Friday, 28 August 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 28 August 2020 - Friday Smiles


Hello lovely ladies! Happy Friday!

Isn't he a cute little animal? He (or she) is called a quokka.

The adorable quokka — pronounced kah-WAH-kah by Australians — is a cat-sized marsupial, and the only member of the genus Setonix — their full scientific name is Setonix brachyurus — which is a small macropod. Other macropods include kangaroos and wallabies and like these animals, quokkas also carry their young — called joeys — in pouches.

I thought that would get you all smiling! Because that is what this blog is about: smiles! Let's join Annie at A Stitch I Time with the silver lining of our week.

Let me first show you my postcard from this week. I got another Inge Look postcard. Inge Look is a Finnish illustrator and I just love her images of the the naughty aunties having fun. Some of you might have seen this image before, because I already have this card. but I don't mind getting 'doubles'. They make me smile every time.

The card was sent to me from Germany and it has that lovely stamp on it about Freedom of Press.

So, what have you all been up to this week? I will show you what we have done. (Never a dull moment in our household).
We went to buy some essential oils and I met Jacqui who I had met at the Intercambio Spanish practice. We arranged to get together this week.
The book I read (Death at Eden's End) is set in the Lake District, in Derwentwater. A place that I have visited many times.
One of our grandchildren was being baptized in the UK and people had arranged a video link, but at the crucial moment (typically just as he was being 'dunked') the connection failed. It had been video-d so we watched it later.
Monday I went walking again and I managed to go to the post office to buy more stamps. 

Tuesday is market day in our village and we both went and had a quick look. Hubby had bought some trousers a few weeks back and he likes them a lot, so we looked to see if that vendor was there again. Yes, he was, so he bought two more pairs. (And a face mask as you can see).
I used my new pan again. I really like it.

Wednesday I spent a day in the kitchen. I had planned a roast dinner that day, as I had found a local chicken (corn fed), so I did an old fashioned roast dinner. (Yes, in this heat!) And it was lovely! I also cooked another lasagna, as Jacqui and her husband were coming the next day and i wanted to have it ready.
My sister sent me the black and white photo of us when we were children. (I'm the older one on the left). I will blog about that (and the building in the background) on Tuesday.

Yesterday we really had a fantastic day. Jacqui and Toni came. We didn't really know them, but we discovered we are on the same wave length and it 'clicked' and we had a really good time. We showed them around near our house (they don't live in our village) and we found this 'nest'. At least we think it is a birds nest. It has a small hole in the top. I'm sure Kate will be able to tell us yay or nay.

That was my week. How has yours been?
I'm off to visit Annie and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday

Of course I will put some funnies at the end. A mixed bag this week, interspersed with some words of wisdom.
Wishing you all a fab weekend and a good week ahead. 
Keep smiling!


  1. You had a full week indeed. I got hungry just watching what you have made food wise this week. Too bad the fennel didn't have a bulb. That's the best part. Mine became food for swallowtail butterflies when they were caterpillars.

    Sounds like you and your new friends really hit it off. So happy for you and you feel comfortable around them. I like the mask Graham has.

    Some of those "funnies" are great. Gotta love the doctor and the obese patient. I can think of several politicians I would love to sacrifice. Hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, too. Glad you finally got to see Jacob's baptism, too.

  2. Brilliant format for your week in pics Lisca. I might just have a go at that myself if there’s enough to report.
    I love the little quokka, it’s a adorable and your posters crack me up.
    Hope you have another good week ahead
    Lynn xx

  3. Definitely smiles today. You always seem to be so busy and I love the way you arrange the days but I think the old lady stamp is what made me smile the most and I hope I can still dance like that when I'm their age. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  4. Good to hear you've had a good week. Isn't it lovely when you meet new people and instantly click...hope you have many happy days enjoying each other's company. Love the funnies...some I've seen before and others were new to me but they all had me chuckling so thanks for sharing them.
    Annie x

  5. Lovely happy post Lisca. The nest does look like a house martin's, but they usually build high up under the eaves.
    You have been busy cooking again this week. I have to admit I still do a full roast dinner every Sunday in all weathers. It is easy to put everything in the oven and just leave it to get on with cooking on its own! And it is a family tradition I don't seem able to stop.
    It was nice to have visitors again as I found out when my friends came over on Wednesday.
    Some of your smiles certainly tickled me. I have a couple of 'take offs' of the Serenity prayer but I haven't seen that one before.
    Love the little quokka, and the naughty aunties card. Have a good week. Kate x

  6. Your laughs were over the top today! Thank you ~ I needed that ~ Great postcards & Updates ~ Enjoy the weekend

  7. Ohhh, we´ve been to Rotto (Rottnest Island) and saw the Quokkas, they really do seem to smile, they are soooo darn cute.
    But... dancing on the table?! "Dangerous" ;-)
    Oh, himself joins the army now? Kidding. Shoot. Now I have that earworm...
    Cute pic of you and your Sister. And... Lasagna! Are you trying to kill me?! YUM.
    Week was very good, except I got no answer at all on a job application. And too cold, too, brrr, 14C. In August!

    Oh, boy, no one runs sure is the right answer!
    Good one with avoiding and not smacking people, LOL.
    Hugs from here

  8. Oh you look like you've had a very busy week, I love the collages of your days. The new facemask looks awesome, I roast chicken dinner sounds lovely, we've been doing one pan chicken dinners recently with great success. It is lovely when new friends have lots in common with you. The photo of you when you were young is lovely, I assume you will be scrapbooking the same.

    Loved the funnies too - always raise a smile

    Have a great weekend and week ahead