Friday, 24 February 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 24th Feb 2017 - Friday Smiles

 Hello smiley people!, How are you all? Here I am again showing you what made me smile this week.

Let me show you my postcard for today:

It was sent to me from Germany by Bettina. I thought it was rather appropriate for all you sewing ladies among you. (I was going to write 'sewers', but soon realized it could be

This is the stamp:
A bend in the river Mosel.

This also made me smile. At last the almond trees are starting to blossom. (later than usual this year). This photo was taken on Tuesday. Spring is on its way!

Those of you who know me on Facebook will know that our cat Precious has been very ill with a type of foodpoisening. We took him to the vet who kept him in for two nights. Wednesday evening we went to pick him up and took him home again (after paying a hefty bill). Here he is, looking a bit sorry for himself. His paws have been shaved to accomodate the drips and blood tests. He is now recuperating, lying by the fireplace like Lord Muck!

When I was in Holland last month, my cousin gave me a traditional Norwegian cardigan. It had belonged to my late uncle (who was a very slender man) who bought it on holiday in Norway but then never worn it. We calculated this item must be at least 40 years old. 

I am so please with it because here in Spain I can wear it as a jacket as it seldom rains. Lynn Holland would be proud of me.

Now I should probably knit a matching cat cardi....

Here are a few cat funnies:

I will leave you with a sunset a few days ago, photographed from our house:
That's it for this Friday. I hope to see you all at Annie's A Stitch in Time and at Virginia' Rocking Your Week Friday.

Keep smiling,
God bless,


  1. Glad Precious is home and on the improve! Your cat funnies are good-you've got a cat theme going today.I love the sweater too. I bet Precious would love (not) his own version. :) I think you are lucky to get it. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  2. I'm so glad your puss is now at home being pampered...really hope he bounces back very soon. Your bank balance may take a little longer though. I love the almond blossoms and it always makes me smile to see it coming out. Love your funnies this week.
    Annie x

  3. Hi Lisca, another lovely post with lots of great photos to make me smile. The button card is indeed cute. Recently there seems to be a trend to calling people who sew sewists - a much nicer term than the alternative. Isn't it amazing how a cat can look so sorry for itself - our late Bonnie was a mistress of that look and it got her lots of extra cuddles too. Your new jacket is beautiful - those traditional patterns never date. Loved the funnies - they certainly made me chuckle, especially the one of the cat peeping out of the bag - very funny. And, of course, the photo of the sunset is a lovely way to finish. Have a very happy weekend. Elizabeth xx

  4. Good morning loving your postcard and wow very pretty stamp. Glad your kitty is home he will feel better faster too i am sure curled up by the fie.
    The sweater is just lovely on you-I love the colors too, perfect for a jacket.
    We have spring popping up here too-it has been too warm for February but we will have a hard freeze tonight.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Ah bless you - loving the postcard and the almond blossom - how beautiful! So sorry your cat has been poorly, hope he is on the mend now!

    Love the cardigan, it looks fabulous! Also loving the funnies, I've seen some before but not all of them.

    I hope you have a grand weekend and week ahead!

    Much love

  6. I love visiting your blog on a Friday, it's always guaranteed to make you smile :-). The cute as a button postcard is so pretty and how lovely to see the blossom on the almond trees - srping is coming :-). Precious certainly lives up to his name, he looks so adorable and what better way to recover than having a cuddle whilst sat by the fire and it really make me smile when you called him Lord Muck ... lol. Wishing him wishes for a quick recovery! Your new (well really old ... lol) traditional Norwegian cardigan looks beautiful on you and will get lots of wear I'm sure as you have very little rain. Happy Friday and thanks for making me smile today :-). Have a great weekend! J :-)

  7. Your poor kitty, still he looks comfy now so it was worth the money but I know what you mean that's the only problem with having two dogs though the kennels we use do give us a discount because Maisie and Stan will go together in one kennel. I think there might be more of a problem if we tried to separate them as they hate being to far away from each other especially if they can still see each other. Love the Booby trap, very funny! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  8. What a wonderful post! LOOOVE that postcard. It would work well for a greeting card, too, I'm thinking....thinking! LOOOOVE your cardigan. That is such a special garment to have...& the BLOSSOM! Oh, How I adored seeing it in the UK last year. I am sad we don't have it like you guys do over there....& I hope your Precious kitty is well on the road to recovery :):)

  9. I love all the buttons on your postcard. I am no 'sewer' but i still have my mum's button box as well as my own, and it is fun just to sift through them now and then.
    Your almond blossom is way behind ours which is almost over now.
    The cardigan looks nice and snug, but I am not sure Precious would appreciate one. I am glad he is making a good recovery. It is so worrying when they are poorly.
    I had a good laugh at some of your cat pictures this week. Keep smiling. Kate x