Friday, 6 November 2020

A Postcard A Day- Friday 6 November 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely girls! Have you all had a good week? It has been a bit stressful for some people, what with the elections in the USA and the lockdown in Europe. But we will continue to see the positive side of things and keep smiling.

I haven't received any postcards this week, so I am showing you one that I sent myself (I scan each one before i send it and keep a record of them).  This one I sent to the Netherlands and it shows a rock band of three owls doing a recording. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the artist. But I like it very much and the recipient told me she liked it very much too.  In fact it got several 'likes' from the Postcrossing community.

Another smile from my part is the fact that today is my grandson's birthday. He is 6 today.  Here is a photo taken this week. I don't see him very often as he lives in Italy.

My week has been OK. We are not allowed outside the village, and that means no supermarket visits and having to do without certain things, but that doesn't bother me. There is plenty of food in the shops here, it's just basic Spanish.

My sister got a flight to Holland and went to see my mum. Mum was thrilled. My sister walked around the block with her as she hadn't been outside the door since March.
I told you about our lodgers. They have now settled in. They are a couple of intellectuals, who have taken a year out from their jobs to live in the mountains and spend time doing the things they are passionate about. He plays flamenco guitar and she paints. She is a very gifted artist and he is an accomplished guitar player. On Friday he gave us a rendition.

On Saturday I went for a walk with my friend and on the way back we stopped at (one of) her daughter's house. I didn't go in, but said hello from the door. She is eight months' pregnant of her first child.

Sunday was spent watching church services and working on our plot.
I forgot to do a collage on Monday.
We have hot water from a solar panel, which means that when there is no sun, we have no hot water. Luckily we live in a country that has a lot of sun, and the few days without sun, we would just go downstairs and use the shower in the downstairs flat. But that is no longer possible, so hubby has taken the electric water heater from the cave next door and installed it in our bathroom upstairs.
It is good that he did this as on Wednesday the weather turned and it has been dull and cloudy ever since. But the boiler is up and running. Hurrah!

Yesterday we went to collect our generator from our friends. (No, with them we don't wear masks). He has repaired the generator as it was no longer working. He is one of those people that loves to take things apart, and even better he can put it back together again and find out what's wrong  in the process. You can see the dark clouds. Not very nice weather.

Some people have asked me what i do with the kaki puree. Well I make a cake with kaki puree, raisins and walnuts. Delicious!

So you see, not a bad week at all. 

That's all from me. I will find some funnies for you and put them at the end. And now I'll go and link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Bye for now,
Stay safe,

This one should have Sean Connery in it, don't you think?:


  1. You had a really busy week, but it seems Graham had an even busier one. So glad he's handy and could install the water heater. AND hang plant hooks.

    Your renters seem to be adapting well. Looks like their son is going to be an artist, too. He paints better than I.

    You certainly cook a lot of lovely meals, Lisca. I'm now quite hungry. Everything looks so good.

    LOVED that postcard. That was some clever rock group. Loved the drummer and his setup, too.

    Yes, still no news on the election. That is VERY stressful, especially in the wake of the frivolous lawsuits that are being handed out like candy. I promise NOT to get political. I think my thoughts have been made clear elsewhere.

    Is this Kermit the Frog day? Seems most of the jokes were on or from him this week! Have a super rest of Friday, wear your mask, and have a great weekend, too, dear.

  2. Hello Lisca. I see you have the grey weather too. We get less of it than you do so it was quite welcome.
    I hadn't heard of kaki so I looked them up and I see they are what I call persimmon. I did try them but I didn't get on with them very well. I saw on one of your Fcaebook posts that you grew and harvested some acelgras. I bought some of this last week for the first time. I wasn't sure how to cook that either until I realised it is chard. We enjoyed it. I am jealous of you purple sprouting broccoli. My dad always grew it and so did I in UK. Very ocasionally I can buy a little try of it in Lidls.
    Graham has been busy again this week. He is a hard worker, and so are you in your kitchen. I must admit we are happy to call the men in to do most things now. I do love ding the cooking but with no visitors, and both if us having such small appetites, I can't use things up, though I do batch bake and freeze some when there is space in the freezer.
    So you are confined now too. I hope this situation really starts to improve soon. Take care. Kate x

  3. Oh, I love owls.
    Have you read "Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl"? Great book.
    Cute pic of your grandson, but, oh! Since Arch in the house, that sounds awful.
    REWE had kaki for 13 cents and bought two - now I just don´t know how to see if they´re ripe, any tipps?
    Your stew looks super-yummy.
    Great TIME-cover.
    Good funnies, have a nice start to the weekend, hugs!

  4. I love the owl band on your postcard this week. Happy birthday to your grandson. It's Phoebe's 12th birthday today so we are both celebrating. You look to have had another busy week.
    Please stay safe and keep smiling.
    Annie x

  5. Delightful post-I needed a pick me up today for sure.too much caos here in the States. I love the owl band too and your grandson is a handsome lad. Sorry you can't see him more often.
    I love your photo collages I would have no clue on how to do that. Glad you have hot water again where you need. enjoyed the funnies too stay safe hugs Kathy

  6. Hi Lisca. Sorry I'm late today, been busy making baby journals. What a great week you've had despite everything that's going on. The funnies are a true blessing and definitely made me smile. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  7. Hi Lisca, I wanted to comment on something you said on my blog about our election. You said something to the effect that it must be hard to choose who to vote for. Then you said it would be a choice of voting for the lesser of two evils. I am SO sorry you feel that way. There is only one evil in this election. It is NOT Joe Biden. If anyone can bring the calm and sanity back to this country, it is Biden. He was my choice way back when there were 22 other democratic candidates.

    I'll be clear. I'm a Libertarian and didn't vote for EITHER Trump OR Clinton in 2016. Now that choice WAS the lesser of two evils, which I was able to avoid by voting with my party. But THIS election is too important, so I was thrilled to be a part of the many, many millions of voters who voted for Biden, who won more of the popular vote than any other presidential candidate in history.

  8. Oh Lisca you've had a busy busy week, I love the post crossing postcard it is very cute. I hope your Grandson managed a decent birthday despite the strange times we are living through. I bet your Mum enjoyed the visit particularly with being stuck in since March, I know how difficult my Mum has found it but she has managed to venture out recently. I'm glad your new lodgers got settled in Your hubby seems to be able to turn his hand to most things so you are very lucky and I'm glad you managed to get hot water sorted, an essential in any bathroom. I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead. Hugs