Friday, 22 July 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 22 July 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning peeps!

Sorry I am a bit late in posting this morning. I overslept. We have banned the cat from the bedroom because he wants to play (or eat) at 3 am and we have had many disturbed nights. It is not easy to sleep in this heat, so it was great to have a good night's sleep without kitty disturbance and we overslept! (The joys of being retired!)

So without further ado, here is my colourful postcard:
It is my first postcard from Greece. It was sent by Despoina (what a lyrical name). She also used special stamps which are always a joy to the eye:
She wrote that the bar code on the right hand stamp would bring up Greek Christmas carols if scanned with QR. Of course I'm not that phone savvy and have no idea how to do that, but it's a nice idea (Whatsapp is the only thing I can manage... I desperately need a 12 yr old to teach me how to use my phone!).

This week has not been very eventful. Graham continues to slog away on the stairway. He is cleaning the rafters after the plasterer has been, and has also painted the part that is plastered.
Our house is built on a steep incline so the door you see on the photo is the street entrance. The stairs go down four floors. At the bottom is another entrance where the fields start.

The plasterer Has not been this week as his dad was very seriously ill in hospital. He will come back on Monday to continue the neverending stairway, and then he has to do my craftroom. That is very urgent as far as I am concerned. I can't do a thing! All my stuff is once more packed away. I thought it was only for a couple of days.... Please hurry back plasterer!

I will leave you with something funny I say this week:
You can substitute it with craft supplies I'm sure. 
I used to do Lakeland orders in the days before they had so many shops (there was only one in Windemere in the early days). My colleagues at work all wanted something too and I ended up with orders over 300 pounds sterling. It would arrive in a box the size of a coffin! (For those who are not familiar with Lakeland, they are a firm that specialize in quality cook and bakeware and kitchen ware and nowadays a selection of speciality foods).

That's it for today. I'm going to link up with Annie at Friday Smiles and with Virginia at Rocking your World Friday.

Wishing you all lots of smiles this coming week,




  1. Retirement and a lie in....that's more than enough to make me smile Lisca :-) I am really enjoying watching your home developing...the only thing I'd struggle with us all the stairs you must have but I love the quirkyness of it. I'm guessing no square walls or rooms....what character it must have.
    Annie x

    1. The bottom floor is (will be) a self contained flat with no stairs. I'm making it wheel chair friendly too just in case...

  2. The Amazon lorry can come here anytime filled with fabrics.... I spend happy time sorting it all out and sharing it with my quilting group.
    What a job your DH has doing the work on the ceiling! It all looks too precarious so tell him from me to take care.
    Love the latest postcard and the stamp as ever is amazing. I love to photograph doors and windows on my travels, they fascinate me.
    Have a good weekend,
    Jo x

  3. Hi Lisca, it's even been hot here in the UK. We have had to let the dogs have the freedom of the house (they normally sleep in their pen) so I understand your problem with the cat. Maisie settles down and sleeps most of the time but Stan likes to get up, walk around, have a scratch......I'm sure you get the picture Lol! I just love your house, all those stairs will certainly keep you fit! Brilliant photo of the lorry too. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  4. What an interesting post. I have noticed since it got hot, Bleubeard won't join us (Squiggles and me) in bed. But Squiggles cuddles up even closer, possibly because lately I sometimes sleep on my office couch under a room AC so the whole house AC doesn't have to work so hard. Cats can be very quirky and unique. Sleeping in may have been just what the doctor ordered, too.

    Lovely postcard and I laughed at the amazon box. Hope you continue to have a wonderful weekend.

  5. The Amazon lorry made me laugh. I could fill one of them myself with all the stuff I have in my house.
    Hope elf and safety are not hovering around that ladder xx

  6. Morning Lisca and happy weekend....I love the Amazon truck - who wouldn't love a delivery but for it's slow down purchases and use what I have...the renos took all our money. I can so relate to the plasterers and ours said they didn't make much dust...ha ha ha ha ha...I am amazed at where it can gather, and with a fix up job I have to clean all our bedroom windows again. I am so glad it's finished and the cleaning up after them all - yard too. So I hope the rest goes smoothly for (I could write a book about our episodes) and that your craft room isn't far away - so nice to be settled in mine...I just want to stay here today but must get outside and empty more boxes and clear up the yard. Hugs Robyn

  7. Ah I commented that I was late commenting on your post last week, but realised that I've read this weeks one instead! loving last weeks post too, the postcard and the stamps are great! The QRL code on the stamp just needs a bar code scanner technically to 'read' it - but i'm not sure how that will link to Christmas Carols - you'll have to let us know if you ever do manage to scan it! The neverending staircase and the need for your craft room to be done, yes I can imagine you are desperate for that to be finished!