Friday, 11 September 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 10 September 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely peeps, It's Friday again and time to visit Annie at A Stitch In Time and share our smiles for this week.
For me postcards in my letterbox makes me smile. And this week was another good week for postcards. This is one of them:

It very obviously comes from Switzerland, or... wait a actually comes from Ireland. The person that sent it to me lives in Dublin. She tells me she has been to Switzerland three times last year and saw the Rhine Falls, which are awesome (she says).
Here are some photos from Wikipedia:

The stamp is beautiful. It  has a detail from the painting ‘Emigrants letter and envelope, 1988’ by Geraldine O’Reilly, representing communication with home and the importance of staying in touch.

Throughout history the Irish have been emigrating. Here are some of the other stamps in the series:

Two national postage stamps feature a gallery of Irish people who have “made an impact on the world from the 1800s right up to the present, each of whom has emigrated and made a contribution in their own sphere of excellence”, An Post explains.

They include Dame Kathleen Lonsdale (Scientist), Richard Harris (Actor) and Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore (Musician) on one stamp, while Edna O’Brien (Author), Fr. Michael J Kelly (Priest/Aid Worker) and Mary Elmes (Humanitarian) feature on the other.

One features a photo of people gathering in The Galtymore in Cricklewood, north London, reflecting the importance of Irish centres and hubs to the emigrant community.

Another bears an image of suitcases at Dublin Airport, capturing the common experience of people leaving Ireland.

 So what have I been doing this week? Here is my collection of collages:

My friend Brenda had gone visiting on the coast (where there are shops that cater for the British) and she found some Harissa paste. That is something I like but is not available here. Online they cost 11 euros for a small tube! But she found them for 1,69.
I'm eating figs every day as the trees are dripping with them.

My new microwave combi arrived. Hurray! But I found that the water reservoir (for the steam function) was completely shattered. Bummer. I will have to send that back. Hubby had a problem with one of his tyres and has had to put the spare tyre on until he finds a replacement.

Our vegetable plot is doing fine:
On Monday I went to the hot pool with my friend (in the car, not walking), and in the afternoon we went to see friends in the next village and swam in their pool. That was twice swimming in one day.

On Tuesday we took my damaged oven to the post office to be sent back and the same day my replacement oven arrived, but that one too was damaged! I ended up phoning customer service and I chose to accept a decent discount instead of sending that one back as well.
I used my oven for the first time properly on Wednesday when I made my first sourdough bread.

Yesterday we went to see our friends in a neighbouring village. They live near some derelict houses, which is the theme for this month's photo club entries. So we spent the afternoon taking photographs.

That brings us to Friday. And I know you are expecting lots of funnies. But I haven't been able to find any. The few here are not so very funny. Sometimes they just fall into my lap and sometimes I have to trail the Internet and not find much...
But some is better than none.

That is it from me today.
Have a lovely weekend and
Keep smiling!


  1. You look like you've had a fab week, glad you sorted the microwave out but what a pain. The stamps are fab and I enjoyed the write up as my dad was Irish. The sour dough looks lovely and you seem to have had lots of lovely moments with friends. Have a great weekend and week ahead xxxx

  2. Don't you just hate it when the replacement is also broken? I hope the damage to it doesn't affect it's usage. Your fresh figs look amazing...but I have never actually tried one. A 4x4 tyre replacement needed too...possibly need a second mortgage? Hope next week comes with less expense. Love the funnies.
    Annie x

  3. What a pain to have a double damaged oven. I think I would have settled on the discount too. I hope it still works well for you. I love the fresh figs but have to be careful when picking the 'wild' ones as they often have bugs inside them.
    We have taken our visitors to the Embalsa. It is one of our son's favourite places ans we always use the hot baths but last time they had added a cover to much of it and we didn't like it so much.
    It would take me a long time to use that much harissa paste!
    You do keep much busier than me, or at least more socially busy, but we are both getting through this rather odd time. Let's hope we have another busy but happy week. Kate x

  4. Oh my your week sounds like my sister’s. She knocked her new telly of its stand and smashed it. So now she is having to go through the whole palace of getting another.
    I know I shouldn’t laugh but if you had heard the saga it was definitely worth a blog post on Annie’s Friday Smiles.
    Lovely to read what you’ve been upto
    Lynn xx

  5. Two damaged ovens! that's awful. Bet you were fed up with that. Another busy week by the look of it too but lots of nice things going on. Nice figs. I have a fig plant but all I get are enormous leaves and no fruit. The funnies are shall we say....interesting. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  6. Eeesh! What are the chances of two damaged ovens? Your funny memes made me smile. I need to forward the nurses one to my sister as she works in a hospital! :) Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Lisca. Answer to your question about the swans. This type don't migrate and the cygnets stay with their parents until spring when dad will have given them lots of flying practice along the lake. I have never known them go of their own free will but dad will get them to take off from the lake with him and he returns on his own. Only once have I known a cygnet return and it didn't stay long as the male was very aggressive towards it. Hope that answers your question. Hugs, Angela xxx

  8. I was at those falls! Can´t remember it, but there is a pic with my Mum and I - she wears those wonderful 70´s trousers in it.
    Brave people, those Irish guys.
    Now, that is getting scary. My Harisssa-powder is nearly empty. We are one tiny world, huh? Is paste better to use?
    Hmmm... figs, yum. Pizza Hawaii, you are killing me, YUM! Beetroot. Oh, come on! You do make me hungry and it´s not even 06:00 am!
    And swimming. Wonderful! The oven... not so much.
    Why last ice cream? I think our "Eisdielen" are still open.

    Oh, boy, I want a unicorn... the "where" sadly is me.

    A happy weekend to you, hugs from here!