Sunday, 2 August 2020

Second on the Second - Sunday 2 August 2020 - Totally Happy

Hello lovely ladies,
Today is the 2nd of August and I'd like to share an old blog post with you for the Second time. It's a blogpost from 2014, but the photo was from 1992. The photo was published in a newspaper and when we phoned them up, they kindly sent us the photo. (No selfies in those days. I don't think we had mobile phones then)
Here it is:

Totally Happy 

CSI - Color, Stories and Inspiration had a lovely colour palette this week (Case file 133), so I felt I had to do something with that pink and orange.

Here is my interpretation of case file 133. Once again I used stuff I had lying about like the ribbed wrapper of a roll of biscuits and the pink tissue. Also I stamped onto the back of a clothes tag.
I thought the color palette was gorgeous and I used all the colors.

As evidence I’ve chosen an animal (butterfly), a flower (pink petals make up a rose) and a tree (which is in the photo). There are polka dots and I added clothes pegs as I thought that was what was needed, but I’ve just noticed it’s clothes pins. Oh well.....

The idea came from a prompt from ‘Sunday Scribblings’: “What would you do if you could not fail”. The answer to that was: ”Run a marathon!” Now I don’t run and never have, but I have done a marathon at walking pace.... a strollerthon. 

My testimony is the journaling on a string, even if my string became a twig but I did use the words ‘delight’ and ‘simple’.

The journaling reads:
“To do a marathon for charity at walking pace      is simply a delight: Strollerthon”

The company my husband worked for (Cadbury’s, that made chocolate bars) organized a marathon for charity. For those people not wanting to run, they did a ‘Strollerthon’ through London. It was much publicized and was attended by thousands of people. Just ‘our’ factory sent four coach loads! It was so exiting travelling to London and walking along all those famous places! My husband played his guitar on the way too. I can’t  remember how much we raised for Save-The-Children as it was in 1992, but I do have very ‘Totally Happy’ memories of that time. 

Thanks for stopping to read this and thank you for your comments, which I always find very exciting.

God bless and.... keep scrapping



  1. I Lisca, enjoyed this second look of your post-first for me
    Happy second on the 2nd Kathy

  2. Lisca, those are called CLOTHES PINS in the states. You did good. Pegs are the kind that don't have springs in them (in the states). Some people make dolls out of clothes pegs.

    What an amazing entry for your second look. Sounds like you and your husband had a great time and it was wonderful that the newspaper sent you that photo. I remember you telling us he worked at Cadbury's and I was so impressed they sent so many buses (coaches) to help the marathon/strollerthon. Thanks for sharing this second look, which, as Kathy pointed out, is a first look for me, too.

  3. it's fun seeing you back before I "knew" you Lisca. And good for you to have done a strollahon. Nice. Hope August is starting out great for you. Hugs-Erika

  4. Wonderful memories of a great event, glad you have such a wonderful photo of it. I think we didn't have mobile phones the, I got my first one in 1995, rather large and heavy and from Philips! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  5. Terrific scrapbook page and photo ~ Nice 2nd look! enjoy the week ahead

  6. What a great look back to this post! I don't know what date that Strollerthon was but I do remember it being featured - maybe it was on a significant date. A fun event to take part in for sure! Chrisx