Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 28 Nov 2017 - T for kitchen

Hello peeps, it is Tuesday again and time for our T-party hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Please do join us with a blogpost that features a drink in it somewhere.
My drink will appear a bit further on, but first I would like to show you my postcards. This one I received from Germany last week:

It's about the traditional dress of people living in Rügen, an island off the coast of Eastern Gemany in the Baltic sea. Rügen is known for it's beautiful beaches and White cliffs. I love these clothes. The couple in the middle might be a wedding couple. I also like the fact that there are small children too. In those days they dressed children as mini adults. (not practical).
The stamps on the card were nice too:

Lovely flowers.
This stamp is also in the vein of traditional costume. This time about the national dress of Bavaria (You know, lederhosen etc) The writing says: 125 years First Bavarian mountain dress association) I'm sure our German speakers will correct me if I am wrong.

The second card also comes from Germany:

The castle (yes, it is real) looks like a fairytale castle out of Disney. I think it's beautiful.
Again the stamp is lovely but it gets a bit hidden under the overbearing date stamp.

 What have I been doing this week? I have spent a lot of time at my computer and not just using it. I have been doing small maintenance jobs. One of the fans was making a lot of noise and when I opened the side I saw it had a lot of dust on it.
The white fan on the left was OK but the black fan was very dusty. The fan is black so all the grey bits are dust. This fan is important as it cools the motherboard.
 I had a can of compressed air to blow the dust off. That's all I dare do as I have no technical knowledge of computers (I wish I had)

Hubby has been busy in the ground floor flat. The back door is in and most of the tiles laid. 

The carpenter came yesterday to put up the carcasses of the kitchen units. It's only a small flat and the kitchen is a small corner of the living area. But I think it will be functional. 
 I must now really order my cooker as I can't have the granite put on until the stove is in place.
And this is the qualifier! I mean, this photo has a drink in it. The carpenter's assistent didn't want his beer and left the can on the worktop. Yes, I know, it is minute, but believe me, that is a can of lager beer.

And finally I will leave you with a few animal sculptures:

Happy T-Day all! Have a good week and keep smiling,


  1. I enjoyed your newest postcards-at wow that castle is in a magical place.
    good luck on your remodel-and Wow I loved all of these sculptures-very clever and fun.
    Happy T Day hugs Kathy

    1. good morning, I looked up the Welsh recipe online-and their are a couple variations-do you make the one with yeast or no-I may need to try this recipe thanks

  2. gorgeous postcard art and stamps. The work is never done in a home don't you think?
    Love those animal sculptures-brought smiles to my face and I will continue to think of them:) Happy T day!

  3. The postcards this week were phenomenal. The castle looks just like the Disney castle, but I don't think it's in Germany. The other one, with the painted images was out of this world. I loved the various costumes, even on the children.

    Glad you got your computer sort of fixed. I've had to do the same to mine before, too. Of course, I get cat fur in mine, probably as much as I get dust.

    Your downstairs flat is going to be great when you get it completed. I can't imagine having all those beautiful tiles in my home. You are SO lucky to have them.

    I LOVE those animals. Where did you find the one of the dog lifting his leg? I laughed so hard, I nearly chocked.

    Thanks for sharing your carpenter assistant's lager, your postcards, your computer repair, the flat update, and the animal photos with us for T this nearly Tuesday.

  4. Love those animal sculptures, especially the bear. They are very clever. And your kitchen is coming along nicely. It will be nice to see it finished. :) have a great T Day. Hugs-Erika

  5. Lovely postcards, you had a good week. The kitchen units look good, that kitchen is bigger than mine! Love the sculptures, they are all good, but the bear is fantastic. Have a good week, and a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  6. yes, neuschwanstein was the Inspiration for disney´s cinderella Castle. (shame, i´m living quite Close to it, few hours drive, but never visited it... too many tourists;))
    i´d LOVE to see These animal sculptures!! the wild boar is fantastic, and the others are fun, too!
    have a great week and happy t-day!

  7. Lovely postcards and the stamps were super as well. Your flat is looking great, it is going to be a fantastic cooking space.
    I loved those sculptures , the one with the dog made me smile.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  8. I love Neuschwanstein, was there as I was in school many years ago - good luck with the remodeling -
    those sculptures are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  9. What wonderful postcards and those postage stamps are so pretty too! Your new kitchen looks fabulous, I bet you're really pleased with it 😁. I loved seeing all the sculptures, they really made me smile! Sending you Happy T Day wishes! J 😊

  10. Fabulous postcards. Neuschwanstein is beautiful, too. Ludwig, the king, had a bathroom sink with gold spigot and faucet handles shaped like a swan with wings. Most of the decor were images from Wagner's operas. The animals sculptures are too fun. The bear peeking in the window really made me smile. Have a Happy T Day!

  11. Sometimes you have to wonder if those animal sculptures are real...lol Would someone really have a dog peeing on their building?? lol LOVE the hippos and the rabbits skipping down the steps.. I never did make it to that castle when i lived in Germany for three years... I agree it looks magical! Hugs! deb

  12. The flat looks like it's really coming along, and I look forward to seeing the completed space. I love those huge animal sculptures! Happy T Tuesday

  13. What fun and funny animal sculptures, Lisca. Beautiful postcards. The second does look like something out of a fairy tale and the clothes in the first are very interesting.

    The flat almost finished. Won't that be nice? It looks perfectly adequate to me.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  14. What lovely postcards and stamps! Pleased to see progress being made on the flat - it looks although there is some sun coming in too! Well done for getting the dust out of the computer! The sculptures made me laugh!! To answer your question - yes I do speak French - so does hubby but he usually ALLOWS me to do most of the talking! I try to speak French as often as possible, and of course there are times when I really have to try with my vocabulary, but most of the time people are very understanding when I forget the word I need and go a long way around to explain myself!! Happy T Day! Chrisx