Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 5July 2016 - T for gym club breakfast

Good Morning!

It is now well and truly summer! Schools have broken up, legal summer schedules have come into force (like: not allowed to put rubbish/trash out between 8 and 20:00, and anyone in the building trade is not allowed to work after 3 pm) and clubs have all closed for the summer. 

I have said goodbye to my fellow embroiderers earlier and Friday was our last day at the gym. We finished a bit earlier that day and we all went for breakfast at a nearby bar.
There's yours truly sitting on the right. 
The Spanish breakfast is a toasted baguette with olive oil and crushed sieved tomatoes (and some salt).
This was my breakfast. I enjoyed it as at home I don't usually have this.

I'm joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth at T for Tuesday, where we can post anything that has a drink in it. Well, my drink is coffee this morning. I'm not a lover of milky coffee like the other ladies, so I'm having café cortado, which has a splash of milk in it.

The bar is decorated in a typical Andalucian way. Look at the beautiful tiles and the typical curtains:
I love the tradidional cut glass lamps. I have one in our stairway, but with normal glass (not colored).

Here is the postcard that I received today:
You are right if you guessed it came from Russia. The city is Kostroma, which lies about 350 km northeast of Moscow. The building on the picture is part of the Ipatievski monastery, the 17th century Trinity Cathedral. 
This is the tiny stamp (I'd never seen this one before):

Juliya writes:"Do you have good summer days? Hope you do, because in central part of Russia it's only +10 in the 11th of June!" I would happily send her some sunshine and warm weather if I could!

Have a fab Tuesday and a blessed week,


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely postcard and the breakfast, looks great! The bar is beautiful, and love your pink T shirts. Have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  2. oh, if you have left some degrees to send away... we could Need them here, too. - the tiles andalucian style are soooo beautiful, i´ve always admired them. not sure i would like tomato-bread for breakfast, but that are the variations in taste... gorgeous russian postcard and stamp!
    hope you have a beautiful week, lisca!

  3. I love your t-shirts all in pink... super and the bar looks wonderful . A lovely breakfast - I would like that as well!
    Lovely postcard - never heard from that city.
    Happy T-Day Lisca!!
    oxo Susi

  4. Happy T Day Lisca. Interesting breakfast. Here in the US you would never see tomatoes at breakfast. Those tiles are very pretty too. Wow legal summer schedule. We don't have that here either. Here it is just work as usual unless you have a good company policy. But schools are closed and lots of people are taking their vacations right now. Enjoy your slower paced summer. Hugs Erika

  5. What a lovely post full of celebration and interesting info.
    Interesting about summer "rules" :-)
    Beautiful tile work too.
    That is a great postcard and stamp which would delight me no end.
    Happy T Day dear Lisca and Happy July too

  6. I don't even put a splash of milk in mine. I take my coffee black. I've never heard of rules being so different seasonally. Interesting.

  7. Lisca! How lovely to see your photos! Tomato bread for breakfast! I have to say its not something i normally eat at home either.. :) I'm a milk in my coffee person too. We are hot and muggy here... I could send Russia some of my heat too!! So glad you joined us this T day!! Hugs! deb

  8. Lovely photos and your breakfast looks delicious, though it would be a lunch for me. I was interested to read your summer rules,nothing like this that I know of in the UK.
    Happy Tuesday
    Yvonne xx

  9. Love your photos and your breakfat.I found the rules very interesting.Your postcard is fab!Happy T Day!

  10. Wow! We have no summer rules like that here in the US. At least no where that I know of. The food does look good and love the post card from Russia. Happy T Day!!!

  11. The Summer regulations are an interesting fact that I have never heard before! The breakfast looked delicious! Love those tiles! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. Lovely, LISCA....that breakfast would be right up my alley & I think I will remember it for our summer when we have lots of tomatoes!! Enjoy the slower pace of summer - well, I hope it will be more relaxed! And all that lovely warmth. Gorgeous Russian postcard. Lovely to see they still have so many of their old buildings:):)

  13. How exciting to receive a postcard from Russia! I love those tiles and the tradidional cut glass lamps are beautiful. Happy T Day :-)

  14. Good morning Lisca, my favourite breakfast but don't you find it always tastes better in the bar than at home and we even make the tomato with our home grown tomatoes. I have joined your postcrossing group and have sent my first five cards just waiting now to receive some. Also what a good idea the photo scavenger hunt is might also give that a go hope you don't mind. Love your blogging. Ann

    1. I'm so glad you joined Postcrossing. Please scan your postcards so we can see them. Those that you send as well as those you receive. (A bit of armchair travelling).
      The scavenger hunt is fun and doesn't seem to difficult or technical. I shall look forward to seeing your photos there too. They have a Facebook pace too.