Saturday, 2 February 2019

A Postcard A Day - 2 february 2019 - Second on the second

Good morning all!
Today I am going to re-publish a post from Febraury 2015 and then link it up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard's Second on the second.

First a postcard of course: 

The writing reads: “ An eine altbekannte Tur klopfen,
Erinnerungen vom Staub befreien, Den Garten neu bepflanzen."
Translated that would be: To knock on a familiar door, to dust off memories and to re-plant the garden. (I’m doing this off the top of my head but someone will correct me I’m sure, if it’s not right.)

Saturday I went to our nearby town to do a beginner’s course in Patchwork. I’ve always wanted to do this.

In the morning we made a cushion cover with strips of material. (Log Cabin I think she called it) We sewed (by hand) onto a backing that had a pattern on it. Every piece on the backing was numbered to make it easy, and it felt a bit like ‘painting by numbers’. It really was easy.

This little chicken sat on the work table. 

We were given the pattern so we can have a go at home with whatever scraps we have. She looks cute doesn’t she?

Here are a few action shots.

This is a shot of the shop. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! All those gorgeous fabrics! Lovely! 
In the afternoon we started on the hexagons. That's very pretty but very labour intensive. In fact I haven't finished this project yet. It will be a cushion cover matching the one we made in the morning.

I shall definitely come back to this shop to buy more of these gorgeous fabrics and perhaps make a tote or a zipper bag. There are so many tutorials on the internet. I'm going to have some fun!

I'm looking forward to seeing your blogs from way back,

Enjoy your weekend,



  1. Love the postcard with the beautiful quote and correctly translated! There's some great advice there. That sounds like a wonderful course, and you look so happy with your work. And what a wonderful store! Happy 2nd on the 2nd, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wonderful postcard and photographs.

  3. Beautiful post card.
    It looks like you were having a good time too.
    Did you keep up the quilting?

  4. I love the blue door on the postcard. I made a paper quilt in a calligraphy class using the Log Cabin Pattern.

  5. I love seeing your quilting Lisca and how wonderful it came out. I know what you mean about being a kid in a candy store. I love being in fabric shops too. Happy rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  6. I had this rather long comment started when my electricity shut off. It was only off a few minutes, but long enough I had to reboot and start over again.

    I think your postcard is great and translating it off the top of your head is great.

    I was also impressed with the fabric store. I love anything fabric, so your log cabin block made me smile. I could NEVER make anything that great, so I was totally impressed with what you made. Looks like that store would take some of my money, too! Thanks for sharing this second look on the 2nd.

    You asked what I did with my fabric I dyed. Several pieces I laid back to be overdyed, and a couple I tore bits from and used in quiltlets. Thanks for asking.

  7. Beautiful postcard and lots of amazing patchwork. Always good to be able to join friends and craft. Thank you for reposting this

    Love Chrissie xx