Saturday, 3 August 2019

A Postcard A Day - Second on the Second - (a bit late)

Hi all, 
Apologies for being late.
Today it is already the third in Europe but perhaps in the USA it is still the second, so perhaps I can still get away in posting this...

It is a post from 2015 and it shows you Marbella in southern Spain and some photos of my mum's 90th birthday. Some of you will remember she has recently celebrated her 95th birthday, so here is the post from 5 years ago:

One of the reasons I’ve been away was that my mother celebrated her 90th birthday. We decided we’d celebrate in it Marbella, Spain, where my sister and her partner have a holiday apartment. Marbella is a bit posh but it’s fun sometimes to see ‘how the other half live’.

Marbella is a resort on the south coast of Spain.  It has a marina of course. (I warned you it is posh!)

In the centre there is a lovely park full of exotic plants and ceramic seats along the paths.

One of the main squares in the old town is called Plaza de los Naranjos (= Orange Tree Square). Perfect for sitting down to an ice cream....

Mum had quite a few cards to open for her birthday.

We’d hung up some decorations the night before and my sister had ordered balloons (with 90 on them). 

Here is the birthday girl with her balloons.

Mum gets a big kiss from my sister and me. She is a fantastic mum and I wish her many happy and healthy years!

This was another glimpse of my life here in Spain.
God bless and.... keep scrapping!


  1. Its ok it is the 3rd. Boy, you Mom doesn't look like she's age a day in the last 5 years. She has good genes for sure. And hopefully you do too. And your trip to Southern Spain looks like it was a good one too. It is very pretty there. Was that 5 years ago also? (I am guessing it was.) Happy August. Hugs-Erika

  2. Hi I enjoyed this second look-loving the last photo-hugs Happy August and second on the 2nd Kathy