Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 19 July 2016 - T for ....

Good Morning lovely T-gang!

It's Tuesday again and we share something with a drink in it, Coffee, tea, or something in a glass or even a bottle of something. (Mmmm this is making me thirsty).

I'll be linking up with Elisabeth and Bleubeard at T for Tuesday. I have just realized that I have always misspelt Bleubeard (I wrote BlUEbeard). Sorry Bleubeard.

If I am not mistaken there is an anniversary to celebrate today. The third! I have been busy making ATCs for this occasion. I have made eight. I hope that is enough. (I can always make some more). 

Yesterday I was brushing gesso on the back of the ATCs that I have made, so that I could write my name on the back.
Here think something along the line of: 'tada!' Of course I can't show you the right side. That would be spoiling it.

I'm sharing the photo of yesterday's breakfast:
Oh dear, I think this one is out of focus. Hopefully this is better:
You get the idea. There is our tea pot with tea cosy and the dried mint leaves in a glass dish. We have cereal with fruit and soya milk. The fruit you see in the picture is called Paraguayo. 

They are also called donut peaches or saturn peaches. They are a variety of peach with a different squashed shape, a much sweeter taste and a paler colour inside.

Now for my postcard. This one arrived yesterday from Russia. It is a painting by Konstantin Makovsky (1839-1915) called Boyarynya. 

Of course I had to google that and I discovered that a boyarynya is the female of 'boyar'. A boyar was a member of the highest rank of the feudal aristocracies in eastern Europe.

I love all that beadwork on her clothes. And the yellow bits are surely made with gold thread, don't you think? What opulence! 

That's it from me. I hope I remember to put an asterix by my name for the ATC exchange! And as I have 8 ATCs made I am happy to swap with whoever would like to too.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!




  1. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy your breakfast and those lovely peaches - they are my faves, I eat them everyday when they are in season. The postcard is beautiful, her dress must have been rather heavy, though! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. i also love These flat peaches, they are all around since about three years now. i love summer for the variety of fruit!
    the Lady on the postcard Looks a bit serious, no wonder under the heavy burden of that golden decorated Dress;)
    happy t-day, lisca!

  3. You must have quite the postcard collection Lisca! I cannot imagine having to wear such heavy clothing back in the day-epecially in warm weather:( Peaches in season are the best! Such a teaser with your ATCS aren't you? I'd be happy to trade one with you. Happy T day!

    1. Thanks Linda. Please leave your postal address (and email address so I can contact you) in my contact window.

  4. Your breakfast looks delicious with those peaches, very hard to find that kind where we live in the UK. Your post card looks beautiful.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Your breakfast looks good, especially those peaches Lisca.I haven't seen that variety here in the US. That woman in the postcard looks quite stern, but I wonder if that was just for her portrait. She might have been a fun person, but her portrait is beautiful. What an outfit. Happy T Day.

  6. Yummy breakfast made all the more special by those delicious peaches.
    Funny about Bleubeard's name which is a different spelling that always makes me pause.
    Speaking of spelling ... did you know that Elizabeth's name has a Z in it ;-)
    Lovely Russian postcard. Imagine the time it took to make an outfit like that.
    Looks like you're having fun with your ATCs.
    It has been so long since I've made any it took me forever to make just one simple one.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day Lisca oxo

    1. You are quite right: Elizabeth is spelt with a Z. My name (official name) is Elisabeth with an S, so it rather trips off the keyboard in that form. Thank you for pointing it out.

    2. Breakfast looks great. Have seen those peaches in shops but not tried them. Will you show us pictures of them after they have been traded?

    3. It is a very pretty name both with an S and a Z.
      Lisca is a lovely nickname too ♥

  7. I've never seen peaches like that. I've only noticed the one kind in stores here. Well, some say they separate more easily from the pit that others, but they all look the same. I always enjoy seeing your postcards. Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Enjoy your breakfastthose peaches are so yummie, I will go in the kitchen and take the last one there now! I love their sweetness! The postcard is so elegant ! Happy T Day, hugs, Susi

  9. Bleubeard is over the moon with joy that you know his name. Just think of him as being a bit "cheesy." And you can spell my name any way you like, and any of the derivations of it, too, as long as you don't call me Beth. When I think of beth, I think demure, and there's nothing demure about me, I fear.

    Like most of my American T participants, I have not heard of those peaches before. I'm delighted you shared them with us, because I always learn something new each T day.

    Your postcard today is beautiful with the lady and her beaded outfit. But the breakfast with the tea cozy was what really caught my eye.

    I have no idea why ATCs seem to take me so long, but the ones I made took me an entire day to make. I'm so glad you had an assembly line going with yours. I look forward to seeing who gets what.

    Thanks for sharing your postcard, your ATC backs, the awesome breakfast, and incredible tea cozy with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks, too, for joining the party this week.

  10. Such a yummy looking breakfast and I do so love those peaches. YOu have been busy with those ATC's The post card is fantastic and I love to see all of those opulent clothing styles of bygone days.

  11. Yummy breakfast, I have always wondered how that variety of peaches tasted, now I know they are sweeter I will give then a try, thank you! The Russian postcard is fantastic, the beading looks so intricate and delicate. I agree it is likely to be gold thread and I would imagine it's handsewn, just think how long it took to make. Happy T Day! J :-)

  12. Fabulous breakfast.....wonderful ATCs.....HAAAAAHHHAAAA......& great postcard. Good to catch up with your goings on. Hope you have enough atc's to go round;)!!!

  13. I have seen those peaches before at the store. I always wondered what they tasted like.
    Happy T day!

  14. Oh how delicious your breakfast looks! I am looking forward to being a lucky recipient of the PIO ATC! We are away at the moment and as well as struggling to get a signal I still don't know how to send emails via my phone! We are back on Saturday so will get in touch then!Hugs, Chrisx

  15. your painty hands and the backs of your atc's made me smile...it was a week for peaches at my house this week too, so delicious! And I always enjoy seeing the postcards you share! a wide variety of subjects and images to enjoy and learn about...Happy Summer!