Friday, 3 February 2023

A Postcard A Day . Friday 3 February 2022- Friday smiles


Hello lovely ladies, How are you all? It's Friday and I have a lot to smile about. My daughter is visiting from the UK and we are having a lovely time.
But first let me show you a postcard:
The card shows Still Life with Books, 2014 by Sam Kalda.

It was sent to me from Germany by someone called Elvire. She lives in Nordlingen in Bavaria. She loves baking and her favorite cake is carrot cake.

The stamp is from the famous German flower series:

The Flockenblume is Psephellus dealbatus or Persian Cornflower.

A few days ago my daughter Tracey came over from England to stay for a week. 
We went shopping yesterday (Thursday) and then of course we stopped for coffee and chatted in the sun.
She has lots of nice things planned for the week. Amongst other things a day skiing in the Sierra Nevada on Monday. Great fun! (I'm not going) She is very excited as she has always skied on dry slopes but never on real snow.

Another really big smile is this: I have some help with my house work! This sweet girl comes for a few hours a week to clean my house. What a luxury. (I can just about afford it and she really needs the money). 

This week she did the usual down here in my flat. But then she also cleaned the guestroom and guest bathroom. I love her!

Another big smile this week is that the builder is making good progress in the cave house next door. The little kitchenette is done:

And he has also made a fire place to put the stove in:

Yesterday I went to my knitting group. I'm knitting socks and the leader of the group wanted to learn how to knit socks the way I do it (toe up and with a fish lips  kiss heel ). 
The Fish Lips Kiss Heel (or FLK Heel) is type of short row heel invented by Sox Therapist. Short row heels are great for most foot types. They knit up quicker than a heel flap and gusset and look great in a contrast color!
I bought the description of the technique a while back for 1$ and I don't regret it. There are also videos that teach this technique. 
I taught this heel yesterday at the group and they were impressed how quickly the heel got done.

What else made me smile? Strawberries! Yes, the first strawberries have arrived and I bought some the other day (plus some mango) and made a fruit salad:
My friends Kim and Andy were here to enjoy it with me.
I had a dash of aniseed liquor poured over the fruit.

Finally a dollop of ice cream. Yumm!

That is all from me today. I will have more smiles next Friday. Lets visit Annie at A Stitch In Time for more smiles.

Have a lovely weekend,
Keep smiling,



  1. Hi Lisca, How wonderful your daughter is there for a visit. Your socks are lovely I don't knit but they look wonderful and and an easier technique is always good to learn.
    Yum fresh fruit in season, I love those two fruits too. great funnies-Happy Friday and weekend
    Hugs kathy

  2. It sounds like you have good company Lisca, and how wonderful you get someone to cleans for you. Even if it pushes the budget a bit, it is nice to help someone. Have a lovely weekend. And Happy February too. hugs-Erika

  3. Yay for your daughter visiting and good you give that girl a hand with earning some money!

    Oh, Ingo´s late Grandma sure would´ve loved to learn how to knit socks like that!
    And a touch of summer, yum!

    Love esp the eclipse. And the fact! Good one!

  4. How nice to have your daughter over for a visit. I am sure she enjoyed some winter sunshine, and the 'real' snow skiing.
    I bought my first strwberries of the year this week too and my little granddaughter loved them. I also bought mangoes because they were Lidl's 'special' this week, but they need a few days in the fruit bowl before I eat them.
    You are lucky to have a cleaner. We have been talking about it and there are plenty of folk in the village who would like to earn a little cash, but there is a new law (or bye-law) just come out that they should be registered, be paying insurance and tax etc, and it all seemed too much so we have not taken it any further yet.
    I have never heard that sock heel called that but it looks the same as my mum taught me many years ago. I don't wear the wolley socks and can no longer hold the knitting needles so it is a long time since I tried it. Yours look lovely and warm. Kate x

  5. How lovely to have your daughter visiting...I hope you have lots of fun times together. Love the funnies.
    Annie x

  6. I wrote a LONG message and it disappeared before I could publish it. Now I'll be brief. I'm delighted to read your daughter is there to visit. I know you will have a great time together while she is there.

    That is a lovely postcard. Nice to see books as part of the still life. That is not normally part of still life.

    I would LOVE to have someone clean my house. It would be a dream come true, if I just had the money to do so. So nice you can help the young lady who needs the money at least.

    Strawberries and mango. YUM!! Fresh, too.

    Sorry I don't knit or crochet anymore, but I read about the FLKH technique after you mentioned it last week. Glad the ladies liked it.

    My favorite funny was the British and the ants. SO clever and SO true. Have a super weekend with friends and family, dear.

  7. Loving ther postcard, you must have quite a collection by now. How nice to have your daughter to visit, bet you both had a lovely time and a cleaner too! I smiled when I read the funny about dogs and pills, I know that one well Lol! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  8. I've been visiting and trying to leave comments and it wouldn't let me! I am so sorry about your husband, I know you two shared a life and love and you'll miss him sorely. Love your post and all the suggestions. Your heel looks great. Panetone is a color company that puts out a color for designers to use in kitchens, clothing, towels, sheets, etc all year. It's also a name of cake! Love, LeeAnna
    I often want to email you but your email isn't listed. Mine is
    lapaylor at gmail dot com