Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WOYWW - 20 Jan 2016 stencils

Hi folks,
This is a quickie as I have recently come back from holiday and there are a million and one things to do. I just wanted to show you my 'haul' from being away. The few things I have been able to squeeze into my suitcase.
There are some stencils, some decoupage to make cards, and special paper I think to transfer images on textiles.

My intentions for this new year are that I am going to make ATCs and will have to start making more cards as I seem to be needing them more these days. And of course (like most others) I want to lose a bit of weight and soon we will be going on a detox/healthy eating diet. For me that involves: no sugar, no alcohol (!), less fat, no caffeine and no wheat. 
When we got home there was a Xmas present in the post. It contained (amongst other things) this:
I absolutely love dark chilli chocolate! It's difficult to find, so friends and family sometimes send me some. The diet has been postponed! This is too nice! I have to eat this first, a little square at a time, then I can start thinking about a diet.

I'm linking in with What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday at Julie's Stamping Ground. Why don't you join us?

That is it from me this morning,
Have a great week,


  1. Love your new stencils and I love dark chilli chocolate too - enjoy and start the diet later LOL. Linda #17

  2. Aaah yes. All those new year resolutions. And always so much food left in the house from Christmas! Nice haul!! Why the sudden interest in ATCs Lisca? I used to trade loads but postage has killed a lot of the swaps. Still, always up for a challenge if y ou are interested!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #29

    1. I think seeing so many of you doing ATCs piqued my interest. I have never done them. They seem a nice small project to do. I won't be doing any exchanges, but it will be nice to give out to friends with a Bible verse or something or just with my details on it.

  3. It's good to have a new challenge to work towards, whether it be ATCs or a new diet!! Hope you enjoy the choccy!!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  4. Love the diet comments. They ring very true to me.
    I tried to do an ATC challenge for a while but gave up. My resolutions are to use things up ... my clear out of the craft room contributes to it!
    Have a good week.
    Catherine x #19

  5. Love your new stash. I dont particularly love chill in my chocolates but I love chilli in food
    Bridget #1

  6. How lovely to come back of your hols with new's always different in other countries isn't it?
    Good luck with the diet.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #9

  7. Glad you have arrived back safely - been catching up, you've had a wonderful time.
    Look forward to seeing you ATCs.

    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #33

  8. Oh yes...for that chocolate I would also postphone the diet....lovely stash Lisca.

  9. Hee hee I often postpone my diet if one of my fav treats is on offer. Like Ben And Jerrys ice cream. I love that. I'm trying to lose weight too. Hoping more crafting means less eating! Take care Zo xx 39

  10. I'm sure you'll savour every mouthful! My family send me different liquorice as I love it and Polish plums in chocolate are just scrummy.
    Jan no 40

  11. I've never had to worry about my weight before until lately... 'menopause-fat' they say but still, I want to get rid of it so diet it is. (I'm not very 'rigoreus' though, I started with no alcohol during the week and hopes that alone will do the trick...) Have fun with your new goodies, transferring on t-shirts is fun! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #41

  12. Yum. I haven't seen this type of Lindt chocolate before and those are also YUMMY play toys you brought back with you. On my blog you asked what New Hampshire was. It is my state, located on the northeast coast of the US. It is part of an area we call New England, based on the Europeans who settled here 400 years ago. Thanks for visiting me!

  13. Hi Lisca, great selection of crafting goodies you took home. I love that Chilli Chocolate too- I can get it in our local Tesco! Very hard to resist dropping one in the trolley, lol. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #16 xx

  14. Hi Lisca, it's always good to pick up a crafting souvenir when on holiday, I love those stencils. I blew my New Year, New Me diet on day one - you can't waste good chocolate. ENJOY it! Hugs MMx #49

  15. Oooo, transfer paper! I've got some too! I've developed a bit of an obsession with image transfers lately! Never tried chilli chocolate - love chilli, but not a fan of dark chocolate. I guess, it wouldn't work with milk chocolate! Nice to see you back, Lisca! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #47

  16. Chilli choc is a favourite of mine too mainly because I dont feel the need to eat the whole bar. Now you have new goodies to play with - always fun so enjoy your week. Jackie 32 x

  17. It's a good thing you had a holiday before starting that healthy eating regime! I couldn't do without chocolate. Have to say it's my one indulgence.

    Sharon K #52

  18. Oh some fun new goodies, and chocolate, too!

    The detox thing isn't always fun to do, but you will definitely feel better afterwards.

    #56 this week

  19. Great stencils, Lisca! I am looking forward to seeing your ATCs and cards. I know what you mean about the demand for cards - I made lots before Christmas for my stash, and to sell on the chemo unit, and need to get back to that card factory soon. As for the chilli chocolate - you can keep it! I hate the stuff lol! I always think, why adulterate perfectly gorgeous dark chocolate with chilli!!! Well done on the healthy eating too.

    Thank you for your lovely comment, and yes, we are very relieved that my hubby is OK. After the nurse yesterday said he should rest and put his feet up today, he's been busy working in the garden most of the day! I've just updated my blog with what he's been up to and I'm quite excited about it. Roll on the spring when it should start looking lovely.

    Glad you like my chicken packaging and knitting. Like you, I always wash my recycling stuff because otherwise it goes all smelly and horrible. There's a lot that can be used for art, with a little imagination! I always use a circular needle when knitting - you can go back and forth if you want flat, rather than tubular, pieces. It's a lot less strain to knit this way because the weight of the knitting is held in your lap and not on the needles. With this scarf, it's knit all the way and no purl, too, and no making up! It takes zero concentration to do but is at least productive, until I get some more ambitious projects going again.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #43

  20. good luck with the diet when you've enjoyed that chocolate!! good to see you home fromyour trip - nice shopping! Helen #2

  21. I wasn't able to join in today but having a quick snoop around. You've got some interesting goodies there. I love using stencils. I've never tasted the dark chilli chocolate although I have heard about it. I'm sure it's delicious like ALL chocolate. Good luck with the diet. We're trying too but I keep lapsing. I find it so difficult in the winter. Barbxx

  22. Thanks for visiting! I am obsessed with your gorgeous background stencils! I love seeing a good haul. And yes, I'll try to watercolor something very soon. Have a good week! Sandy Leigh #55

  23. You're fine, dark chocolate is good for you so doesn't count as being unhealthy, well that's what I tell myself anyway. Enjoy!!!
    Hugs Lisax #14

  24. I'm really getting into the background stencils. I've been seeing some gorgeous cards using those! Glenda #31

  25. I agree with Lisa, dark chocolate is good for you and doesn't have so much sugar in it either. Looks like you managed to find a few goodies on your trip. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy crafty woyww, Angela x 15

  26. I believe Chocolate is food for the soul, so don't worry about the calories - LOL! You purchased some fun items during your trip, so I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Blessings, my friend!

  27. Chocolate calories, especially dark chocolate ones, don't count!
    We can get that chocolate here in the supermarket.
    Good haul! Your stencils will be useful.
    Thanks for dropping by earlier too.

  28. I think we have wrong perceptions about a healthy diet, because going on a diet with all kinds of restrictions are doomed to fail, we should eat and drink moderate. But hey, I'm no expert as I too need to loose weight, also a resolution for 2016 for me.Vicky#66

  29. I just love the postponement of the diet. My diet is 'on hold' as my friend had some awesome truffles (as usual) in her house. Good luck with the diet when you begin. A lady gave me two York chocolate peppermint patties at CHA and said "peppermint is good for the stomach, chocolate is good for the heart - so here, eat two not one".
    I will leave it there
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx