Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Postcard A Day - 14 Feb 2017 - T for hearts, books, drinks and a cockerel

Hello T-Gang,
Happy St Valentine's! Are you doing anything special today? I got my hubby a card, for the first time I must say. We don't celebrate Valentine's day but when I was in Holland my sister spotted this card and suggested it to me. Good choice:
We will be going out for lunch as we normally do every Tuesday and I don't know if that particular restaurant will do anything special for Valentine's Day. We shall see.

My postcard today comes from Canada:

Everyone knows I love books, so this card was a hit! I just love those colourful spines. I recognise the type of books as my dad had several of this type on the bookshelf. They are of the Penguin Poetry series of the 1960s.

The stamps is about the Chinese New Year, the year of the cockerel:
 A very nice design I think.

I want to share a photo from Holland. This was taken at my mum's local supermarket:
What is that you may well ask. In Holland people pay a small deposit on plastic bottles, and also glass bottles, especially beer bottles and large soft drink bottles (soda) such as Coca cola bottles (1 1/2 lt ). You pop your empty bottles through the hole at the top, one by one. When you've finished you press the green button and out comes a coupon for the due amount. At the till the cashier will give you either the money or deduct it from your grocery bill. The black pipe on the right is for people who don't want the change (or can't be bothered). You put your coupon in the pipe and the amount will be given to charity. The large space at the bottom is for crates. A lot of people buy their beer by the crate, so a full crate of empties will get you quite a bit of money back, as you pay a deposit for each bottle and also a deposit for the crate itself. I think it is a brilliant idea that has been working in Holland for more than 20 years as I can remember it when I lived there. It is being well used as I had to wait for people to finish before I could take the picture.

Well, this is the tea party and still no drink in sight. I will look through my photos to see if I have something with a drink in it...
This is at my mum's. I had bought a box of starmix infusion (with star anise) which I love.I thought it was appropriate today.

I will finish with some heart related street art, all (apart from one) by Banksy.

That is it from me. Happy T-Day to all and hope to see you at Elizabeth's tea party at Altered Book Lover.



  1. Your Valentin'e card is perfect for T Day Lisca. And I really love those books on the postcard. Its almost like a quilt made from strips. And perfect street art for Valentine's Day. Happy T day and hope you have nice Valentine's Day lunch.

  2. Oh wow- I LOVE the Valentine street art!! That is a great postcard from Canada too. Brilliant idea for depositing empty containers and receiving a bit back for it. Enjoy your outing and happy T day!

  3. What a fabulous card from Canada. I would LOVE to get my hands on that postage stamp. You lucked out. The book spines look like they would make great backgrounds, too.

    Your card to your hubby is wonderful and I laughed when you said this was the first one you had given him. Now he will expect one every year (grin).

    I think your tea is wonderful. I'm a BIG fan of star anise, too. In fact, I use whole ones when I make homemade Chai.

    Of course, I was truly impressed with your street art. The buildings and that wall you chose were perfect for today.

    I was really impressed with the recycling efforts in Holland. We have certain states that require deposits, but mine doesn't. Such a shame, too, because the plastic is the absolute worst for the landfill, and broken glass is a menace wherever it is broken.

    Thanks for sharing your wall art, your postcard, the recycle efforts, and your star anise tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. Love the book card, I have several of those books still here on my shelves, I used to save my pennies and shillings to buy them back in the 60. Gorgeous street art, too. We have those recycling machines at every supermarket here, I always have to start my shopping by putting my bottle in! Happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  5. i thought your Card with "my Cup of tea" would have been the entry for t-day;) it is charming. love the Card and of course the postal stamp from Canada, too!
    in Germany we have These bottle collectors in the supermarkets, too. quite a good solution, i think.
    but of course my fave part of the post are the banksy &co spray paintings. so perfect for today!!
    wishing you a happy t-day!

  6. Beautiful postcard with the books, and the one with "My cup of tea"! We have such recycling machines at every supermarket here in Austria.
    Happy Valentine's Day and Happy T Day!

  7. It is a wonderful T day card with a lovely message for a loved one.
    The bottle machine is a great idea and good that money could be given over to charities.
    Super wall art, Banksy is my favourite.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne x

  8. A great post with lots to see and read about.

    Happy Valentine's Day and a very happy T day

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. What a fantastic post Lisca- I LOVE the Valentine street art!!
    Happy Valentine's and T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  10. I love the Canada book card and the street art - wow - wonderful!
    Those machines - I remember those from Germany :) Nothing like that here in the US (pssss - but we could use it here...) Happy T-Day!

  11. The Valentine is so cute. And what a cool idea for the postcard. We have those bottle return machines here in Massachusetts. We also pay a deposit on soda and beer bottles. I've never seen the collection for charity at the collection kiosks. I think that's a wonderful idea. The street art made me smile. I think I liked the girl blowing bubbles the best. I had star anise tea when visiting a friend. It was delicious. Enjoy your T Day and Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

  12. Happy Valentine's Day, your hubby's card is adorable! What a wonderful postcard, it's a lovely reminder of those penguin books we use to read and the postage stamp is magnificent :-) Wow, the street art and your photos are amazing, I really like the monotone colour palette with the pops of red and the designs are so clever. I'd love to join you for a cup of tea - Happy T Day! J :-)

  13. Love that book PostCard Lisca! What a great idea i may use on a future card.... That bottle machine ... they have something like it here in the states.. I've seen it in TX and CA.... A great idea... I once did a post about it too.. Here they are called a Dream Machine....Happy happy T day and V day!! Hugs! deb

  14. Another fun post! enjoyed seeing the colorful postcard, rooster stamp, and recycling machine...and i Love seeing Banksy's art! happy t day! ♥

  15. Wow! I love that stamp! Your postcard is a reminder for me of reading some of those books! I love that bottle recycle machine - such a great idea to encourage folk to recycle! The street art is amazing - the bottom one especially! Happy T Day! Chrisx ps the tea shop served cakes etc but they are all made with tea!! x

  16. What a brilliant recycling idea with the cans and bottles!!! I wish more countries did that!!!. Love the street art as well. I'm a sucker for good street art ♥♥♥ Great postcard too. Happy T Day and Happy Valentine's Day ♥

  17. What wonderful street art for Valentine's! I love the colorful book spine postcard. The rooster stamp is really special.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day and Happy T Day, Lisca! Hugs, Eileen

  18. That wall art is magnificent! The girl on the swing is my favorite. Blessings!

  19. I love Banksy!Wonderful art!Love that machine from Holland. Very interesting.What a super idea!That postcard from Canada is superb. Lovely post1So many adorable things to see!Happy belated T Day!