Monday, 10 December 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 11 Dec 2018 - T for Tuesday - T for babies, trains and quinces

Hello lovely people, Buenos Días! (Good Morning)

Here we are again. It's Tuesday and I would like to show you some postcards.

The first one is one that I sent yesterday. It is an image by photographer Anne Geddes, who specialises in baby photos. Here she has a little one wrapped up as a Christmas present!

The second card is one from Cordoba. When I went there in the Spring, I bought lots of postcards. Again, this is the famous mosque/cathedral. I shall never forget the first time i went in there we had a tip-off that if you go early, it is free entry. The entry price was quite hefty, so my friend and I got up early and walked over (our hotel was 5 min down the street). The place was empty apart from the cleaners. Absolutely wonderful experience.

The new postmistress has heard my pleas for stamps and now has new ones in regularly. These are the ones I got recently: 
This is a mail train. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of the last itinerant postal expedition (don't ask me what that means, I'm just translating)

And the one below celebrates the Spanish built high velocity train between Mecca and Medina.

Are you all getting ready for Christmas? I can imagine Christmas trees and decorations in and outside. My house has no decorations at all. We are going away next week so I don't see the point. The only festive thing is my duvet cover which looks quite chrismassy don't you think?

I am going to link up with Elisabeth and Bleubeard, even though they are away (I think). All she wants is a blog post with a beverage in it. Well I have some beverages, but not tea!

This was our Intercambio, Spanish/English conversation group. We meet every Saturday and this time we had asked people to bring typical Christmas goodies. Last Tuesday I showed you the mince pies that I made. Here are a pair of the other things people brought. The mini muffins in the box on the left are made with almonds. Very yummy.

The photo below shows these cookies with a hole in them. They are called 'roscos', in the box on the right are cookies called 'polverones' which means, 'dusties'. They crumble to dust when you put one in your mouth. They make a mess (or I don't know how to eat them properly)
Inma (short for Inmaculada) has brought some cider bubbly (like champagne) and is pouring it in small plastic glasses, and Andy is taking a photo on his mobile. Cheers! 

One of the fruits we see a lot of are quinces. There are many trees and most people will have more than they can handle and we get given loads of these ugly fruits.

 In Spanish they call them 'membrillo' and they make this typical jellyjam with it that one eats with cheese. I decided to just make compote. So I cooked the unpeeled fruit (I do core them) in water with sugar and spices (star anise, cinnamon and vanilla pod, plus a couple of whole cloves). Sometimes I add half a lemon. It all depends what I have lying about.

This is what they look like cooked. The lovely orange colour comes out and I serve them usually with a dollop of greek yoghurt or quark. Ice cream goes well too with a bit of the syrup drizzled over it. They are really very delicious.

There we are, that's it from me today. Have a good week everyone,
and a very happy T-Day to all,


  1. Lots of yummy foods here-I have never had a quince but I think I would love it the way you prepared it.
    great postcards and how nice to get new stamps that was nice of the postal lady.
    enjoy your week ahead Happy T Kathy

  2. Buenas dias!! I know of Anne Geddes' photography of babies and they are adorable! Great looking stamps to add to your collection. Love all the holiday goodies enjoyed by everyone. And yes, your bed does look like it's dressed for the holiday:) I've never had quince but am pretty sure i would like it- especially the way you have prepared them. Happy T day!

  3. I have never eaten a quince. How do they taste? Those cookies look interesting. I guess they are not like a donut. Where are you heading off to, have a super trip. And a super T day too. Hugs-Erika

  4. I love Anne Geddes Photography! There is something so beautiful and mesmerizing about babies wrapped up like little packages. Some lovely postcards and your quince looks and sounds delicious even though I have never tried it.
    Happy Tea Day,

  5. Ann Geddes photos are always beautiful. Love the new postage stamps, too, so pretty. The little cakes and biscuits all look delicious, and I love that you meet together and have fun and eat and drink. Quinces make lovely jam, we made some this year, too, and I still have 2 jars, it's delicious. Have a great week, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie
    PS - love your duvet cover!

  6. Lovely postcards, not sure I like the baby wrapped in gift wrap, but that is all a matter of what we personally feel. The stamps looked fantastic and your post lady is a keeper. Ours moan if I ask for pretty stamps.
    Your food looks delicious, quince is not a fruit I have ever had, is it very sweet?
    Happy T day wishes Lisca.
    Yvonne xx

  7. A fantastic post with lots to see and read about.

    The postcards are always brilliant and thank you for sharing them with us on T Day.

    Wonderful holiday ffod.

    I won't be here either for the holiday but Vic insisted on putting a few Christmassy things here and there.

    A Very Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Membrello (what the jelly/jam is called here) is sold in fancy cheese shops and is rather expensive. Delicious though. Such a homely fruit but delicious flavor

  9. So many delightful Christmas goodies! I don't think you need to decorate much to show Christmas spirit. Your bedding is just the right touch :) Happy T Tuesday

  10. Such lovely postcards and all those baked goodies look delicious 😁. Your bedding looks very christmassy - perfect! Happy Holidays and wishing you a very happy T Day too! J 😊 x

  11. Anne Geddes always has the best baby photos around. You picked a great one because it has such a lovely Christmas feel to it, Lisca. So glad your post lady listened to you, because those stamps are beautiful. I LOVE them both. We sometimes get stamps at my PO, but they are usually gone by the time I get around to looking for them. Each PO only has a certain number of sheets to sell and when they are gone, they are GONE.

    You got lots of wonderful eats and drinks today. Looks like it was all quite festive, too. Thanks for sharing these with us for T this Tuesday. Have fun while you are away. Hope you check in with us, too.

    BTW, I can't figure out why you thought I was gone. Just my screw is missing, not me (grin).

  12. I forgot to mention, I remember when you and your friend were in that hall in Cordoba. It was a fun post and the postcard reminded me I had seen you there, too.

  13. So many fun things you've shared. Of course I always look forward to the postcards, and stamps when you show them. These are interesting and charming! Love the photo of the cathedral, and your story about your first visit. Enjoy your time away...looks like you've been having wonderful holiday treats even if you didn't decorate! happy T day!

  14. Your duvet cover is very Christmas-sy. Oh, those treats! They all look so delicious. My dad had a quince bush and made jelly. And for the life of me, I can't remember what it tasted like. Happy T Day

  15. Sorry to be so late to tea. The winter holiday time is always crazy busy for my business. Better late then never ;-)

    Buenas dias to you too. The Ann Geddes postcard put a big smile on my face, Lisca.

    I've enjoyed all your Cordoba photos. It looks like beautiful city.

    Whenever I go to the US, I look for special stamps, but the selction is very limited. The mail train stamp is quite unique.

    I agree polverones make a mess, but they're worth it ;-) They're my favorite cookies next to my own home made. Quince jam is delicious. And our local ons are so rich in pectin, I never have to add any. I have to try them cooked the way you made them. It sounds delicious.

    Belated Happy T-Day! Eileen xoxo

  16. The food all looks so good. The quince reminds me of pears. I wouldn't decorate as much if we didn't have family coming. Even if we stayed home and was only hubby and I, we probably wouldn't do much. But it is the only time of the year "some" of the family comes!
    Happy belated Tea Day! or bubbly cider...

  17. Love Anne Geddes photos! We still haven't managed to put up decorations - one thing after anothe!!! Your food sharing looked like great fun! A very belated Happy T Day,Chrisx