Friday, 21 December 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 Dec 2018 - Friday smiles

Hello lovely people,
Didn't that week go quickly! 
Let me show you some cards that I sent this week. 
This is one that went out this week bcause the person had this card amongst his/her favorites. I recognised the card and thought: I have one like this. So there, another happy "customer".
Another person wanted a Christmas card with a cat on it. This is the only thing I could find with a cat. It is not the prettiest card, but I try.
And another Spanish stamp that I have used recently:
It celebrates 50 years of army aircraft (not air force, but army).

So, what is happening with me? We are now in
We will be celebrating Christmas with my mum in Rotterdam.
We had tken the bus to Alicante. A long journey, so we booked a hotel near the airport and the next morning got a taxi to the airport. 
 The check-in wasn't open yet and we had 40 minutes to kill, so we treated ourselves to a coffee. (The coffees were ,more expensive than the taxi!)
The flight was uneventful and I will share more phoos on Tuesday.
So far I haven't stopped smiling!
Have you got something to smile about? Please join us at Annie's A Stitch In Time.

I have got a few funnies as usual at the end.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas (or a very happy Holiday if you do not celebrate Chistmas.)

Hugs to everyone,


  1. Enjoy your holiday with your Mom. That is a great thing. And that cat funny about him being told that he didnt need to destroy the Christmas tree made me laugh. Hugs-Erika

  2. Enjoy your Christmas with family-Loved the kitty postcard
    Merry Christmas Kathy

  3. Both postcards were spot on, Lisca. I also liked reading about the army stamp, too.

    So glad you are now in Holland with your mother. I am sure she is as happy as you. Coffee costs more than the taxi? Sounds like here in the states.

    All your funnies were great, but I LOVED the jackass nativity. It is unfortunately true, too. Have a lovely weekend, keep smiling and have a great Christmas, although I'll say it again on Tuesday.

  4. I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed Christmas and enjoyed catching up with friends and family xxx