Friday, 7 August 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 7 August 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
Here I am again on Friday to show you the smiles of my week. Join us if you can and link up with Annie at 'A Stitch In Time' with the silver lining of each day.

For me the highlight of the week is always a happy mailbox. This week I have received several cards. One of them came all the way from Romania. The first card from Romania that I have received I think.
It features a cute little girl from the Maramures area of Romania.

It was sent to me by Ionut, who writes some nice facts about his country:
I found some images on Wikipedia of some of the places mentioned. Here is a village in the Maramures area:
Like it comes straight out of a fairytale.
Then there are the painted monasteries of Bucovina:


How about the Carpathian Mountains:
Wow! What a beautiful country!
They have beautiful stamps too:
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We all know the daffodil on the left, but the man in the middle of course, I didn't know. He is
Nichita Stănescu, born 31 March 1933 was a Romanian poet and essayist. He was a heavy drinker and died at the age of 50 on 13 December 1983.
The figure on the right is:

Dimitrie Paciurea, born 2 November (1873 or 1875) – 14 July 1932 was a Romanian sculptor. His representational and symbolic style contrasts strongly to the more abstract style of his contemporary and co-national Constantin Brâncuși. This is one of his sculptures called Earth:

I've had a good week and as per usual I will show you my daily collages.
Our neighbour and friend Shaune, who lives in France, lets us use his pool and pool house at the bottom of the village. It's visible from our house but we have to walk to it. It is guarded by two huge dogs, who we know very well, so they are no trouble. (another neighbour feeds the dogs) and the dogs are not allowed to come into the pool area, but they are inside the outer fence.
I got a phone call to say my sister had fallen (on her face, literally). She lives in the UK, so I can't help her. But she did go to A&E and got patched up. The good news is that she has not broken anything.
Sunday is our church day. We follow two services online, then have a cel-group zoom meeting and in the evening we go and worship with a group of men at the Ebenezer farm.
Monday I go walking with my friend, this time we walked in the direction of the herb 'factory'.  Most herbs that you regularly use in the kitchen are grown there, dried and sold on. But they also do essential oils of said herbs. My friend bought several types. Especially a strong type of thyme, that is good for the lungs. I put a drop on my mask. Lovely. Next week I want to get some myself (I didn't have any money on me of course)
Monday I went to the town hall with some British local friends to translate, as they had to deal with something important. Although they speak a little Spanish themselves, they asked if I could come with them so that they don't miss anything.
As you can see I made a clafoutis with cherries. Very yummy it was too. We had it with some vanilla ice cream. (Hubby had more ice cream than clafoutis!)


  1. Ironically, I was just getting ready to leave a message when I realized Annie's blog post was up.

    I see you sent the ring back. That was wise. Scammers beware.

    What a lovely postcard you shared with us this week, Lisca. And those stamps were interesting, too. I always love how you research every postcard and postage stamp, too. I always feel cheated when someone sends something using metered mail.

    Loved a couple of your funnies. Loved the Zen Garden School, the art and artist, and the Italian depiction of 2022. The last one hit a bit close to home, though, especially for those of us living in the states. Have a super Friday and weekend, too.

  2. Terrific funnies ~ I love the images from Romania, so beautiful! Your poor sister! I'm so glad she didn't break anything, it looks like she was in a fight. Yummy pizza, Kebab's and Kombucha ~ Enjoy the weekend

  3. Oh dear I’m having to type through my tears of laughter. You found some corkers there.
    And the rest of your post was like receiving a letter from a penpal. Thank you Lisca
    Lynn xxx

  4. Oh Lisca you really have made me laugh out loud today. Those funnies are priceless. Thanks so much for sharing them and a little of your life out there in Spain. I'm so sorry to see your poor sister's face after her fall. It's good to know nothing's broken but the bruises will take a while to heal I'm sure.
    Annie x

  5. Wow. I did not know that Romania is such a beautiful place. it was interesting to read about it.
    How kind of your friends to give you the use of their pool. We have been very glad of ours this week.
    I'd like to visit the essential oil shop. That sounds really interesting.
    If I keep my mouse away from your text, it stays black and the underscore goes away, but if I run the mouse over it, they reappear. How odd!
    Have a good week. Kate x

  6. It looks like you had a fabulous week, very busy although your poor sister - bless her. A trip to the pool sounds lovely, we could do with it today as it is so warm (and I've got the oven on - I must be mad).

    The dessert looks lovely, if I recall the recipe I've seen of it it is cherry based, it looks delicious. How lovely to be able to help friends out with translation.

    What a shame on your trip over, however I think it is a sign of the times said 19 year old and his GF have had to cancel two trips in as many days due to local lockdowns.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead.


  7. Hi Lisca, loving the funnies especially the dog in the window....obviously! The photos today show that you have been very busy again! So much going on and your poor sister, a similar thing happened to my mum some time ago, hope she's feeling better soon. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx