Friday, 22 January 2016

A Postcard a Day - Friday 22 Jan 2016 - Friday Smiles

Hi everybody, Happy Friday!

We're back in Spain after having spent time in Holland and Denmark. It's great to travel, but also good to be back home and sleeping in my own bed.

So how has my week been...Well, the temperatures have gone down and it is quite cold even in Spain. 10 to 15 degrees C in the day and in single figures at night. The house needed warming up, so we have bought a dual fuel stove for the newbuild. 

(see Tuesdays's blog). My DH has been working very hard knocking holes in the wall and connecting chimney pipes. It is working. And the wood burner stove has been scrubbed and painted 

(see also Tuesday's blog) and today is also working. I have the kettle on the top boiling the water so I can have a cup of tea without having to go to the kitchen next door.  Now isn't that something to smile about! In the photo the stove is standing on two blocks. That's too high. It's now on only one block. 

My Christmas cards are still hanging up. (I like to keep them for a while) but really I needed to tidy up my desk area (behind the sofa).
When I was putting stuff away, I came across an envelope with scrapbook stuff in it. I must have started a lay-out, got all the bits together, but then never made the page. So I finished the lay-out. No, it's not finished-finished. It needs a bit more and I want to add quite a bit of journaling as it was 1953 or 54. But I'm pleased I am scrapping again as I haven't done a lay-out for many months.
Now for my postcards. I have been away so there were 11 postcards in my mailbox when we went to the other house (where my mail arrives). 

This one made me smile. It came from Germany.
The scene looks like it could be in Italy in the 50s or 60s, with youngsters dancing rock 'n roll.

The stamp is this one:
It celebrates 100 years of the dam in The Möhne Reservoir—or Moehne Reservoir—is an artificial lake in North Rhine-Westphalia, some 45 km east of Dortmund, Germany. Wikipedia

My funny for this week has to do with smiles. I'll be linking up with Annie at A stitch in time. Please join us and tell us what has made you smile today.
I'm also linking up with Virginia for Rocking your World Friday later on. 

Have a good week and keep smiling!




  1. Hi Lisca, love your postcards but it was the wood burner stove that made me smile. I have always loved those and it's a beauty. Sending smiles to you to, Angela x

  2. So many reasons to smile over at yours today Lisca. I love your stoves and that poem is my motto for life.....I aim to make someone smile every day [and I never fail]. Spreading the smile virus is so much better than all the other bugs going around at the mo.
    Have a great week my friend.
    Annie x

  3. Oh bless those fires look awesome! We have had cooler temperatures this week is was minus 2.5 degrees celsius when we went out the other night and couldn't we tell!

    Loving the rock and roll postcard- fabulous!

    Hope you have a brilliant weekend and week ahead.


  4. My neighbours have a wood burner, I love the smell on the air when they have it lit.
    Wet and windy in Lancashire today.
    Back to the sorting for me now
    Have a good weekend Lisca
    Lynn x

  5. I know you've had a great trip but it is always good to be home. Love your wood burners, they look good and are so cosy and homely to sit around.
    Great poem... Annie should have it at the top of her Friday Smile each week!
    Wet and windy here in Liverpool too but so far we've missed the snow.
    Hugs Jo x

  6. Happy Friday Lisca, I bet that sure is nice to have two heaters keeping your cozy in those rather cool temps. Have to say I usually leave my Christmas cards up for some months so I can look them over again and again and remember family and friends... but this year sadly they were put away early due to the renos. Love the smile poem, you have infected me!!! Enjoy your weekend Robyn

  7. Loving your postcard and I agree it looks Italian!
    Bet you are glad you got your fires sorted in time for the cold blast. It has been like spring here but it gradually going cold now. Fire well lit with a mix of wood and coal!!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Welcome home Lisca. I want to thank you for your warm and encouraging comments...and thank you for always praying for me. One day I would love to meet you.

    1. Yes, I would love to meet you too. Who knows....

  9. Glad you enjoyed your travelling Lisca but it's always good to get home isn't it. Your new boiler looks as if will do a good job. It's very big and your wood burner looks very cosy.

    What a fun postcard. I wonder where they all are today! What a wonderful rhyme. Much better to think of passing on smiles than all the colds and bugs that seem to be around at present. Perhaps the cold weather many of us are having now will kill some off - the bugs I mean, not the smiles!. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

    1. It's not a boiler Barb. It is a dual fuel burner for heating the room. We don't have central heating so we have to have a stove in every room. The woodburner is in my craft room and the dual burner is in the living area. We can choose whether we want to burn almond shells or wood.

  10. Lovely post Lisca. So surprised that it is almost as cold where you are as it has been here in Scotland but those stoves should help keep you warm and toasty. The postcard is great - love that the dancers were rock and rolling outdoors and not in a dance hall. The poem about smiling got me smiling too :) Elizabeth xx

  11. Love your new stoves, Lisca - very stylish and sure to keep the cold out. So nice to be able to brew up a cup of tea when you want, too. And I love the postcards! The one of the people dancing in the street is delightful. Thank you for your lovely comment - the new rockery with its water feature is going to be so nice once the spring comes. We've got lots of plants to put in, and this p.m. my hubby was working hard on the repairs to the water feature - we need some replacement parts but he'll get it fixed.


  12. Hi Lisca, I've just noticed your second comment on my blog - thank you for it. Yes, the vet is doing everything a doctor would do for a human patient. We are very impressed with our local vet's surger - they spotted a problem with Beatrice that our previous vet didn't, and she had to have an operation on her neck, just after we moved here. The vet (known as Antie Megan lol!) told Phoebe she was a very brave girl!!

    I shall be very glad to un-knit aned re-knit the yellow tunic as it's something I've wanted to do for years. I've had quite a lot of wear out of it as it is but was never really satisfied with it. It's proving a pain to unravel but I'll get there in the end with a little perseverence. The other one is very successful now it's re-knitted, even if it is a little on the large size but it looks good being baggy! (Covers a multitude of sins lol!)

    Hope you enjoyed your church house group! We had a brlliant service this a.m. and I came home really buoyed up by the fantastic preaching!! We've got a church ladies' craft evening on Thurs. which I am hoping to go to, which will be fun - a sort of knit-and-natter evening and I'll probably take allong some Zentangle and/or some small pieces to paint. We had a supper recently and they are a lovely crowd - I'm so happy to have found such a nice church!

    Have a good week yourself.