the internet is playing up something awful. The weather is bad and that seems to influence our internet although we are supposed to have fiber-optic cable.

Today is Friday Smiles hosted by Annie at A Stitch In Time, so I will be heading to her with lots of funnies at the end. And there is Rocking Your World Friday, counting our blessings week hosted by Virginia. Do pay her a visit too.

I'll start with a smile (and a blessing) in the shape of mail received:

Let me show you a postcard that I received recently. It comes from Holland and it contains a poem about friendship. Translated:


Where you dare

share everything,

hope and pain,

and where you can be

your uninhibited self,

with or without 

The stamp is beautiful. It reads Feminae Pacis, which is latin for 'women of peace'.  Then it says: daughters of Clare. And at the bottom it reads: Peace and all things good.

I looked that up of course. The daughters of Clare are an ecumenical community inspired by Francis and Clare of Assisi. At the moment they have two members:Marianne van Haastrecht en Hanneke ter Maat and they are based in Delft in the Netherlands.
The weather has been awful, so my week has been an indoor week really. When it rains here, we often have a storm at the same time. The rain just gets blown onto our windows with such a force that we always get a bit of leakage. Luckily we have tiles on the floor.

At one stage we were sitting at the table and we heard a loud bang. One of my kombucha bottles (that now live in the lounge) had exploded. Again, I was so thankful that our floors are tiled.
My best friend's daughter has married a Dutchman and for the sake of their 5 yr old daughter we planned to celebrate Sinterklaas. A Dutch tradition on the eve of St Nicholas. 
Sinterklaas is portrayed as a bishop who comes on a boat from Spain and brings presents for children who have been good.  He has Moorish (black) helpers. called Peters. These are now no longer allowed in the Netherlands. People of Afro-Caribbean descent have declared they don't like that and it is now an offence to paint your face black.
Here in Spain we have a festival of 'Moors and Christians', where the people that play Moors, paint their faces black. I can see that in the future that might be banned as well as black people might feel offended. I don't understand why. The Moors were black people and I don't think you can change that bit of history.
The Moors ruled in southern Europe for 800 years (until 1492, the year that Columbus sailed for America) and brought many innovations in those years. 

If you're interested read the this article

For lunch on the 5th we celebrated my best friends' husband's birthday. (No masks as they are in our 'bubble' so to speak. They are people we see daily) and in the evening we celebrated Sinterklaas at the daughter's house (the one with the Dutch husband). We had put all the presents in a jute sack, and at some point my husband slipped out and banged loudly on the front door, left the sack outside and then hid in the bathroom. The little girl knew that was Sinterklaas, and together with her daddy she went to collect the sack. She was disappointed to learn that Sinterklaas was not there. He has moved one, we said, he has many other children to visit.

All those collages that I make, I had a book printed with the first 100 collages since the beginning of Covid in March. The book arrived on Friday. I've entitled it 'Glad to be Alive'.

I found out too late that Monday was a national holiday in Spain (Day of the Constitution) which was on Sunday, so they have a day off on Monday. Then on Tuesday it was Immaculate Conception Day, another holiday. All the shops are shut, so I baked my own bread and we have plenty of food in the house.
On Tuesday night we had a 'date night'. There were some new films on Amazon Prime and Bohemian Rhapsody was one of them. Neither of us had see it, so we settled down with some popcorn, lit some candles and had a lovely evening.
Wednesday was the only nice day this week. Our friends came to visit and we went for a walk around the estate and showed them our own patch as well. It was lovely.

Thursday it rained again, and I spent most of the day at the computer. Because we are going to Holland to visit my mum (she would have been totally alone this Christmas) I was trying to get travel insurance (still not done) and booked a Covid test in Holland 72 hours before we go back to Spain. Lots of things need doing and booking and forms filled in etc. A bit of a night mare. But apart from the insurance, it's all booked and organized.
So that is my week and my smiles. 
I have just read that in Andalucia the restrictions have been relaxed a bit. From Saturday onwards we can go into town (shopping! Hurray!)
Have a wonderful weekend,
 and take care,

Here are some funnies for you: 


  1. agree on the moors, love your book printed from collages, and as always, thank you for the laughs!!

  2. Wow, the rain comes in?!
    Oh, but on the plus... I guess you can hear it then - I so miss that!
    Hmmm fish fingers!
    OMG your bottle exploded?! Sorry, I had to laugh!

    Yes, we had the "Mohr" but now are not even allowed "Negerkuss" for the sweets I grew up with.
    Why are they offended? A kiss is a good thing and on the other hand we speak of one people, so...?
    I still have the book "10 kleine Negerlein"...

    THANK YOU for this history lesson - I never knew that they invented so much!!! (off to read the article soon)

    Awwww, very cute what you did and how you explained there are also other children. Sweet and clever.

    I wish you happy times with your Mum!

    Crazy. Here they speak of "hard lockdown" now - can the politicians decide for once?

    My Dad, amongst other had hearing aids and hence loads of old people. Oh, I HOPE I can hold those winds in later years. Luckily I was a polite kid. And the dog was outside (memories!).

    Thank YOU for the smiles, hugs!

  3. Thanks for joining in each week. I love hearing about your week and your funnies always make me smile.
    Annie x

  4. A lovely positive post Lisca. Like you, I am happy to be able go out to proper shop on Monday, (its from midnight Saturday really but I don't shop on Sundays).
    I hope your trip to Holland goes smoothly. I am sure your mum will be pleased to have your company.
    It is a good idea to have your pages made into a book. I have a 12" x 12" printer and I print my own and bind them, but yours will have a much more professional finish.
    Kate x

  5. What a fun post, Lisca. I always enjoy reading your week in review. I hope the cat was OK. Obviously not yours, but very cute.

    Lovely and very different postcard, too. A beautiful postage stamp.

    Laughed at several of the funnies. The cat in or out is SO, SO, SO true. I know for a fact.

    Hope you have a great rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend, too.

  6. Oh you've had a busy week, I love that you've had your collages printed, what a fantastic idea and what a reminder of the strangest of years we have had.

    Your bread looks lovely, the broken bottle and the driving rain not so much, but the blue skies and snowcapped mountains must make up for it.

    I'm glad your restrictions are easing slightly which will hopefully make life a little easier, but keep yourselves safe.

    I loved the information about the St Nicholas festival and how lovely to see the little one playing with the toy.

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.