Friday, 29 July 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 29 July 2016 - Friday Smiles (Photo heavy)

Good Morning! 

Another lovely day today! I got woken up (as usual) by the tinkling bells of the goats and sheep grazing somewhere near our house:
They graze in a different place every day but always within earshot. I love the sound of those bells.

It's been a good week for us. Not the least because the exchange rate has gone up again. We get our pensions from the UK and when the exchange rate is unfavorable (like last week when we got one fith less Euros) it really effects us.

The plastering in the stairway is coming on nicely and DH has started to lay the tiles. Here are some photos:

Looking up to the door, which is our back door, but because it is on street level, it is the door we use most.
Same view from a bit further down. The door on the right is the door to our living area.
Looking down. Again the door is the door to our living area.
The door on the right is the door to the adjacent cave house. And down the steps is (will be) a garden flat (downstairs/no stairs) for that time when we are older and can no longer manage all those stairs

I am super pleased about the progress. It is such a mega job and the end is in sight.

I had some happy mail this week. First of all this postcard arrived from Australia.

I love aboriginal art but it's not easy to come by, so I am really chuffed with this card. It is painted by Bolda Hunter and it depicts brolgas dancing. Brolgas are large grey crane birds that live in tropical Australia and New Guinea. They are known for their spectacular courtship 'dancing'. 
Bolda Hunter is as far as I know a man from the Jawoyn people of the Northern territory. 

The other bit of happy mail was a parcel from 'My Name is Erika' with ATCs and lots of goodies (I will show you a photo of that on Tuesday). One of the 'bits' in the envelope was this:

That made me smile.

That's it for today. I'm going to link up with Annie at Friday Smiles and with Virginia at Rocking your World Friday.



  1. That made me chuckle...I've used the uterus and am now brain dead most of the time hehehe. Have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. OOOH! Australia! Lovely to see some Aboriginal art featuring :) those stairs look amazing even before they're finished - I can see why you're planning a post stair house tho!!!!! Your hubby does an amazing job!!!

  3. Oh a fab post, you are getting on great with the stairs they look brilliant. Apologies for the delay in commenting, we've been away for a week and only just got back. I hope you had a great week!

  4. Great postcard! I too love Aboriginal Art and that one would make a fab little framed picture. You could have a collection of your favourites on the stairs when they are all decorated and finished.
    Have a great weekend. I'm not managing to join in this week as I have been to the funeral of a friend/neighbour but dropped in to cheer myself a bit.
    Jo x

    1. You've hit the nail on the head! The stairway is going to be a sort of art gallery with things that I like on the wall. The aboriginal art is one of them. I have several which I shal frame and hang up. And I also have the jigsaws that I have made. They might find a place too on the stairwell wall.

  5. Hi Lisca, I think you got it with the dogs, Stan does look as though he is singing and Maisie doesn't look very impressed with his rendition! I so love what you are doing to the house it looks better every time I see it. I was just discussing all those stairs with "Him Indoors" when I got to the bit where you said you were having a garden flat too, very sensible, we all have to think about the future. Maybe you could rent out the upstairs if you could stand the thought of someone else living in your gorgeous home. I am utterly jealous, I love it all!
    Have a great weekend, Angela x

  6. Hello Lisca - I'm gazing in awe at your's amazing and I love it already - I love the white walls and timber ceilings and can't wait to see it finished and decked out. The window caught my eye with the pot plants - gorgeous. As an Aussie must say that is a very nice postcard and your stairwell will make a great gallery. Enjoy your week and the progress on your build hugs Robyn

  7. Your house is looking lovely but you do seem to have a lot of stairs. That is one thing that was on our bucket list when we were house hunting here: No stairs!
    I too like to hear the goat bells around us. They are often the green zone behind our house, or out on the campo where we walk the dogs.
    I love the aboriginal art work post card. What a super collection you must have by now. Have a good week. Kate x

  8. Think the stairs are going to look fabulous. Glad to hear everything arrived so quickly. Wow. That was fast. 5 days. Have a great weekend. I'll post photos next week when u get home. Hugs erika

  9. it looks a big job on the stairs, but you are getting there, all will be worthwhile

  10. I agree with Jo - won't you have fun filling that stairway with little arty pieces! x Jo