Friday, 26 March 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 26 March 2021 - Friday Smiles


Hello lovely ladies, It's Friday again (Doesn't it come round quick!). Let's share some smiles and good moments of our week. I will be joining Annie at A Stitch In Time and Virginia at Rocking Your week Friday.

My smiles always start at my postbox. Every postcard I receive is a pleasure. This week I received this colourful postcard from China. I have no idea what it represents, but it looks fun.

The person who sent it is called Lin Lihuan, who lives in Foshan. She tells me Foshan is a beautiful city. Here is a montage of photos I found in Wikipedia.

The stamps are lovely. The creature on the left is a sticker. The other three are postage stamps.

She also used some food stickers.

It has been a good week this week. Here are the collages I made.

I watched Shaz's funeral on Friday morning via the link that Doug had provided. I agree that funerals are not a laughing matter, but i want to include this one in my smiles as I think it was a positive experience saying goodbye to her.
Saturday was a quiet day, and we didn't go anywhere. It was our daughter in law's birthday, so we had a video link to celebrate.
I love Sundays. Hubby usually makes scrambled eggs on toast (He does that really well) and then we watch two church services and sing our hearts out with the worship. 

In the afternoon I planted the geraniums I bought at the market in the pots we bought recently. In the photo you see the pot already hung on the (white) wall of the patio.

Monday is the day we  run errands and do shopping. Hubby needed a walk so we walked to the post office, after I'd been to the gym. Then sat down in a bar that has a lovely patio at the back and enjoyed the mild weather with a nice coffee.
Tuesday was my birthday and I enjoyed opening my cards at breakfast. My sister in law had sent me a present from the UK. She had knitted a beautiful shawl in mohair wool. Gorgeous. Also she probably didn't realize but it is my favorite colour.
Hubby took me out for lunch and in the afternoon my best friend popped in and we opened a bottle of bubbly. Parties are not allowed yet. I think the maximum is 6 people together..
We didn't go out on Wednesday, just relaxed after my birthday. I cooked pasta carbonara and we finished the bottle of bubbly, which was really nice in spite of being alcohol free.

Yesterday was a busy day. In the morning we drove into town for hubby's first visit to the oncologist. The results were better than we expected. His cancer is stage 3 which means it has not spread. So he only has to have chemo therapy. No radiotherapy needed. After the hospital we popped to the ironmonger for some bits and bobs hubby needed, and we came out at 2 pm.  We stopped at a restaurant for coffee but it was too late to have coffee, so we stopped for a meal in stead. After all we had reason to celebrate!

We had a potato salad as a first course and then meat in sauce with chips as a main.

In the evening we had some more excitement as my new cooker arrived at 7. So last night we connected it and then spent half an hour peeling all the protective plastic off. This one has an oven with a thermostat! Bliss! No more guess work when baking. There is only one brand that does gas ovens with a thermostat. I have one in the upstairs flat and I love it. Now I have splashed out and bought one for downstairs too. (A birthday present to myself)

That was my week. How was yours?

Of course I will give you some funnies at the end, but for now I am leaving you.
Stay safe, stay healthy and
Keep smiling!


  1. What a great week! Happy belated birthday!

  2. Now that is one busy week. Happy belated birthday. Wow a stove with oven very nice indeed. Glad DH is better than expected. Your daughter is lovely and all the food looks so good.

  3. Now I feel bad. I had NO idea it was your birthday. I am so sorry I missed it. I'm sure glad you had a great day, though. Lots of great gifts, including that stove you bought yourself. Of course, one of the greatest gifts was good news about Graham.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of Shaz's funeral. I appreciate it. Nice you got to see the video, at least.

    Some of those funnies were great. I hope you had a great birthday and have a super Friday and great weekend, dear.

  4. It is good to see Graham making such good progress. Chemo is no fun, but the news from the oncologist was still better than it could have been. I hope you enjoy using your new cooker. I have gone to electricity since my new kitchen was installed as I wasn't happy with the gas bottle being indoors, and the cooker has to be on the inside wall. But I am not impressed with the oven and will be looking for a different one next time.
    Some of your funnies really made me laugh this time.
    I saw it was your birthday on Facebook and added a greeting there, but I am glad you enjoyed your day and still managed to celebrate. Kate x

  5. Sounds like a great week and more back to "normal" Your new cooker looks wonderful-I had no idea that your area did not have thermostats in the ovens. back in my Grandma's time they did not have thermostats either and her cookbook that I have says warm oven or hot oven for the baking.
    enjoyed all the photos Happy Birthday and you received a lovely shawl. Happy Friday and weekend hugs Kathy

  6. Oh my goodness what a busy week you have had. So many things to make us all smile - lovely photos and from me - best wishes for your birthday! xx Jo

  7. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday and what wonderful news from the oncologist. Graham really is looking very well now. Your funnies really made me chuckle...thanks for sharing them with us.
    Annie x

  8. Your hubby looks like he is making good progress and I'm glad the news was good, I also hope you had a lovely birthday it certainly looked like you did. The 0% wine that you showed is the one I buy and it really is lovely. I don't know how you've managed with no thermostat on your oven I bet that drove you mad. I hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead.


  9. Pleased to see you've had a good week. Loving the post and the stamps. I'm late today as we've been sorting stuff for my mum but think we've got there. You are very lucky to be able to go to so many places, we're still in Lockdown here. Loving the funnies, don't know where you find them! I'll do my best to remember about the new mould for next week. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx