Friday, 18 September 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 18 September 2020 - Friday Smiles


Good morning lovely ladies! 
I'm here to join Annie (A Stitch In Time) with my smiles for this week. For me a postcard in my letterbox is always worth a smile. This card arrived a few weeks ago, but I haven't had the opportunity to share it yet. It comes from Japan. It doesn't actually say what it is, but it looks like food. Beautiful artwork. It could almost be batik..

It was sent to me by Arisu who lives in Tokyo. She writes that she has been to Bristol (the city where we used to live) about 15 years ago, to visit her cousin. That same cousin now actually lives in Spain. She writes: What a fate! (I think she means: What a coincidence.)

The stamp is beautiful too. It features several people carrying what looks like a trophy. I have not been able to find out what is it.

OK, what has my week been like. I finished my book (Vestige of Hope) which was disappointing as it was a romance. I don't mind a love story within an interesting plot, but this was a romance, where you know from page one that they will get together. So what's the point of reading. I only chose it because it was a time travel book which I rather like.
The I started  'In the Darkness', about a bloke who wakes up after a drunken night out, in the brain of a girl. He sees this large screen and he sees what she sees. They freak out to start with but later discover they can talk to each other. Very interesting plot.

I had a trial subscription to Kindle Unlimited, where you 'borrow' your book for free rather than buy them. But although they have thousands of books, they didn't have the ones I liked and I decided not to continue past the free trial period. That period ended last weekend. So I canceled two days before and then I saw the latest by Damien Boyd. I had read all nine in the series and now number ten had come out. So I quickly 'borrowed' it on Kindle Unlimited and read it in one day!
The codillo asado is like a lamb shank, but it was pork. So a pork shank if i can call it that. It came already cooked and it was delicious (Lidl in their German week).
You might remember that my microwave combi had broken down and the electrician couldn't repair it. We were about to throw it away, having found out where our local tip is, when our friend Andy asked if he could 'play' with it. Well, a few days later he had repaired it!! So now I have two microwaves. (One for upstairs and one for downstairs, as our house consists of two apartments).
I still walk (and pray) twice a week with my friend. That day I decided I fancied making some fresh pasta. I hadn't done that for a while. I must say it went down very well.

Tuesday we went food shopping. We went to different supermarkets, as they sell different things. We found a new cereal Cini minis. They taste of cinnamon and are not so sweet.

After having experimented with different Spanish rice types, I have now found one that does a perfect rice pudding! It turned out perfect! (In the slow cooker).

As usual I have found some funnies for you. Last week's were definitely the dregs, but I have some nice animal ones for you today. It will put a smile on your face.
Now I'm off to visit Annie, and Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Have a lovely weekend all and,
Keep smiling! 


  1. Looks like you had a good week. I like how you document each day. So much goes on each day at your place. My life is so boring, it would look the same day after day.

    That's a beautiful postcard. I agree that you are probably looking at food. I recognize lobster, I think. Lovely color, too.

    Some of your funnies were quite clever. I really LOVED the cat in the box. Most cats seem to love them. Not Squiggles or Bleubeard. Their thing is paper bags. Hope you have a great rest of Friday and a great weekend, too.

  2. Oh Lisca...I'm sat here chuckling now. I'm sure Dod wonders what's wrong with me...he's out in the garden looking in but I will share with him later. Looks like you've had another lovely week filled with smiles...thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  3. Unusual postcard and a lovely stamp. Looks like you've had a good week and a fixed microwave, brilliant. The little dog at the window protecting his family has got to be a schnauzer they always have too much to say and I'm sure Stan would love to stand in the window given the chance but he doesn't get it! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  4. Sorry, you made me laugh with "was disappointing as it was a romance"! LOL!!!
    The Quokka made me smile big, too! And you got me hungry with those pics! And, hmmm, cinnamon ...
    A bacon and cheese loaf??? Ohhhh! Yum!
    Thanks for the smiles, too!

  5. All your baking looks delicious again, and Graham's gardening is paying you back well. I don't get to Consum very often but I must look out for the cinnamon cereal. That sounds right up my street.
    The animal funnies made me smile, especially the cat in a shoe box. I can really relate to that one.
    I loved the Japanese postcard too.
    Kate x

  6. omg still laughing... so funny... ice cream... dog in tub!

  7. Oh a lovely post the rice pudding looks nom I have never made it in the slow cooker. Your walking and praying sounds very mindful if that makes sense. That's fab news about your microwave what a stroke of luck if you were just about to throw it. Hope you are having a grand week xxx