Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 26 July 2016 - T for tortoises and apricots

Good Morning Tuesday folk! How are you today? I am in fine form and feeling great. My ATCs have been posted. Elizabeth can I please have your address as I would like to send you one too, as you are our Tuesday host. (You can use the contact form on the right hand side).

I  have a few things to show you so without much further ado, here is my postcard:
This came from Poland last month and it features a turtle of course. In Polish (according to the card) zólw. I suppose you know by now that I love turtles and tortoises. I admire the fact that they can become so old. I also like trees for that same reason.

This is what someone sent me on Facebook the other day:

These are the stamps on the postcard. The three images (lighthouses) are one stamp! Very impressive.

We are having a glut of apricots at the moment in our region. I don't grow any but I get given a bagful every now and then. This is Friday's haul (the apricots, not the walnuts)

 I made an apricot tart with them and here is a photo of the tart before putting it in the oven. It came out beautiful and perfect, but I forgot to take a picture! I was worried as it is so difficult to make pastry in a hot kitchen (29 degrees C). The butter has to be very hard and cold. It sort of melts in my hands as soon as I get it out of the fridge. But I managed.
I had some apricots left and I made some muffins as an afterthought.
I still have the first silicon moulds that came out. I think it must be 15 yrs ago, maybe more, when I bought them. In those days it was cutting edge stuff to have these flexible floppy moulds. Nobody believed they could go in the oven let alone bake well. Plus they were very pricey. But I have used them hundreds of times and I love them. Note that they hadn't got round to making them brightly coloured like now. They are utilitarian grey.

I'm going to link up with Elizabeth at T for Tuesday where we share things and feature something drink-related too. Now I'm thinking what to share that has a drink in it....

We had friends over this past Sunday with their large family (5 kids in age 10-25). 
There is a drink in this photo. My drink in fact. I like to drink beer with cloudy lemon. Very refreshing. It's called Radler and I love it especially when the weather is hot. The meal was lovely btw. We had a great afternoon.

That's it from me today. 

Have a great week everyone,




  1. Your tortoise pictures are great, love that smile! Your apricot pie and muffins have me drooling again, they look soooooo good! Glad you had a nice feast with friends, looks lovely. I like Radler, too! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh, I do love following your life! The postcard is interesting, the pie looks AMAZING [apricots are my favest fruit EVER, & the bought ones are SO not nice these days, boo hoo!!!].... the luncheon looks fun. In fact, this post makes me want to come visit!!!

    1. You are both very welcome to come and stay. I mean that seriously. We have guest accomodation. The next time you come to Europe, think about it.

  3. great tortoise images-especially the smiling one:) Your fruit treats would be so yummy with the coffee I am enjoying as I type. If only I could reach in the screen:):) Looks like a fun gathering. Happy T day!
    PS I just mailed out your ATC today.

  4. I had to smile when I saw your smiling tortoise photo. Your fruit tart sounded yummy.
    happy T day

  5. It is fun to see your latest postcard and I really like the stamps. Your apricot tart looks beautiful, bet it tasted good when it was done.

  6. Lisca i love turtles and trees too. To me they both seem to hold great wisdom if only we would stop to listen...Can you believe i have never had an apricot!? Yours look so yummy though... Happy happy tday!! Hugs! deb

  7. What a happy Post Lisca!

    I am also a turtle and tree lover.....love the smiling turtle!

    I always put fresh squeezed lemon in my beer....so much better...LOL

    I'm not a big apricot fan, but I do like to eat them when they have been dried. Your tart looks like a magazine photo!

    Happy T-day

  8. I like turtles/tortoises, too and loved you photos. The apricot muffins struck me right where my appetite is :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Thank you for sharing some of your lovely get together.
    OH your apricot tarte sounds gorgeous and so fresh Yum Yum Yum!
    Tortoises and turtles really are such "chill" creatures never hurrying and also looking like never worrying with their houses on their backs :-)
    I agree also about trees...oh the stories they could tell.
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. thank you very much for your nice comment at my Magpie's Nest too ♥

  10. Oooh Lisca ! - lots of lovely food here to make me feel hungry! Apricot pie especially!! Hugs, Chrisx

  11. what a yummy post... i love apricots and your cake and Muffins look delicious! how fun you know "radler". i always thought it is a typical german mix of beer and lemonade, but seems it crossed the borders meanwhile:)
    happy t-day!

  12. First, Lisca, I saw your request for my address. Please don't do this, because I am unable to reciprocate. I would feel bad. Honest.

    Second, I love the fact that you like turtles, tortoises, and trees. Turtles are wonderful. I found one recently that got stuck on a large hot parking lot and gently moved it to the grass where it could find its way home.

    My friend Sally bought some of those molds when they first came out. She's always bought new and expensive things. Eventually she replaced them with green and red ones, but the originals were definitely gray.

    What a lovely time it looks like you had at the get together. Thanks for sharing your drink, your apricot tart, and your postcard with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. I understand what you mean. I wasn't expecting you to reciprocate. I have made one especially for you as you are our 'leading lady'. I would be so disappointed if I had to throw it away.
      Like you, I recycle and upcycle where I can and the envelope to go with your ATC is a recycled calender page. The whole thing is no heavier than 20 grams so it's an ordinary stamp.
      I do hope you will accept this (not random) but deliberate act of kindness from a far-away virtual friend (and not feel bad about it).

  13. Love your turtles!!! We have a couple of small box turtles that roam around the yard. The dog barks like crazy at them like they are an invader of some sort. The food looks so yummy too. Happy T Day!!!

  14. Oooh, lovely baking, Lisca! You've made my mouth water, and especially over those apricots which are so colourful. Amazing variety of colours, all so subtle. Thank you for your lovely comment - yes, it seems to be one thing after another, health-wise, for Shoshi! Still, I am much improved now and it's not stopping me doing things, as well you surmised!

    Shoshi x

  15. Tortoiss and turtles always seem such majestic and peaceful creatures, I love the smiling tortoise! Looks like you had a wonderful afternoon, all the food looks delicious especially the apricot tart. I may have to try that, thanks for the inspiration! Happy belated T Day! J :-)