Friday, 17 January 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 17 January 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people,
It's Friday again and I would like to share with you some smiles from this week plus some funnies from the Internet at the end.

First off are two postcards. I haven't had the chance to send any yet so I haven't received any either. These cards I received in December before we went to Holland.
The first one comes from the Philipines. It is a turtle (I love turtles)
 On the back it has some info: PAWIKAN (This means turtle in their language). Hawksbill Turtle: This animal is found in all tropic seas. It has become quite rare in Philipine waters. To distinguish this turtle from the Green Sea turtle, one need only to compare their shells. A number of sea turtle protection programs exist.
 The stamps are lovely. The sender is Cabbie Lopez from Manilla, and he/she hopes I will like the stamps too. Well, I do!

The second card comes from Russia. It shows some of the beautiful windows in the old wooden houses of Russia.
It was sent to me by Olga from western Siberia. She works in a science library and her hobby is baking bread.
The stamp is gorgeous. I have not been able to find any info in spite of the fact that it reads Orlik. I found that there are several places in Russia called Orlik, but not berries or plants/shrubs. Oh well....

Another smile is for our new chairs. We had ordered them before we left and we thought we'd have them delivered before we traveled. But alas, I got a phone call one of the first days we were in Holland that they were planning on delivering. I told her of course it would have to wait until we got back.

 They are recliners made from a soft suede like material. To be cleaned with a baby wipe.  You can see how comfortable they are as hubby has promptly fallen asleep!
We do a detox/fast/diet twice a year. Only vegetables and beans, lentils etc. Vegan, no sugars, only water or herbal tea to drink, no white rice or white flour or processed foods, no yeast. 
I saw a recipe for vegan meatballs (Here's the link to the recipe)the other day. 
 Made from chick peas and nuts (amongst other things). Also nutritional yeast (not active) to emulate cheese. In stead of the egg to bind, I use ground flax seed with water made into a little globby liquid. It works well.
 I served them with buckwheat noodles (Soba) with a simple tomato sauce. Very nice.

I think I'll call it a day. I will link up with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Happy Friday, your vegan meal sounds delicious-and I love your new chairs too. Beautiful stamps and postcards, and you posted some great funnies-Hugs Kathy

  2. Those new chairs look really lovely...and your hubby just proves how comfy they are :-) The funnies had me chuckling...thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  3. That is some beautiful Russian stamp indeed.
    Hmm, comphy chairs, my Hubby would fall asleep instantly ;-)
    Respect, I´d never have the willpower to detox!

    Hehe, Poo made me laugh!
    And... oh, sh#t!
    Bond is a good one, too :-)

    A lovely weekend to you! Hugs from here.

  4. I love those Russian windows Lisca. I am glad I don't have to clean them, but they look beautiful.
    The chairs look really comfy. I have a similar recline and i really like it. I think next time I need one that reclines, but also tips you forward when you want to get up. Old age is creeping on!
    Would it be possible to send the recipe (or link if it is from the net), for the meatballs please. My daughter-in-law is trying various food ideas to find what helps her condition and she has asked for any good vegan recipes (but she can't eat onions or garlic).
    You found plenty of funnies to make us smile again this week. Thanks. Kate x

  5. I'm sure your vegan meal was as delicious as it looks. As a vegetarian I love to try new recipes but I'm not sure I could go totally vegan - I like cheese too much. The Russian windows are very beautiful. The pic of your hubby in his new chair made me smile - my husband loves his recliner too. Have a great weekend. x

  6. Again I also tried to post on my tablet, but it was having none of it. I love your new chairs they look so comfortable. The postcards as always are beautiful and good for you having a post Christmas detox, I'm not sure I could do it, but I bet you feel so much better for it.

    Have a brilliant weekend and week ahead.


  7. Hi Lisca, we're back and in one piece, just resting and catching up on my blog visits. I am loving the funnies especially the snake on which I thought was very clever. The stamps are amazing again and I love the pics of the windows and the turtle. Hope your week is full of more fun. Big hugs, Angela xXx

  8. I’ve had a good chuckle at all your jokes Lisca and I too would have fallen asleep in one of those chairs. They look so comfy. Although I am a bit of a sofa surfer and can quite often be found flat out on one of ours heehee
    Lynn xx