Friday, 17 November 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 17 Nov 2017 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people, Happy Friday to you!
How are you all? Have you had plenty to smile about? I have.

Let me tell you about my week.... well, I have been in bed with a bad cold! I have not been to the gym and have hardly been out of the house. So there is not much to report.

But that didn't last long and I am feeling better now and have been out and about since yesterday.
I have written quite a few postcards while i was at home feeling sorry for myself.
This was one of them. It is one of the posters made by Alphonse Mucha. Very daring for its day I would say. They realised even then that a bit of pretty flesh would sell a bicycle/car/whatever.

And as we are in the mood for smiles, how about this cute card?
Two donkeys. Aren't they gorgeous.

The post mistress had some stamps for me (How unusual) and they are very beautiful:
It is a Christmas stamp and features Joseph (or San José in Spanish) from the Napolitan nativity scene in a church called Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja). Italian nativity scenes are huge. They are to be found in large churches but also in public buildings and squares. A couple of years ago we came across one in the indoor market in Valencia.

The outside of the market looked like this:
Changing the subject, yesterday we popped out to our local garden centre:


 I had received a voucher from our friends when we celebrated our anniversary in August. I wanted some climbing plants for our little patio downstairs.
I ended up buying two evergreen jasmins:

 Look at the height of those!

I love walking around garden centres. Here they are not as huge as in the UK, where they have diversified so much. There is no coffee shop, not gift shop, no clothes department, no garden furniture, no children's playground nor miniature railway. Just plants and flowers.

O, yes, they did sell ceramic letters (to put on the house or door)
How about that Little cheeky chappie in the window sill?

If he doesn't make you smile....

One last photo:
A pomegranate on the tree. The fruit had burst open and you can see the red inside.
That is it from me today. I hope you will join me at Annie's at A Stitch in Time and at Virginia's Rocking you World Friday.

Have a good week and...
Keep smiling,


  1. Hi Lisca, pleased to hear you're feeling better, colds are such a misery. The donkeys are gorgeous, I so love them. The nativity scene is so special and much bigger than anything we see here although some of the garden centres have started putting full size animals and people in there's which I find a bit scary. As you say our garden centres are more like shopping malls now. Loving your new Jasmins, real woppers! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  2. I am glad you are feeling better Lisca. I love the garden centres here too. We have a climbing jasmine in our garden and it thrives there but when we encourages a couple of vines to coil round the metal railings above the wall, they died as soon as it got too cold. the rest of the plant is threatening to take over, but we keep it clear of the railings now. I hope yours do well. Kate x

  3. Ah look at your warm sunshine, said 17 year old has been working in the garden centre locally as Santa arrived yesterday and so now there is a steady stream of festive visitors, he has been on car park duty today and came back with glowing red face due to the cold. I'm so envious of your warm sunshine and blue skies a the the moment. The evergreen Jasmine is lovely, I hope it does well!

    I hope you've had a good weekend and hope the week ahead is a bit kinder and you get to do what you want this week with no virus or lurgy lurking.


  4. Hi Lisa, sorry you haven't been well but good to hear your better now. The postcards are lovely, as are all your photos. The evergreen jasmines sound perfect. It's amazing what we can find at our garden centres - one near us even has an ice skating rink this year! Have a good week. Elizabeth xx