Tuesday, 27 October 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 27 October 2020 - T for ...

 Good morning lovely ladies,

It's Tuesday again and I am looking forward to joining you all at the T-Party that is being hosted by Elizabeth and Bluebeard.

Before I show you anything drink related, I would like to share a postcard that I received last month from the USA.

It's from Kilauea, and it shows  volcanic activity at night.

Kilauea is a hyperactive shield volcano in Hawaii , and the most active of the five volcanoes that make up the island of Hawaii ; it is also one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. Located along the southern coast of the island, the volcano, with an age of 300,000 to 600,000 years, emerged from the sea about 100,000 years ago. (Wikipedia)

In 2018 a volcanic bomb, the size of a basketball and originating from the Kilauea volcano , fell on the deck of a boat in the port of Wailoa, in the town of Hilo, (Scary!) and injured 23 people.

The stamp is interesting. It has Earth Day on it, which of course is Elizabeth's birthday!  It also has a stamp with a Dutch Shepherd on it. Now I am Dutch and I have heard of a German shepherd. but I have never heard of a Dutch shepherd dog.

Last week I accompanied friends of ours into town to be their interpreter as they had some official business to attend to. I know all the little streets to get back to where the car was parked and we came across these old houses, with their typical wooden balconies.

I don't know how old they are, but at least 200 if not more.

This summer I bought this cactus (You might remember) and I hung it in the sun! Cacti don't like the sun I have discovered. It nearly died. But as you can see it has recovered since I moved it indoors, and is growing these thick 'fingers'.

I found two more photos from our holiday and the mountain walk we did. This is the beginning of the trail and it passes through a long stretch of rock. 

Note that I am just moving my mask away for the photo. Just so you know that I was wearing one.
The same with the following photo. I have my mask in my hand as we were totally alone by that point.

What am I bringing to the T-Party? A cup of black coffee! (Not mine as I will put a dash of milk in it). 
The writing on the mug says: 'Good morning with good hugs'.

This is my favorite drink at the moment: my home made kombucha flavoured with raspberries.
Last but not least, I found this interesting photo of a hand sculpted out of a tree. It is called The Giant Hand of Vyrnwy. Sculptured by Simon O'Rourke.

I found this bit of information on the BBC Wales website:

The remnants of the UK's tallest tree, which was felled after being damaged in a storm, has been transformed into a carving of a giant hand.

A 15.2m (50ft) stump was the only part left standing after the 124-year-old Douglas Fir was axed at the Lake Vyrnwy (which sounds a bit like 'wadneway) estate in Powys in March.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(2011)

It had stood at 63.7m (209ft), taller than a 20-storey building, and was once regarded as the UK's joint highest.

From wrist to finger tip, the giant hand measures 2m (7ft).


Artist Simon O'Rourke, 33, from Wrexham, used a chainsaw to carve the top of the stump, and modelled the sculpture on his own hand.

Scaffolding was erected around the "blank canvas" tree trunk last month and the project took a week to complete.

"The Forestry Commission, who are looking after the area, decided that it would be a good idea to have a memorial to the tree and left a 50ft stem when they felled it," said Mr O'Rourke, who has called his work the Giant Hand of Vyrnwy.

"They invited eight artists to tender for the job and I got it."

He said the hand carving was in an area of the estate known as The Giants of Vyrnwy, and the location had inspired him.

I found that very interesting. I love trees, having grown up in a country with very few trees (only newly planted). 

That is all from me today,

Happy T-Day all and have a good rest of the week.




  1. Interesting post Lisca. I liked seeing the old homes and also you cactus. Glad it is coming back. And that hand sculpture is very cool. It is nice to ue the remains of the tree for something as beautiful as the tree was. Have a buenos dias as your coffee mug says for T. Hugs-Erika

  2. Beautiful card and stamps and cute houses. That cactus sure wants to live!
    Yes, outside most people have the mask in the hand, didtance given.
    Your kombucha looks yummy and that hand is... wow! "Big" wow, actually ;-)
    Have a happy T-day, hugs from here.

  3. Interesting post. Love those houses with the wooden balconies, so pretty. Your mountain walk looks good, too. I love the hand sculpture, very earthy and original. Enjoy your drinks, I'm just drinking coffee - what else? Happy T Day, stay safe and well, hugs, Valerie

  4. Wonderful German Shepherd stamp on that postcard. Nice photos from your walk. I wish I had a trail that went through a long stretch of rock like you went through! Happy T-Day!

  5. Beautiful postcards and postage stamps today! I loved walking with you too, such interesting places 😀. That sculpture is amazing, thanks for sharing and I might visit it one day ...lol! Take care and happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  6. Love the postcard and stamps-I have been using a couple those too I really liked the military dogs collection. I love seeing older buildings, wow the sculpture is really amazing! loved the cup too Happy T wishes Hugs Kathy

  7. Awesome tree ~ I love how the artist thought of a hand reaching up ~ beautiful. The walk in the mountains looks like fun, I'm glad you got to venture without a lot of people around. Yum to your homemade drink too. Enjoy your week!

  8. Wonderful post. Those balconies are amazing as is the carved tree. Enjoy your day.

  9. I love those wooden balconies! You'd think cacti would like sun, wouldn't you :( The carved hand is amazing. Happy T Tuesday!

  10. We took a helicopter ride over the active lava fields in Hawaii back it the 80s. It was incredible.

    The giant hand is striking. It's hard to believe the artist carved it in just a week. I'm looking at the lines, the fingernails - great details.

    Happy T-Day. Stay safe and stay well. Abrazos, Eileen

  11. What truly charming old homes- love them!!
    And wow- that hand carving is amazing!! It's nice when no one's around and the mask can come off for a bit- very refreshing. Happy T day!

  12. I love your post! History, meaning in art, a strong cuppa coffee!

  13. What a fabulous sculpture. It looks so real with all the details.
    I have always wanted to visit Hawaii. The volcanos would certainly be interesting to visit. Love that postcard and stamp.
    Your cactus is beautiful! It has grown and recovered nicely.
    Your Booch is so fizzy. Raspberry seems to be my go to flavor as of late. Yum!
    So glad that you shared pictures from your trip.
    Happy Tea Day,

  14. A friend of mine sent a card with the German Shepherd stamp. She used to have a big German Shepherd named Hans. Looked fierce but was a big, ol' Teddy bear. The architecture of the old houses is beautiful. The balconies remind me of the wooden porches of the triple deckers my grandmother and auntie lived in in E. Boston. We're Italian and called the porches piazza (we pronounced it pee-ahz-za) Happy T Day

  15. The giant hand sculpture is strange. Your kombucha flavored with raspberries on the other hand looks and sounds good. Have a great week!