Friday, 21 August 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 August 2020 - Friday Smiles


Hello lovely ladies, Happy Friday!
It's time to look at what made us smile this week. I have had a lot to smile about.
As I mentioned last week, it was our 28th anniversary and we went out for a meal. Fish and chips is a rare commodity in our part of Spain, so when we heard of a local bar serving this treat , pre-orders only, we booked a table. We had a lovely time, but the fish was a disappointment. I think next time we feel the urge to have fish and chips, we will drive the extra 100 miles to get proper cod.
The Frida Kahlo image is a crocheted wall hanging. I featured it in my previous blog post (Tuesday).

My best friend's daughter married a Dutchman and they have moved back to Spain since the Covid situation. They have recently bought a local property, so they will stay here. His parents, who have been friends of ours now for many years, came for a two week holiday. They had rented a villa on the coast but that is right in the middle of the Covid area and they don't dare go there. So they are staying here in the village which we consider Covid safe, and we are helping to give them a memorable holiday. They are farmers who live and work on an isolated farm and they have traveled by car without stopping, and we consider the risk minimal, so we have decided not to social distance. There are 7 of them so it's a lot of fun.

Sunday was a quieter day (lots of washing up to do, which hubby helped me with) and we did our usual church online thing.

On Monday I usually go walking with my bestie, but this time our Dutch friend came too. The daughter of one of them has married the son of the other. I don't think there is an English word for that relationship. Perhaps 'co-mothers-in-law.' In Spain we have a word for that:  'consuegra'. 

Anny is always showing pictures of her children and grandchildren, so here is one of mine:
My son Costantino and my grandson Luciano. It will be my son's birthday next week. He will be 44.

On Tuesday we spent more time with the Dutch family, and we took them to our weekend cave house and also to a view point where we enjoyed a spectacular sunset.

On Wednesday hubby and I went out for lunch. and did our weekly shopping on the way back. I also stopped at an ironmonger where I had seen some heavy pans. They still had them and I bought a large pan. My old one had lost its non-stick coating, and this one is heavy cast aluminium, so I think I shall enjoy using this.

Yesterday we spent the day at the pool with the Dutch family. This time they provided the lunch and had even brought along the charcoal for the BBQ. We had a lovely time.

There are some funnies as per usual (at the end). 

I'm going to link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.

Wishing everyone a very happy Friday and a great weekend,

Hugs ,



  1. I'll be heading to bed soon, but wanted to stop by before I did. I have to be up early tomorrow for an eye appointment. They will decide whether to do surgery or if my eye has healed enough I don't need it.

    I love the day to day photos you take. I have to admit your son is a HUNK. I'm glad you don't feel the Dutch family is a virus hazard. I'm still not that brave, even with my friend Sally who I KNOW doesn't have the virus. I just can't get past the idea of people being carriers. PLEASE stay safe.

    The funniest funny to me was the Slinkie. Reminded me of Trump. He's the slinky I'd love to push down the stairs (grin).

  2. Terrific funnies ~ You've had a busy week! Walking, swimming, eating and enjoying company ~ Very Nice :)

  3. Oh that looks like a lovely people filled week, how fabulous to have visitors at the moment and I know what you mean about working out who is a higher risk/lessor risk when it comes to the pandemic. I'm glad you are able to share it with others. I didn't see your Tuesday post, so glad you included it here, the Frida piece is huge, that is someone seriously dedicated to their crafting.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead.


  4. I agree. We need to use our brains with social distancing!
    Glad to find people who do, too!
    Ans such sweet pics, is that sparkling wine? Yum!

    Thanks a lot for sharing! My Niece is turning 10 today, we had a great conversation on the phone and I have loads of pics but her Mum does not want me to show them in public.
    I do not get that but have to respect it.

    Wilson sure made me laugh!
    The coffee-sign really is preiceless these days, wonderful! Will you share it at Tom´s place on Wednesday?
    The Slinkies are great, also!
    A happy Friday to you!! Hugs from here 💚

  5. What a lovely time you've had with your friends. It's good for us all to enjoy a bit of normality. As for the funnies...I'm sat here chuckling now so thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  6. What a fabulous week. I am glad you feel comfortable with your friends. I am not that brave yet. But one friend from my church rang to ask if she could visit next week and we said 'Yes'. You managed to pack plenty into your week. I am sure your Dutch friends had just as good a time as they would have had at the coast.
    We are considering booking a table for fish and chips at the campsite (Miraflores) next to the village. Their's are as good as any we got back in UK. We used to go every Friday lunch time, but we haven't been back since lock-down, so maybe next week will be our first try.
    good funnies again. It took me a few moments to see the bank notes one, but like all those things, once you have seen it, you can't not see it! I hope you have another lovely week. Kate x

  7. Sorry for being so late today just got otherwise occupied. I might even have to pop back tomorrow to read all your funnies, they are so good. Hope you have a good time with your visitors and wishing you a great weekend too, hugs Angela xXx