Friday, 8 July 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 8 July 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning Friday gang!

Do you get days like that? I had one yesterday. But today I am going to amaze myself! Because we are having a plasterer working in the house (hurray! The huge stairwell is being plastered!) it is an early start for us too. I have already done my house work! I have a book called '30 Days to a clean and organized house' by Kate Berry. 

And today I cleaned the fridge inside and out and re-organised it. The other job for today was clean and sort beneath the kitchen sink. Also done! I'm feeling rather pleased with myself! It gets easier as the house gets cleaner I am told.

Because the plasterer has been in all week, we haven't done anything or been anywhere. (Hence the furious cleaning). 

We entertained on Saturday, a family we know from church, but they do not approve of social media and prefered not to be photographed.
So of course I will honor that. They brought me two huge bunches of mint from their garden. 
Needless to say we have been enjoying a pot of mint tea every morning. Very nice!

My postcard for today is one that made me smile:
It is the Dutch royal family. From left to right: HM king Willem-Alexander, HM queen Maxima, HRH princess Amalia, HRH princess Alexia, HRH princess Ariane. The photograph was taken at the Bosque de Los Arrayanes, in Villa La Angostura, Argentina, queen Maxima's home country.
This is the stamp. It has 'Postcrossing' written on it, as Postcrossing is very popular in the Netherlands.

The stamp shows an image of the cheese carriers of Alkmaar, a town in North Holland. The cheese carriers are seen at the traditional merchant cheese market, kaasmarkt in Dutch (as operated in the post-medieval period). It is all re-enaxted in the summer months for the tourists. 
The shows are surrounded by stalls that sell all sorts of things to do with Dutch culture including cheese of course. There are similar markets in Gouda, Edam and Hoorn. The real modern working commercial cheese market is in Woerden.

I will leave you with some school jokes:

I will be linking up with Annie at Friday Smiles  and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Have a lovely week with lots of smiles.




  1. Ah bless a busy week, it's strange to find people who don't partake in social media, they are so few and far between these days but what a lovely thoughtful gift. I hope the plastering goes well and well done to you getting the house sorted. I once joined the website and had daily emails about what to clean - it got out of hand I had to unhook myself from the obsession with cleaning LOL! I hope your book proves beneficial. Have a great weekend and week ahead.

  2. Yahoo for the plasterers and the Dutch royal family are quite attractive. What a nice postcard to get. Happy weekend. Hugs erika

  3. Oh Lisca you really got me chuckling with your jokes today....out of the mouths of babes eh?
    Thanks for sharing...have a great week
    Annie x

  4. Great post Lisca, but the best bit..... you've got it! the teacher jokes are brilliant. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  5. You had me laughing today! Love the postcard and the mint tea sounds wonderful. Enjoy your weekend, Pat

  6. Lots of laughs for us all to share here Lisca. Good luck with the plastering - we are having the kitchen and hallway replastered next week - not looking forward to it - just smile when it is over.
    ``Hugs, Neet xx

  7. Hi Lisca, you've given me some early morning chuckles with the jokes. Don't envy you the plasterwork... that has been the worst of the renos with all the fine dust just gets into everything. I too am cleaning and reorganizing cupboards as we have double up of everything especially in the kitchen...but it makes you feel great eliminating and then knowing what's in the back of the cupboard, I'll be thinking about you as I continue with mine. Have a wonderful weekend Robyn

  8. Hi Lisca,

    Very cool how the cheeseworkers carry the cheese! tee hee. Oh, how nice to have a clean home. I'm going to have a massive clean tomorrow as someone is coming Sunday to look at my condo. I just listed it myself this week! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Loved the school kid jokes.


  9. I actually came to see your T Stands For Tuesday post, but because you didn't actually share the post, just your blog, I decided to see what you had chosen for Friday Smiles and not try to overwork my computer by scrolling through page after page of posts to get to Tuesday.

    I was really intrigued by the cheese carriers and the postcrossing stamp that went along with it. I also liked the Dutch family photo, because I know nothing about that area of the world.

    I bet that mint is wonderful in your tea. I am growing some and will probably add it to my tea repertoire one of these days, too. So in a way, I got to see a T post after all (grin)!

    1. Sorry Elizabeth. Here is the link for Tuesday:
      Also there is a blog archive in the right hand column, where you can just click on the Tuesday blog without having to scroll down.
      I hope your computer problems get sorted out soon.

  10. Hi Lisca. I love your cheese carriers. That is the sort of thing I like to see when I visit a new place. I am a real 'tourist'!
    I hope the plastering is doing well. At least you can have plenty of windows open while it is done. I hate the smell of wet plaster.
    Well done on the kitchen cleaning. It is not my strong point, though I do the fridge regularly.
    I hope the work is soon finished. Kate x

  11. Ola Lisca!
    You mixed up the princesses: the one on the right is Alexia and the girl in the middle is Ariane ;-)

    1. Thank you for mentioning that and putting me right. I really didn't know their names, I just copied what was on the back of the card. Now that I've checked, it does not say 'from left to right'. It just mentions their names.
      Thanks again.