Tuesday, 27 August 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 27 August 2019 - T for teeth and together

Hello lovely peeps, How are you? A week has past and I'm going to join the T-Party hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth. Please join us with a beverage (or reference) in your blogpost.

Nudity warning: A woman's breasts are clearly visible in one of my photos. Don't read any further if you do not want to see this.

Let me show you some postcards. This one is from Indonesia. It shows the traditional dress of the Bugis tribe in the south of Sulawesi island (Formerly known as Celebes).

 The traditional costume of the women, Baju Bodo, has an oblong short sleeved top made of sheer fabric worn with a silk sarong. In this picture, suitable for western sensibilities, the lady is wearing something underneath her sheer top. But in the old days they wore nothing underneath:
The stamp is really colourful, but I have no idea what it represents.

The second card comes from Lithuania. Again it is depicting national dress. 

It was sent to me by a couple on their 'honeyweek'. I assume she means honeymoon. Isn't that nice! They were staying in the 'Wellness Springs Resort' Druskininkai in southeast Lithuania. A lovely spa by the looks of it. (I googled it) I also found another photo of their traditional dress (Boobs covered this time):

The stamp is beautiful. A stork and her babies. (Storklings? No, I made that up)
I find storks fascinating. Did you see the photo I took in Portugal recently on my previous blog post? Here it is again:
There were a lot of storks flying about there.

My week (like last week) has seen me go to the dentist a few times. I now am minus two molars (on the same side).
Here is a photo of the children's corner of the waiting room. I had to smile at the stool in the shape of a molar.
Because I am also lacking a molar on the other side, eating has become increasingly difficult and slow. My dentist says I have to wait two months until he wants to discuss possible future action. In the meantime, dinner out with friends also requires a certain tactic. I ordered 'revuelto', which is vegetables and egg, in my case with shrimps. Nice and soft.
Our drinks were beers. But the bottle of red was on its way and I took this picture while we waited for that.

Our friends are the Danish couple that own the house across the ravine (we wave to each other from time to time). The had a friend staying with them. The waiter offered to take a picture of us all.

One of our church friends is a metal worker and all our metal grids on the windows have been made by him. We asked him to make a gate for the car port:

The panels arrive. 
There are 5 fold-able sections and to make the frame we needed a 6 meter long bar. Our friend could not buy that as he only has a small car. So hubby got his trailer out and off the went. I'm not sure if it was all together legal, but they got home safely:

This is the end result and we are both very pleased.

That is it from me today.
Happy T-Day to all,
Hugs and blessings,


  1. Good morning, your postcards are always so interesting and love the stamps especially this week.
    So sorry about your teeth, I had to have two pulled on one side a couple years ago so I try to careful with the molars left on the other side- and your gate is beautiful and matches your windows-what an adventure getting that long piece in
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  2. Happy T day Lisca. Sounds like life has been busy. Are the metal grids there for looks or is crime bad in your area? Just a question as I have always wondered about that when I see window grids. Hope the mouth situation works out. It is never fun to deal with that. Hugs-Erika

  3. You got two beautiful postcards this week. Seems to be a theme, too. Or maybe that was my imagination.

    I agree with Erika and was wondering if there is crime where you live. I know there are places like Los Angeles, California, where nearly everyone has those window grids. However, you don't see them here in the U.S. midwest, because theft and home invasions are much rarer. That's a lovely new gate for your car, though. I see you also have a cover on the outside of the gate which will keep the elements off the vehicle.

    Sorry to read about your molars. I hope you are careful and don't lose any more teeth while waiting for the dentist to come up with a plan for your mouth. At least you had no trouble drinking your beer and wine. Thanks for sharing your week with us, as well as those drinks for T this Tuesday.

  4. Love the postcards, with an without boobs! Always good to see other customs. And I love the idea of a honey week! The metal grids on the windows are a good idea, and a lot of people put them in, at least on downstairs windows. Sorry to hear about your teeth. I had a lot of problems last year when I had a bad gum infection and 3 teeth fell out - 2 operations and a lot of money and time later I was back to normal after enjoying soft foods for months! Have a good week and a happy T Day Lisca. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Love the postcards as it's always interesting to see and understand the local costumes. Of course, the stamps are an added bonus too;) Your window grids and gate are so nicely done-very impressive too how hubby got that bar home! Good luck with the dental work. Your meal looks so good as usual. Happy T day!

  6. Beautiful postcards. I love the colors and gold accents to the first postcard. It is hard to imagine anyone going out in public with their breasts completely exposed like that but it seems as though that was normal in other cultures. Loved seeing the traditional dress of both Indonesia and Lithuania.
    Your gate is beautiful! How fortunate your friend is such a skilled craftsman.
    Hope your dental issues clear up soon. It is no fun being on a restricted diet.
    Happy Tea Day,

  7. I knew somebody once who colored clothes on paintings in a book about fine art. I have never understood the problem with nudity in art. And other times and places have different ways. A couple of years ago there was a topless protest here, with women making a statement about how men with much bigger boobs can go topless but women can't no matter how flat they are. Not that I feel strongly about the strangeness of it all... ;)

    I like that gate. Nicely done. I admire people who have skill like that. An art of its own, metalwork. Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Such interesting postcards this week! Your new gates look fabulous and it looks like you had a wonderful meal with your friends 😁. Wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  9. The post cards and the National Costumes looked great and e so did the stamps.
    Your metal work looks good, I had to smile when you mentioned bringing the bar home on the trailer. My family have used their trailer for a number of odd things over the years including car engines and a bed when one son was moving house.
    Your meal with your friends looked delicious..
    Sorry to read that you were having visits to the dentist, I hope all will be sorted for you soon.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  10. So odd that the shirt was worn without something for modesty. Glad you were able to get the needed metal home...looks great.
    Happy T day!

  11. The postcards and national costumes are fascinating. The picture of the second woman in the sarong looks more comfortable than the woman wearing the Lithuanian costume. Neither model seem to like their picture taken. So nice that the waiter go a picture of you with friends. Looks like you had a lovely time. The metal work is very beautiful. Happy T Day

  12. Wonderful postcards and stamps Lisca. Your meals looked delicious. The metal gate looks great. Happy T-Day! (Sorry for being late.)

  13. Well, I looked before I read! LOL Interesting stamps and postcards. Have a great week!

  14. I enjoyed seeing the true traditional dress. It reminded me of how people in the South Pacific dressed before the missionaries arrived. Clothes that suited the climate and the culture.

    Isn't is great to have handy artisan neighbors? We have many like that too. It seems everyone in our state of Jalisco has a special talent: musicians, artists, iron workers and so on. The gate is a work of art.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  15. Hi Lisca! I was away from the Blogging world for a while, because the combination of my school administration work and seminarian work made it impossible. However, I am now retired and only working on my seminarian work. God willing I'll be ordained in a year as an Episcopal priest (Anglican Church). Anyway, enjoyed perusing through your international postcard collection, and learning about their folk costumes. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your molars, but you seem to have found some good food. Thanks for your visit to my blog and happy belated "T is for."

  16. Those postacards are lovely Lisca !! So interesting as always. Love the stork and your beautiful new door for the car. I also smile seing this molar haha... Hope you are well. I wish you a very nice week and send you big hugsss,