Friday, 3 January 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 3 January 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people! It's 2020 and I hope that you have all had a lovely holiday. For many people it is now time to go back to work or their usual routine. My routine is to write a Friday blog with this week's smiles and postcards, so here we go:

My first postcard  comes from the UK and looks like a book. It is the front page of a children's book from the Ladybird series. I remember Ladybird books from my childhood . This one is from a later date as the Key Words Reading Scheme hadn't been invented when I was a child (in the early 50s). The first book in the series, Ladybird series 641, was published in 1964, and the series was completed by the first publication of the 36th book in 1967. Over 80 million books in the series have been sold worldwide, and the books remain in print in 2012.

The first book uses the 12 key words which are used repeatedly ("Here is Peter", "Peter is here", "Here is Jane", "Jane is here", "I like Peter", "I like Jane"). Additional words are introduced gradually, page by page, to expand the reader's reading vocabulary, with the new words on each page set out in a footnote. The reader can consolidate their learning with books 1b, or practise writing in book 1c, all with the same vocabulary; or progress to book 2a (and 2b and 2c), and so on, with 12 sets of three books in all.

I have asked for postcards on the subject of books, so this is a perfect card for me.

The second postcard comes from Russia and shows a winter scene by Rina Zeniuk featuring Zimushka the blue cat.

Blue cats are a type of cat from Russia:
I've not been able to find any information about the artist other than she is famous for her 'blue cats'.

We are still in the Netherlands. Just having a quiet, quality time with mum. Enjoying cooking her nice meals and doing chores and odd job for her.

We have done one day of sightseeing. We went to Utrecht between Xmas and New Year. We saw a typical Dutch street organ, like the ones I remember from my childhood. 

They would come into our street, play music, and the man would power the organ by turning a big wheel. His companion would collect coins in a copper little recepticle. (This photo is not mine but from the internet)
 On New Year's eve I made a potato salad that we traditionally make in our family. It contains beetroot, hence the red colour. We had lots of meat eft from Christmas, so there is a good amount of meat in there too. Very yummy it was indeed.

 Another typically Dutch thing are 'oliebollen', deep fried sweet dough balls with raisins.  (See photo)
 And I made a chocolate brownie in a tree mould.
 At midnight a toast with some bubbly,
 then the fun begins!
 We spent a couple of hours looking out of the window and enjoying the fireworks.
That is it from me. As usual I have found some funnies to make you smile.
I'm going to link up with Annie t A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Celtic House.

Wishing everyone a very happy 2020,


  1. Hi Lisca, your kittie funnies had me smiling and love the blue cat in the beginning and the artist.
    sounds like a really nice time with your Mum and fireworks right out the window-that's perfect! I am off to look up the recipe for the sweet potato and raisin that are fried-I don't fry much of anything but we both love sweet potatoes--Kathy

    1. oops I got that wrong-no sweet potatoes in these-they still sound like fun to make and eat

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  2. Now I get it! That´s were our (stupid) comedian Otto Waalkes has his jokes from with Peter, Paul and Mary or such?
    Maybe and hopefully not, it would be mean.
    I love the blue cat.
    That street organ looks huge, I only know small ones from here - beautiful!
    Your salad made me laugh!
    My Mum once allowed me into the kitchen as she had serious work to do. Finish the Labskaus, she said. Instead of just cutting the beetroot I put it in.
    Everyone was going "ewww, looks like puke!". Mum laughed and told how she ate it like that from a barf bag on the boat to Helgoland, where she worked back then, to shock the tourists.
    In Northern Germany to beetroot goes into the dish indeed.
    And yes, gherkin is added, too!
    A happy pic of all of you! :-) Believe it or not, here fireworks still go off!
    Buy a bigger basket ;-) And yes, just (pretend to) be purrfect (I´d like to be, but I know hard work is ahead).
    A Happy 2020 to you! May it be golden.

  3. What a lovely family photo - that looks fabulous. Loving the look of the food too - and loved the 2020 touch on the potato dish. I hope you've had a brilliant holiday with your Mum


  4. It looks like you are really enjoying some quality time with your special. Love the photo.
    Thanks for pointing out my deliberate mistake...they picked their new pup up on 29th Dec. You are obviously more awake than me :-)
    But to prove I read your post carefully missed an 'l' out on the word left ;-)
    Really hope 2020 brings you all you wish for yourselves.
    Annie x

  5. Great post. Loving the cat funnies. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  6. I've never seen a street organ and wish they were a thing here. Gorgeous! You had a great view of the fireworks!


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