Tuesday, 12 February 2019

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 12 February 2019 - T for Tuesday

Good morning boys and girls, It's T-Day again! We are all invited at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's with a blogpost that has a beverage or beverage reference in it.

I'm going to start with this postcard that dropped into my mailbox this week:

It came from Germany  and was sent by Mia, who lives in Aachen (near the Dutch border) but had been to York on holiday. She had tried to visit the Betty's Tea Rooms but it was always full. I can imagine. It looks very nice. 
This is the stamp, celebrating the centenary of the Möhnetal dam. It (the dam) has an interesting history. Wikipedia writes this:

In 1904 calculations about the future demand for water for people and industry in the growing Ruhr-area determined that the existing storage volume of 32.4  million m³ in dams of the Ruhr river system needed tripling. Thus, on November 28, 1904, the general assembly of the Ruhrtalsperreverein decided to construct additional dams. During 1908 to 1913 they built the Möhnetalsperre at a cost of 23.5  million marks. When opened, the dam was the largest dam in Europe. 140  homesteads with 700  people had to move. It was built to help control floods, regulate water levels on the Ruhr river downstream, and generate hydropower. Today, the lake is also a tourist attraction.

The dam was breached by RAF Lancaster Bombers (“The Dambusters”) during Operation Chastise on the night of 16–17 May 1943, together with the Edersee dam in northern HesseBouncing bombs had been constructed which were able to skip over the protective nets that hung in the water. A huge hole of 77 m by 22 m was blown into the dam. The resulting huge floodwave killed at least 1,579 people, 1,026 of them foreign forced labourers held in camps downriver. The small city of Neheim-Hüsten was particularly hard-hit with over 800 victims, among them at least 526 victims in a camp for Russian women held for forced labour.

Though the Organisation Todt quickly repaired the dams with 7,000 men from the construction of the Atlantic Wall, the impact of the raid on German industry in the Ruhr valley and indeed on the civil population was significant. According to Albert Speer, "the power plant at the foot of the shattered dam looked as if it had been erased, along with its heavy turbines." "Industry was brought to a standstill", due to the "electrical installations being soaked and muddied." Three other reservoirs were still intact, though the largest, the Sorpe Dam, did have a hole, but it was above the water line. Another destroyed dam, the Edersee Dam, "had nothing to do with the supply of water to the Ruhr." The Mohne Dam was repaired by 23 September 1943, in time to collect water for needs the following summer, when the British failed to follow up with additional raids to hamper reconstruction.

The other postcard is unusual and also comes from Germany. It is the front of a book by Friedrich Wessel and the title translates: 'Sometimes also in underpants'. 

The book is collection of stories about the life of people along the Rhein-Herne canal in the Ruhr area of Germany.
The stamp has a beautiful yellow flower. I think we call it St John's Wort and in herbal medicin it is used for depression and low mood.
The weather has been glorious this week. We have eaten out on the terrace every day. I have a beautiful dining table on the terrace (you can see the shadow of it in the bottom left hand corner) but it has a glass top, which we have taken off because of the frost at night. So we eat at the little old rickety table in the corner... Here I am last Friday with a slimming version of fish and chips (both chips and fish cooked in the air fryer). I think the drinks on the table qualify me for the T-Party.

The almond trees are starting to blossom and they are so beautiful. Most are pink, but there are also white blossoms. This is a photo taken by one of my mates at the photoclub, Maria Gallardo Lopez.

Remember I mentioned shampoo in a bar?  
Well, I have started using it and it is absolutely fabulous! As soon as the bar touches wet hair, it starts to lather. I have asked my hubby to take a picture. I can recommend it .

And I have been scrapbooking. These two lay-outs I did on Thursday (which is my 'play day').

I have used cluster collages on both of them (I had made those collages after Halle inspired me to do them.)
The above photo is hubby with our cat two years ago. Yes, I'm a bit behind with my photos.
The next lay out is hubby on his 70th birthday (14th December) two years ago. We were in Madrid to sort out my passport, when we chanced upon a Lindt chocolate shop. There were rows and rows of these 'bins' full of individually wrapped chocolate balls. Those famous Lindt ones. Hubby loves those and I could not have given him a better birthday present!
That is it from me today. We are actually away from home at the moment, enjoying a short vacation in Almeria on the Mediterranean coast. It is only an hour and a half drive from where we live but we had never visited the city. We should be home later tonight, so i won't be able to do much commenting until Wednesday.

Happy T-Day all,


  1. How fantastic to be able to eat outside already. I am jealous. And those almond trees look so beautiful. We have a big snowstorm coming tomorrow so spring is a long way from us. Nice scrap pages too. Have a wonderful T Day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  2. Great postcards and stamps-I always enjoy seeing those.
    wow what an awesome view you have for eating outdoors-that is just fabulous-enjoy!!
    Love your pages too-Happy T hugs Kathy

  3. Interesting postcards this week. I especially like the one of the couple. It looks so real as opposed to all of the posed and perfectly beautiful people in the world. Your scrap page looks lovely. I can imagine that a shop full of Lindt chocolate was a wonderful birthday present for your hubby. I have a particular liking for those as well.
    The almond blossoms are gorgeous!!! What a wonderful start to spring.
    Happy Tea Day,

  4. You certainly have quite the collection of postcards and postage stamps:) The German couple look like a quite content and happy pair. Oh, to be eating outdoors again...what a lovely view you have-and I love your idea of air fry fish and chips!The shampoo sounds great and happy to know it is doing its job. Beautiful layouts on your pages!!Enjoy your visit to Almeria, and happy T day!

  5. The cards you got this week are lovely, those tea rooms look fabulous. Your scarp-pages are wonderful, your hubby looks good! Thanks for showing the shampoo, sounds wonderful. And glad you have been able to have another break, the almond trees look gorgeous. I am very much looking forward to blossom time here. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. wonderful scrapbook layouts, the collages on them turned out well! and don´t talk about lindt, my hips are swelling immediately just by thinking of it;) happy t-day!!

  7. Fantastic postcards and good to see Betty's tearooms in York. I have been there a few times as we go to York quite often. We don't go to the tearooms unless we have visitors with us as it is very expensive compared with other place to have a drink, but it is a special event.

    Good to see the almond trees in blossom they are always so beautiful.

    Nice picture of you as well and also of you and the soap. It does look very effective.

    Beautiful journal pages with amazing ways to use the fabrics

    Have a great T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. My sincere apologies for the late visit. I would have been here sooner, but I decided to eat, which included downing about a gallon of chocolate ice cream. I then promptly fell asleep. Just woke in time to make coffee and see your latest postcards. Both are great and so interesting, too.

    Lovely view from your little table. Coke and water always go good with fish and chips.

    I don't know who is cuter, Precious or your husband (grin). Thanks for joining T this Tuesday with your postcards, your adorable scrapbook pages, and your drinks on your terrace.

  9. Lovely post cards and Betty's is a super tea rooms to visit, but I do think you have to be prepared to wait in a queue to be seated. Also it is a treat destination as it is expensive there.
    The trees in blossom looked lovely.and it was also nice to see you enjoying sitting outside for your meal, our food would be frozen to the plate if we ate outside here at this time of year.
    Oh and your scrapbook pages looked great.
    happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  10. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! The postcards and postage stamps are beautiful, I've heard that Betty's Tea Room in York is a wonderful place to visit 😁. It looks like you've had lovely weather, it must be so nice to sit in the sunshine on your terrace and the almond blossoms looks stunning! Do they smell at all? I'm loving your scrapbook pages; it's wonderful to capture such fabulous memories and your hubby looks so happy in both the photos! Happy T Day wishes! J 😊 x

  11. Great mix of postcards, art work, and photos. Happy T-Day!

  12. I love your mix of art and life! Gorgeous!
    Lisca I perchased an pretty simliar bar of shampoo soap ( even the same colour)(Patchully fragrance) at a local drugstore and it is fantastic creamy - better than the normal soap I used now for a few months, and the best is my daughter, her friend and my husband will give it a try as well. So maybe less plastic bottles from us here in the house in the future!

    Big hugs

  13. What a view from your terrace! I'm closing my eyes and joining you in spirit. We're having day after day of dreary gray rain here. You sudsy soap bar looks just the thing for my hubby. Thx for the recommendation and photos :) A vacation on the Mediterranean coast, and so close! Sounds so exotic, and I look forward to pictures of your trip :) Happy T Tuesday

  14. Your postcards are fascinating. So much history in a small size. Your terrace is just beautiful and that view is breath-taking. I don't think I've ever seen bar shampoo, but it certainly looks like it makes a luxurious lather. Your scrapbook pages are so happy and I think a trip to the chocolate shop is a perfect gift, too. Enjoy your trip and I hope we get to see pictures of Almeria. Warm and sunny sounds good as it is snowing hard outside my window. Happy T Day

  15. Great cards and stamps! Yes Betty's is difficult to visit with joining a long queue! I would love to be outside eating, especially with those views!! Thanks for the info on the shampoo! Love the LOs too! Happy T Day Chrisx

  16. Fabulous postcard from Mia and just perfect for T-day, Lisca. That picture almost makes me want to have a cup of tea - I said almost (grin). Seriously, I wish I could learn to love tea. It's full of health benefits and a wonderful way to socialize.

    The history of the dam is very interesting. The WWII part is extremely sad.

    You look great! I don't know if it's the smile, the lovely sunshine, or the new diet, but you look great! I love the idea of a designated "play day." Your scrapbook layouts are really fun and wonderful.

    Enjoy your getaway to Almeria. I hope we'll see some photos. I've never been there either (and probably never will).

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  17. I'm so happy that I inspired your collage clusters! They look fabulous!
    The almond tree blossoms had me gleeful. I guess I never thought about the fact that they would bloom before producing almonds. Beautiful...and I learned something new. :)
    Happy T day!

  18. Hi Lisca, thanks for your earlier visit, hope you enjoyed your short break. I’ve even through Almeria but never stopped there.
    I’ve actually been to that Dam, several times, we lived in Germany in the 70’s and every time we had visitors it was a place we took them, maybe I can find a photo to show.
    I love the almond blossom, our pink trees are covered in greenery now so the flowers are gone.
    Have a great week
    Jan #22

  19. So many lovely photos today♥ I love seeing the almond trees in bloom!!! Everything is still gray and brown with winter here. But Spring is coming!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting and a Very Late Happy T Day!!!
    P.S. yes I have to slice the seeds first and then dry them. A process for sure but I love using them.