Friday, 7 December 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 7 Dec 2018 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely friends,
I'm posting late this morning as I hadn't realised it was Friday! Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in Spain and today feels a bit like Monday. A lot of people have today off as well. They call it a 'puente' (bridge). They take or have the Friday off and that results in a super long weekend for those that normally work. 
But today is Friday so I will tell you about my smiles this week and link up with the lovely Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday. And at the end I will add a few funnies that I dig up from the internet.

But first of all my postcards. That is after all what my blog is all about:
The first postcard is very obviously from Ireland. It is a map card and I do like map cards, so this one pleased me no end. It has all the things on it we would associate with Ireland: sheep, leprechaun, castles, luck (horse shoe), the colour green and the four-leaf-clovers. I don't know what the hat and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow represent. Does anyone know?

The stamps are absolutely gorgeous. The images are flowers. The names of the flowers are in latin and in the Irish language, so I don't know what they are without looking them up. The stamp on the right is hexagonal. Very beautiful.
The next card comes from Germany. It has a cross on it. A person called Dagmar sent it to me. The cross is a relic holder from the chapel in Kevelaar in Germany.

Like the irish stamps, these stamps also have a floral theme:
OK, what have I been up to this week. Saturday is the day I go to our Spanish/English conversation group. You can see me on the left.

I made mince pies last week and I still had some mince meat left over. So I found a roll of puff pastry in the freezer and hubby had the idea of  making a roll.

It was a success. 

The weather this week is warm and sunny. So we don't have to have the heating on and we can eat and sit outside on the terrace. Yesterday it was so hot, we couldn't sit outside as it was too hot! But this photo was taken during the week. I think I might have posted it on Facebook, but I had cooked a courgette gratin (zucchini for those across the pond) and we had our dinner outside. 
But winter is on its way. There is snow on the Sierra Nevada, which is visible in the middle far distance in the photo taken from the cave kitchen window.
The trees are changing colour and losing their leaves.
That's it from me. A quickie as it is already 11 a.m. and Annie will be wondering where I am. 
Of course here are some funnies for you to giggle at. My personal favorite is the Adam and Eve one. 
Have a good week, 
and keep smiling!

update: Please read Virginia's comment, where she explains more about the images on my Irish postcard. Thank you Virginia!


  1. Morning sweetie, fab post, the hat on the Irish postcard is a Leprechaun's hat and the story goes that if you can find the end of a rainbow you'll find a pot of gold, so I'm assuming this is the tenuous link.

    Our trees are now officially bare and we've had some cooler days this week, I'm grateful however that it is now a little warmer, although they forecast high winds overnight which is something I hate, apparently it is the end of a storm coming in.

    The funnies are great, I hope you have a fabulous friday and week ahead.


  2. Wow, Lisca. This is wonderful. I love the mince roll you created. the postcards were lovely too. But possibly my favorite was your leaves are starting to turn and we already have snow on the ground.

    I really liked the tea funny and the computer, too. They were great. I must pop over and see Annie, soon.

  3. Oh Lisca, you are so good at finding the funnies. The lady with the Glasses must be watching the news about the Brexit Lol! Not sure it will ever get sorted with this government. The Mince pie roll looks scrummy. Bit late as I went to visit my parents yesterday but here now. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  4. Better late than never, I am finally making the rounds in blog-land. I like your Irish postcard. I would have given the same explanations as Virginia did. Of course you can never reach the end of a rainbow so you will never find the pot of gold, but the Irish are an optimistic lot and firmly believe in 'luck', so they'll never stop looking.
    That's rather a splendid cross on the German card too.
    I have one more batch of mince-pies to make before the carol service on the 16th. Yours look good. When I made some for my Spanish friends they didn't know what they were and they took the lids off and put cheese in them!!
    Isn't it lovely to have some warm sunshine again? We are in for a cold snap for the next couple of days but the sun is due back on Friday. I am hoping that is so, as our grandson arrives on Saturday for his usual Christmas visit.
    Your funnies made me smile as always, and I agree, The Adam and Eve one is the best.
    Enjoy all the events in the run up to Christmas. Kate x