Tuesday, 7 January 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 7 January 2020 - T for trains and towers

Hello lovely ladies! Happy New Year! Here we are again at the T-Party organised by Elisabeth and Bleubeard. 

I'm still in the Netherlands, but I have prepared a few postcards for you. I received these obviously before I left. 

The first one comes from Germany. It is a lovely lady, dressed in a yellow dress, and with a scarily thin waist. It is an oil painting by 
 Max Kurzweil (1867-1916) and is called: Dame in Gelb (1899).

The stamps are all three beautiful flowers. The stamps add up to 95 cents. In Spain we pay 1,35 postage for a postcard within Europe. That is quite a difference!

My second card comes from Malaysia it features the

 "Famous Kapitan Kling Mosque" in Georgetown, Penang. According to the blurb it was constructed around the year 1800.

The stamp is beautiful too. Although I don't fancy the fried grasshoppers. No thank you. I have eaten some pretty weird things during my travels but I draw the line at grasshoppers.

I suppose in the future people will have to get used to eating insects to get protein, but hopefully not in my lifetime.

Last week hubby and I visited Utrecht for the day. We went by train (mum lives near the station).
The Dutch rail network is very convenient, with modern trains that run on time.
One can take the bike on the train of course.
The Dutch love bicycles. This is the bike park outside the station near my mum's:
And if you want to keep your bike dry, you can rent a 'box':
You can use them by finding an empty one and paying per hour, or actually rent one per week   
(I think).

The train journey was only 40 minutes. When we arrived at the station in Utrecht we walked straight into a modern shopping mall and a great photo opportunity.
Utrecht is similar to Amsterdam but without the tourists. We walked along the canals when we spotted this:
The rubbish collection by barge...only in Holland!

We walked to the cathedral square (Domplein) and booked a ticket to climb the tower. Waiting for our time slot we had coffee in this little cafe (on the right):
We sat inside as it was a cold day.
We decided to have chai latte (not coffee) with a piece of cake.
This is the cathedral tower in a photo from the internet:
But when we were there the tower was in scaffolding. They are checking (and repairing/renewing where necessary) every brick.
Which meant we could go right to the top.
 Ding dong merrily on high!

 The views were stunning.
It was a really great experience. I'm glad we are fit. There were 415 steps! And I found the descent worse than the climb I must say.

Well, that's it from me today. 
Wishing all of you a very happy T-day!


  1. Lovely postcards and stamps, as always Lisca. Great photos from your day trip. The cathedral looks magnificent, even with the scaffolding. Happy T-Day!

  2. Wow that is allot of steps to go up and down-but worth it for the views and experience Beautiful church. enjoyed seeing those postcards and stamps
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  3. Hurrah for climbing all 415 steps. And then being rewarded with such a fantastic view. It sounds like you are getting a nice long visit with your mother and enjoying some time away. Happy new year Lisca too. An happy T day too. Hugs-Erika

  4. What a fun post. As I was reading about the postcards and the stamps it occurred to me that it must be great to have such incredible knowledge sent to you in the mail. It's like a new postcard brings the opportunity to learn something new. These are both great.

    LOVED you in front of that tree, and that climb to the top of the cathedral was amazing. I also find it easier to climb up than down. It's a gravity thing.

    Now I'm hungry, but I'll share your chai latte instead. Thanks for taking us to Utrecht, sharing your postcards, and your chai latte with us for T this Tuesday. Hope you are enjoying your time away, dear.

  5. Always a pleasure to see and read about your latest postcards Lisca! How I wish we had trains in the US like those all over Europe-they really are the best!! I can only imagine that cathedral and those spectacular views in person...
    Great pic of you in front of that huge tree, and hubby looks quite happy with his coffee and cake break:) Happy T day!

  6. I don´t think men find such a waist sexy.
    The German post. You buy a set of stamps and boom, they change the value you need.
    A wonderfully practical bike, but, uhhh, grasshoppers, no, thank you! Here you get frozen patties for making ... well, not Ham.... but "burgers".

    That is some Christmas tree!
    Oh, help, being afraid of heights, I´d "die" there right on the spot!
    A happy T-day and hugs, Iris

  7. Lovely postcards. Utrecht is beautiful, I have a cousin living there. Thanks for sharing the photos, glad you had fun on your travels. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. The lady in the yellow dress is so beautiful and I so enjoyed walking around Utrecht with you, those view are stunning 😁. Wishing you a very happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  9. Beautiful cards and photos, you must have had a good time in Holland. The views from the top of the church wouldn't be for me. I am no use with heights no matter how beautiful everywhere must have looked.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  10. You and hubby must be in great shape to take on the 415 steps!! Oh my! what a wonderful view for the effort. Ultrecht was fascinating to see, thanks for taking us along with you.
    LOVE the lady in the yellow dress!
    Happy T-day Lisca!

  11. I envy that ready access to trains. What a view! 415 steps would be quite the challenge, but worth it. There's a lot to be said for trying to maintain our fitness levels :) Happy T Tuesday

  12. I'm with you as far as eating bugs for protein, Lisca. The thought makes me cringe. Interesting postcards.

    What a lovely tour of Utrecht. Thanks for all the wonderful photos. Good for you two for making that climb!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  13. Utrecht is beautiful. What lovely views from the top of the cathedral. I must admit, it makes my stomach drop to think about how high up that is. I am fearful of heights and while the metal cage is something of a comfort, it still makes me queasy. That and the thought of eating fried grasshoppers!
    Your postcard of the lady in the yellow dress is a gorgeous piece of art! And you always have the most interesting stamps to share.
    Happy Tea Day,

  14. I love the postcards and especially the stamps! Utrecht looks interesting and I imagine climbing the tower was worth it judging from the view I could see! I always find going down stairs more difficult too! Hugs, Chrisx