Friday, 3 November 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 3 Nov 2017 - Friday Smiles

Hello, Happy Friday to all.
This week has flown by. Weekends are hectic in our house. On Saturday a friend of ours always helps hubby with the building work, so I always make sure there is something freshly baked on the table when they stop for a drink. (Nope, I didn't take a picture).

On Sundays we go to church , afterwards we stop at the Bar El Sevillano
You can see the building at the end of the Street. Antonia has lots of plants out front:

 We usually have a coffee (and a large glass of fake Baileys).
When it's not too hot, we sit outside:
On Monday we went to our weekend home after doing the boring grocery shopping.

I've started a new jigsaw puzzle. On Tuesday morning I sat outside in the sun and worked on my jigsaw. It's sooo relaxing.
This is the one I am doing and I will show you mine when I have done a bit more.
We had our usual lunch at the restaurant before driving home again.

Wednesday is an oficial day off, so I had a 'pijama day' sort of. I dressed in something very casual and comfortable and didn't go out all day. Hubby was working on the tiling and I tried to make chabatta, an Italian flat bread. But it was a brick! So dense and hard. I found out later that the yeast was out of date and it hadn't risen at all. Oh well....

Yesterday I received a fantastic postcard from Kazakhstan:
Beautiful rock paintings with a description in English.
The stamps were fab too:
You might have noticed the stamp on the right celebrates Postcrossing (The postcard exchange organisation):

And the other one features rock paintings:
Did you also have to find Kazakhstan on the map? I didn't know where it was exactly...

That was my week folks. I will put some funnies at the end about  translations that didn't quite work.

And now I'm off to Annie's blog A stitch In Time. And Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday. See you there!

Have a good week and keep smiling!


  1. Hi Lisca, those signs are brilliantly funny! Gorgeous café/Bar and love the jigsaw though it looks a bit complicated. Feeling a bit naughty as I still haven't posted those cards for you. You may get them for Christmas Lol! Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  2. Sounds like you had lots to smile about this week! Such a pretty place for a coffee and I smiled about the "fake" Baileys - yum 😁. The postcards and stamps are beautiful and that jigsaw looks like fun! Wishing you a Happy November! J 😊

  3. Hi Lisca
    I'm happy you liked my card. Kazakhstan is very big country to missed it on map😁
    Welcome to my blog

  4. Smiled at your funny translation, but smiles more at your lovely stamps and the card they came on. That bar looks a lovely place to have Sunday lunch in. I quite like the Spanish 'fake Baileys' too. Kate x

  5. Oh the funnies had me giggling, translations can sometimes not go according to plan. Your week sounds fun apart from the unsuccessful ciabatta, it is one of hubby's favourite breads to make when he is in the mood! I loved walking through your week, it sounded great.

    I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.